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  1. It's usually a hit or miss game with meds. I've been on Paxil for twenty years and although it helped, I hate the side effects. I've been tapering for months now and the withdrawal is horrible. Many SSRIs have serious side effects, I would research any new med you plan on taking.
  2. I switched from xanax to klonopin with no problem, but both can be addicting.
  3. Hi Sllie, People who have never experienced depression have no idea what's it's like. They seem to think we can just "snap out" of it, if we try hard enough. My mom had depression and was fully aware of what I was going through. I also have a therapist who I can talk to. Do you have a therapist, or anyone else you cam talk to??
  4. Hi Exodus, I've experienced almost all of what you mentioned. My anxiety and depression has rendered me useless at times. I've been suffering for many years and refuse to give into it. I see a Pdoc and a therapist, I'm on medication and do everything possible to feel better. There's no easy cure, you have to fight your demons on a daily basis. I don't know your history, are you on medication? The right Med can ease your symptoms and therapy can help you understand what's going on in your head.
  5. I've tried numerous medications, until I found one that worked. Please don't give up, I'm sure there's a med that will work for you.
  6. I'm not taking it, but would love to know more about it.
  7. Psychiatrist hands down, they know more about psych meds than a GP.
  8. Anxiety, panic and depression can cause your symptoms. Are you taking any medication?
  9. Be yourself and stop trying to "conform", you'll find like minded people who you can be friends with.
  10. I've been suffering from anxiety/depression for many years and have only told a few people. Actually, it's nobody's business if you have problems.
  11. Of course you're friend lashed out at you, he's been hurt. May I suggest you try to re establish your friendship? Good friends don't enter your life very often, value the ones you have.
  12. Hi Neal, I've been where you are now and it takes time to get over a break up. Now is not the time to play around with your Paxil dosage. I know right now you think you'll never find another woman, but you will. You need to give yourself time to grieve the loss of your recent relationship. Try to stay busy and each day, you will start to feel better. I'm older then you and have experienced numerous break ups and even a divorce, It's funny how things seem to happen for a reason, I'm now married to a great man who accepts me, warts and all. Use this time to work on yourself and your depression. You will find someone new, but you need to get over you're current lost first.
  13. I cherish my husband and family members, they have been there for me no matter the situation. I thank God everyday I have them in my life.
  14. Nobody's perfect and a good friend is hard to find. Kabuto, I think you will regret sabotaging your friendship. Cutting good people out of your life is only going to make you unhappy. Think about what you're doing, do you really want to be alone?
  15. I ran over to the Ferris Wheel..........
  16. My family and 3 horses give me purpose, they give me a reason to stay strong.
  17. I've been on Paxil for over 20 yrs. and have been slowly tapering myself off of it. I was on 60 mg and went down to 30 mg, over a months time, I'm now down to 15 mg and will stay on that for a few more weeks, before I stop completely. I've been doing well and hopefully I can stop taking an AD, only time will tell.
  18. they said "follow us", we know where the little tree people live.
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