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  1. Exercise is a wonderful outlet for me. I start to feel better almost immediately and it stays with me for the rest of the day.
  2. Hi aminita, Are you seeing a doctor for your depression? If so, are you able to call and talk to him/her? You sound like you're in a very dark place right now and there is help for you. I've been where you are and I know you feel there's no hope, but I can tell you there is. A lot of us can't beat these feeling on our own and need others to help us out. Do your parents know how much you're hurting inside? If not, I suggest you tell them and get some help. Please reach out to someone and let them know what you're going through.
  3. Hi rmc and welcome to the group. I think your daughter is in a bad situation and is hurting, but that doesn't give her the right to take it out on you. There are probably things going on that she's not telling you and having a baby is making things worse. I use to argue with my mom all the time and Ioved her dearly, We would go without talking for long periods of time, we wasted precious time being stubborn. I would give anything to have her here now, she passed 2 yrs. ago. I'm sure your daughter didn't mean the things she said to you, does she know how much you're hurting? I think the worst thing to do is to be silent towards her. She's having a baby and you should be involved, don't let an argument interfere with that. For now, put the bad feelings aside and participate in her joy of having a baby. These are moments you'll never get back if you miss them. Are you currently seeing a doctor? You sound like you're in a bad place and need some help. There are many medications and therapies that can help you through the pain you are experiencing.
  4. Thanks to everyone for sharing. I started Cymbalta today and will keep you updated on my progrees.
  5. Not taking Xanax may be causing an increase in anxiety attacks. I would go back on Xanax and talk to your pdoc about the Cymbalta. I just started Cymbalta today, I hope it can control my anxiety.
  6. I've tried about 10 different medications and nothing has worked. The only thing that helps me is oxycodone and I don't take it too often. Oxy stops the crazy thoughts spinning around in my head and gives me relief from my anxiety and depression. I wish more research could be done on oxycodone and why it helps with depression.
  7. Thanks for the replies. When I'm not seeing a monster in the mirror, I am an attractive woman. This obsession started after my divorce, over twenty years ago. I'm remarried to a great guy and have a wonderful life. I know what I'm seeing is not real, but I can't seem to stop obsessing about it. This creates severe anxiety, which makes what I see worse. Why can't I just accept who I am and stop this foolish behavior?
  8. I'm not that familar with Radiohead songs, I'll have check them out.
  9. Hi Lisa, I've been suffering from anxiety/panic for 20 yrs. I believe Paxil can relieve some of your anxiety, I been taking it for a while. Although Paxil helped, my anxiety was so bad I also started on Klonopin. I take 1 mg in the evening and 1mg prn during the day. I tend to have good and bad days regarding my anxiety. My bad days are overwhelming, my thoughts run wild and I can become physically ill. I take a klonopin and it alleviates most of my symptoms. I didn't want to take Benzos, but I'm grateful I did. I was having anxiety/panic 24/7 and was unable to function. I know Klonopin is addictive, but so are a lot of antidepressants. If your anxiety is bad, I would think about trying a Benzo.
  10. I also have a terrible fear of aging and death. My biggest fear came true 2 yrs. ago when my mother died. I knew it was going to be painful, but I'm devastated. I just thought my mother would always be around. She was always my rock, someone I could talk to about anything. She always listened and gave sound advice, I'm lost without her. Death is a part of life. My mother is gone, but I'm still here and she would be so mad if I didn't move on. Knowing this, I continue to struggle, but will not give up.
  11. I can't stop obsessing about my face and what I look like. Some times I look in the mirror and see a horrible image looking back at me, this creates terrible anxiety and panic. Sometimes I spend hours looking in the mirror, hoping to see something different. Some days I look normal to myself and yes, even attractive. This has been going on for years, but is getting worse, as I get older. Now I'm noticing wrinkles, which completely freaks me out. This obsession is taking it's toll on my body, I suffer from severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and body pain.I have tried many different meds and nothing seems to work.I have even gone to many plastic surgeons, to have my face "fixed". I have stopped myself from having plastic surgery, because I know this is an obsession and I need to solve my mental issues. I'm at my wits end and don't know how long I can keep going on like this. This obsession consumes my life, what I see in the mirror depends on what kind of day I will have. I have a pdoc and I'm taking Paxil and Klonopin, but it doesn't seem to be helping me anymore. I tried therapy. but can't find a therapist who can help me. with this. Anyone have any experience with this? .Thank you.
  12. I have this horrible fear of aging, I think about it all the time. It's become so bad, I have severe panic attacks everyday, all day. My life is nothing like it use to be. The panic I experience is so crippling, I can hardly make it through the day. I see a pdoc on a regular basis and have tried many medications, but nothing seems to work. Does anyone else have a crippling fear and did anything help? Thank you.
  13. People that haven't experienced depression, have no idea how bad it can be. They think you can "snap out if it" if you try hard enough. They don't know how lucky they are, they can't relate to what you're feeling.
  14. Talk to your pdoc about adding an anti anxiety med, I find SSRI's don't help my anxiety.
  15. I hear you, I have good days and bad days. I try to figure out why this happens and can't find the answer. I hang on to the good days, thinking that there is hope. If I can have one good day, maybe I can have a few good days.
  16. I think about death often, I recently lost my mom and have not even accepted it yet. My thoughts are screwed up, I think about illness and death all the time. I try to do things that distract my mind from these thoughts, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
  17. I would go fishing with my dad on his boat, that was always a happy time for me.
  18. Yes CBT! I'm amazed at how my thoughts are so distorted, due to events that have happened in my life.
  19. I suffer from severe anxiety/panic attacks, Xanax did nothing for me. There are other meds that may help you, talk to your doctor. Sometimes it takes trying a few meds, before you find one that works.
  20. My therapy has been going well, I'm starting to understand the demons inside. I can't believe all the unresolved issues that I've been dealing with. No wonder I'm anxious and depressed! I'm so happy I gave therapy a chance.
  21. You need to be honest with the doctor. If he/she doesn't know your true feelings, the treatment may not help. As embarrassed as I am sometimes, I tell my doctor everything. I think being upfront will help your doctor understand what's going on.
  22. Hello Geist, I know what you're feeling, I have the same thoughts as you. Do you have a pdoc you can call? It sounds like your thoughts are out of control and I would definitely seek help, to get you through this. My thoughts have spiraled out of control many times and I know when I need help. You are not alone, reach out and let the professionals guide you through this. Good luck and keeps us posted.
  23. I would say yes! It provides a sounding board and a professional can help you with your negative thoughts. I recently started therapy and found it beneficial. I'm willing to give anything try, if it means getting better.
  24. I just started therapy and had a positive experience.with it. I'm not covered either, but I'm making it a priority and go when I can. If you can, give it a try, you may be surprised what you can learn from it.
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