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  1. I've been suffering from BDD for years. It is a type of OCD, which creates terrible anxiety and panic. I would love to hear from other people who suffer from this. I've tried so many medications, but nothing seems to work Thanks!
  2. I suffer from severe anxiety/panic attacks and suffer from headaches. Been to an MD, had an MRI and diagnosed with migranes. I know my hedaches are related to my anxiety/ panic disorder, along with multiple other physical problems.
  3. Exercise always helps me feel better. Often it's diificult to get motivated, but once I do I always feel great. I also try to do something productive that engages my mind, I find social interaction to also be very helpful.
  4. I hate myself because I can't overcome my depression and anxiety. I use to be so strong and was able to bounce back from anything. Now I just wallow in my negativity, it's disgusting.
  5. Sounds like a panic attack to me and not everyone gets them. How long has this been going on and have you seeked help?
  6. Hello Dreamer and welcome. I can relate to what you're going through, I've been battling my demons for years now. I just want to say "never give up", there's research and new treatments emerging everyday. You just need to find one that works for you.
  7. I just started taking Abilify and find this med has some nasty side effects. Anyone else taking this med, I would love to hear from you!
  8. I hate taking meds, but I know I need them. I have tried reducing dosages and I spiral out of control. Meds have saved my life and has given me the ability to feel "happiness" again.
  9. Hello LadyRN, The feelings you described are classic anxiety/panic disorder symptoms. If these attacks are new to you, it can be frightening when you feel it coming on. May I suggest you visit a pdoc? There's no reason why you should suffer through this. There are so many meds that help with anxiety/panic.
  10. Klonopin 1mg. 2x a day as needed. I don't see myself coming off of it anytime soon.
  11. Hi Deidra, I had a very similar experience at age 28. I married an abusive man and was devastated when we divorced 7 months later. I started suffering from anxiety/panic attacks and wasn't sure what was going on. I moved back with my parents and the panic attacks became worse, I then started suffering from depression. I went to numerous therapists and nothing seemed to help and I was sliding down hill fast. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a double blind study at a State University Hospital, that had a great Psych department. I was started on meds and monitored, this was the beginning of my recovery. Looking back, I see I was predisposed to depression. There were so many signs in my younger years, that I thought were normal. I'm I think my divorce was a catalyst for my anxiety/depression to rear it's ugly head. I know for me, it's a chemical imbalance and will be on meds for life. It took almost a year to find the right combo of meds that worked. Even now there are times the dosages need to be adjusted. You are not alone and there are so many treatments out there, you just need to find the one that works for you.
  12. I lock my computer because I want some privacy. My husband doesn't seem to have a problem with it.
  13. A good day for me, is when I'm actually happy I'm awake.
  14. I've been taking Klonopin for 10 years. I take 1mg at night and have a prn order for up to 4mg a day. Thankfully, I've never needed more then 2 mg in a given day. Talk to your doctor!
  15. Moody Blues

    Oh So Sad.

    Thank you, but I've been dealing with this for twenty years and I'm tired of working. Yeah, just feeling sorry for myself right now, tomorrow's a new day.
  16. Moody Blues

    Oh So Sad.

    I see my shrink on a regular basis. He just increased one of my meds, I'm hoping this will help. I'm so tired of taking drugs and dealing with all the side effects...........just wish I could feel good again.
  17. Moody Blues

    Oh So Sad.

    Just when I think I'm feeling better, I get swept in a downward spiral. I've been dealing with depression for years and I still have a hard time dealing with it. For me, I know it's a chemical imbalance. Sounds so easy to fix, but it's not. Ok I'm PMSing, which always makes me sad. But my depression seems to be getting worse then normal. I researched Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and I seem to have all the symptom's. I get so irritable and angry, sometimes I scare myself.
  18. My first marriage ended after 7 months, due to an abusive situation. I didn't know what to do with the anger I felt. Unfortunately I turned it inward and tried to ignore it. Anger will eat you up inside and can be overwhelming, if not addressed. As I read your post, I wondered why are you so angry with the other woman? I would be angry at the Barsteward who cheated on you. You are the winner in this situation, you stepped away from a toxic relationship and saved yourself years of misery. It's time to start healing and you have taken the first step.
  19. I agree, persistence is the key. If you don't hear something, call the doctor and remind him. You have taken the first step, make sure you follow through.
  20. There are many places who bill on a sliding scale. they allow you to pay what you can afford. Do you gave a state run hospital in your area? These hospitals sometimes have a very good psych dept and can offer a lot of help.
  21. OK, I hate to sound like a cliche "beauty begins on the inside". Stop comparing yourself to others and start working on your self image. I didn't get married until I was 30 and I'm far from ugly (sometimes). Yeap, I too can look in the mirror and feel hideous about myself. A few times I was even tempted to cut up my face, because I felt so ugly. In my more lucid moments, I could see the "pretty" part of me. You sound a bit obsessed, in regards to your looks. Obsession about looks can be a sign of Body Dysmorphic Disorder. This creates a negative self image and can make you see things that aren't there. You have to try to break the cycle and stop obsessing. Have you ever taken sometime and got all dressed up, make up and all? I do this when my "ugly" feelings start. I do my hair, put on makeup, adorn myself with jewelry and dress to the nines. I go out and try to have a normal day. Most of the time, this makes me feel special and helps me to see the beauty in myself.
  22. Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand. If you're on medication and it's not working, you may need a different med. I've had depression/anxiety for years and it took a while to figure out what meds worked for me. I'm fortunate to have a very good doctor, who understands my condition. Even now, my meds need to be "tweaked" in order for me to feel good. Don't despair, there are many options for you. Maybe you can talk to your doctor, about a med that may work better.
  23. I think you need to see an MD who specializes in depression. May I suggest you find a psychiatrist who can help you with your depression. Never let a doctor dismiss your signs/symptoms as nothing.
  24. Exercise always calms me down and I try to do it on a daily basis. It's taking the first step to do it. When I'm feeling lousy, the last thing I want to do is move. Once I get going, I start feeling so much better.
  25. Lost My Way, Taking steps to help your depression is the first step. You think you are not strong, but you are. You decided to stand up and fight your depression. I know how hard that can be, a weak person would not put effort into feeling better. But the more you push forward, the stronger you'll become.
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