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  1. Hi Gregg and thanks for sharing your experience. I've been in CBT for about 10 months and I can't believe how much it's helped me. I'm pretty much back to normal, with a few bumps in the road here and there. CBT has turned my life around, I wish I had known about this years ago. I can only hope people will read this and give CBT a try!
  2. My therapy has taught me to change my thought process and that has changed the way I feel. I started to feel better, a little at a time. I immersed myself in things that put my mind at ease and allowed me to stop the horrible thoughts. I'm now involved with the things I use to love to do and enjoying everyday. I'm sure I'll hit some bumps in the road, but I'm hoping I'm strong enough to handle it. All I can say is "never give up" and continue to fight. I haven't felt this good in over 20yrs., the work I have put into getting better is so worth it.
  3. I've been dealing with depression and anxiety for over 20 yrs. I've been on so many meds, I've lost count. I started CBT 7 months ago and I can't believe how much it has helped. I'm starting to feel better and better everyday, I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel. I went back to work, after a 7 yr. hiatus due to my depression/anxiety. I work as an RN and the stress can be overwhelming at times. I can't believe how well I'm handling situations at work. I'm so proud of myself, I'm helping others and becoming a productive human being. I've been working so hard to get back on my feet mentally! I wanted to post a positive thread and let people know there is hope, for those who are dealing with depression. I'm sure there will be times when I may stumble and fall, but I feel I'll be able to stand up and keep fighting.
  4. I've been taking Klonopin for years. It has been a life saver for me, keeps my anxiety under control.
  5. Kudos for making the video, it's great.
  6. Hello Octopus, In order to find a girlfriend, you need to put yourself out there. Join a gym, go bicycle riding or volunteer somewhere.Not only will this lift your mood, it will put you in contact with other people. I know a few guys who are searching for relationships and having the same problems. If a woman is not interested in you, please don't take it as rejection. Sometimes when you stop looking, is when you'll find the right person.
  7. Hi Mad, I'm going through the same, been depressed for over 20 yrs. I have everything I could ever want, but I'm still miserable. Depression is an evil illness, it robs you of ever living a normal life. Then it taunts you, by giving you a good day here and there, just to remind you how you use to/could feel! I've also tried everything to get better, nothing seems to last long. I'm use to feeling sad and unhappy, so I try not to stress over it.
  8. Hi Theresa. I'm happy to see you are still posting. I would talk to your pdoc, before you stop your meds. There may be other alternatives you can try. I know what you're going through, as I suffer from the same. You have to learn to change your thought pattern and find ways to occupy your time and brain. Every day, I find something that will take my mind/thoughts somewhere else. I may only get relief for an hour or two, but it's a step in the right direction. I try to continue living a normal life, even though my anxiety/depression is overwhelming at times. I'm not sure if my meds are helping, but I continue to take them. I go to therapy and practice what my therapist tells me. I have good and bad days and I'm so tired of fighting these awful thoughts and feelings. It took me a long time and many changes of meds, to be even somewhat productive. Maybe another med will work better for you. Just know you're not alone and things will get better.
  9. I've had people try to bully me at work, the best thing for me is to stand up to them. Over the years I've learned to handle bullies in a very nice manner, as not to create a scene. But I do manage to get my point across. I refuse to let other people disrespect me.
  10. Sounds like you work in a healthcare setting! I'm an RN and have been in your situation many times. People are human and they make mistakes, being a snitch is not going to make your life easy at work. I know you want to do the right thing, but please be careful. Other employees will find a way to get revenge and it's not pretty. I would pick and choose what I report, nobody likes a tattle tale and they will make your life miserable.
  11. Hello and welcome. Sometimes it takes some time to find the meds that will work for you. Ambien did nothing for me and suffered from insomnia for years. My pdoc put me on generic Serzone and it has helped my insomnia. I'm also taking Klonopin for my anxiety and Paxil for depression. Sometimes it's just trial and error with meds, until you find the right combination.
  12. I also suffer from terrible guilt, seems to be a common symptom of depression.
  13. Hello and welcome. I also suffer from crippling depression and I know how you feel. You need to do what's best for you, your mental health is more important then school right now. I am here to listen and give advice if needed. Please feel free to post away.
  14. Hi Lauren, I feel your pain, I lost my mom a couple of years ago. My feelings are worse then the day she died. There's a huge hole in my heart, that will never heal. I'm in therapy trying to deal with my feelings. My mom was my rock, she was there for me no matter what. She would drop everything, if I needed help! I feel so scared to be without her, she always gave me great advice and was there to catch me if I fell. I'm having terrible feelings of lost, guilt, anger and grief, I need her now more then ever....but she's gone. I fell big time and there was nobody there to catch me..........I miss her so much. :verysad3:
  15. I lost my mom almost three years ago and still can't accept she's gone. We were close, but argued a lot and the guilt is overwhelming me. I keep thinking I should have been a better daughter. I have so many regrets and wish I had the chance to live my life over again. I miss her dearly, she was the only one who truly understood and loved me unconditionally. She's gone, but I'm still here. I need to move forward with my life, although it's been difficult.
  16. Hi New, May I ask how old you are? I've been suffering from anxiety/panic for many years and find meds to be very helpful. I take Klonopin and it diminishes my anxiety, so I can be productive human being. Without it, I'm a basket case. I'm high strung by nature and was raised by a high strung mother, so I'm not surprised I have an anxiety disorder. If my anxiety goes on for too long, I end up with terrible depression. I'm also in therapy, to help me deal with my thoughts that are creating the anxiety. There's no reason you need to suffer through this alone, please see a pdoc and get some help.
  17. A number of things can be causing this, I suggest you go to your MD and have it checked.
  18. Hi Cares, Your wife needs help, depression had taken away any joy in her life. It's not her fault and has little control over it. A pdoc and meds would be a great start, but I know you can't force her. Dealing with depression for over 20 yrs, I know how draining it can be. I also know there's a chemical imbalance involved with depression. You have to keep encouraging your wife to see a pdoc. Unfortunately, you are in a difficult situation. Your wife is not thinking clearly, so you need to be the voice of reason. My husband constantly pushes me to do anything to get better, he is relentless and it has worked. I'm on meds, see a therapist weekly and looking to go back to work. I'm far from cured, but I've learned how to deal with my bad days. You are a wonderful husband for caring so much about your wife. Maybe it would help if you saw a therapist and learned how to help your wife and her depression. Never give up, she needs you to be there for her, but sometimes a small kick in the a$$ can help!
  19. Meds can help relieve some of the symptoms, most won't "cure" whatever you're going through.
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