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  1. Shyfelyne, Do you take the SR or the XL? I am taking the SR which is extended release but is only 12 hrs and I’ve only been put on one a day. At the moment I have, when I’m taking it, all messed up! Had to take my mom to the er the other morning so I didn’t take it. Can’t drive while groggy! Then I switched it to evening but it seemed to make me anxious all night so I switched it back to morning. Stupid I know. I see the dr on the 10th. I’ll leave it as is until then I guess. I’m feeling rather iffy tonight. Anxiety and crying.
  2. Sorry I’m slow! thanks for your response, makes sense. as for how I’m responding to it. I think it is helping mood wise but it’s really making me groggy with headache in the eye area. I’m hoping it will pass.
  3. Ok so I was recently switched to lexapro 20 mg (2months - ish ago) for anxiety and depression. It has helped a bit but not enough so my doctor has added bupropion SR 100 mg but only once a day.(only been on it a few days... can’t tell a thing) Does that dosage make sense? Will it work effectively that way? I do have a problem sleeping. I take trazodone for that. But maybe that’s why the once a day? Anyway thanks for any help given!
  4. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  5. I'm suppose to start on 2mg and my pdoc told me to definitely take it in the morning, otherwise it would keep me awake. I'm a little apprehensive and I'm going to wait until tomorrow to start it, since I have an appointment I have to drive to today and I've been up all night I'm talking it with 200mg of zoloft. I hope it works for me like it has for henrithecat :) Glad it's doing better for you Sras!
  6. (((Frangi))) We'll all be with you!! You'll do great! Do what Iowa says... she's the sage around here ;) and gives the bestest advice :)
  7. I take zoloft also, 200mg and I feel the same way you do, I just can't tell if it's doing anything. I wish I could sleep all of the time but can't because I'll start thinking and end up sobbing... esp. during pms. I read on here all the time, people talking about how much their meds help and they can see a real difference... I don't see that. I agree with Iowa that going off of it seems like the only way to really know (not that I'm suggesting you do that at this point)... but still if we are still having these symptoms then it must not be working well enough, right? =o\ (((hugs))) KB Spiffles
  8. Thank you for the responses :) I should mention that I also have social anxiety. I've read, more than once, that MAOI's are the best meds for social anxiety but they don't seem to use them much. I'm just guessing at that due to the fact that I've never been offered that type and I don't see it used much here on the boards. I know they come with a lot of restrictions and I think, side effects but if it really works and they know it... why not prescribe it? Especially if in addition to helping SA, it can help the depression =o\ I see my new 'med' person tomorrow... I may ask about it. As for the depression, I'm on zoloft at 200mg right now but I've also been on an add-on anti-psychotic, navane (thiothixene)since I up'd to the 200mg, which, I'm not positive but I think, has been making the depression worse. The navane hasn't done anything else it's suppose to do though. And I'm not sure I'm getting the full effect of the up'd level of zoloft. Not sure of anything. The major depression (situational) has definitely gotten better but I'm fairly certain I have dysthymia and I'm mostly back to that, I think. I seem to have little 'bouts' of depression that have been occurring but subside fairly quickly. These just keep coming back though and I get worried that the next one will last longer. I am seeing a counselor but I'm not sure what I'm getting from that... I want to be doing CBT, which I've mentioned to her but I'm not sure that we 'techinically' are, it all seems rather random. Anyway, I don't know if this conveys my confusion (probably does lol) but yeah I feel lost. My anxiety rules my world, therefore I have no life and that's all I want... to have a life and feel, at least, somewhat, normal... for once. Thanks again Spiffles
  9. If an anti-depressant is working well, what should it do for you? I know it doesn't do everything, ie fix the problem, but what should you be able to actually notice? Should I feel motivated... want to get out of bed and really do things? Is it a really obvious shift? I just don't know how much my ad is actually doing =o\
  10. Pdoc wanted to add Risperdal .5 mg but it was too expensive. My therapist sent him an email and he changed it to Navane 2mg (because it's on the $4 llist). Anyone else been put on this as an add-on to anti depressants? Does it work better or worse than the newer antipsychotics in these situations? He had told me the risperdal would help slow my mind down (thoughts spinning and such) and help with sleep. Would just like some info please :) Thanks!
  11. What's it like to have someone who will actually stand by you even when things are bad? I feel so alone and hopeless and sad today (most of the time really). I want to feel motivated to get a job and be productive but all I feel is like the life has been sucked out of me and there's no point. I keep thinking that I'm trying... I go to the therapist.. to group... trying to get the meds adjusted... I don't feel like I've accomplished anything so far. My heart aches for what I lost and it just won't stop... I still can't understand how he could do this to me... I just feel like I destroyed it all... made him not love me anymore, I must have... I just don't want to feel anymore.
  12. (((Tora))) Believe me, I know how you feel...
  13. Better for a couple of days, stopped taking the prozac. I've cried a few times but no hysteria... Went to group again yesterday, seems cool. Saw the pdoc today and he's decided to put me back on zoloft (which is what I was taking originally and for the past umpteen years). Started back at 25mg (for 10 days) then up to 50mg... we shall see. Also continuing ativan for now. Truly wish ativan wasn't addictive, it actually helps! Anyway, so far it's been such a relief not to feel anxious and panicky.
  14. Chest caving in again... I don't know what meds to take or how much... the 20mg prozac made the anxiety so extremely bad, I'm not going there again., went down to 10mg... not too sure about that either. I dunno how much more of this I can take.
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