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  1. I don't have any real friends, I have lots of acquaintances. I don't let myself get too close to any one person, until they prove they are loyal. As time passes you can figure out who a person is, most of the time they will turn on you eventually. I don't want to come across as a negative person. It's just the years of experience, have taught me the world is not all peaches and cream. :verysad3:
  2. People who have never been depressed have no idea what's it's like. I don't talk about my problem, unless it's a person who has been through it. I'm very close with my brother and even he tells me "it's all in your head, you don't need to be taking medication". I just thank god, he didn't inherit the crazy genes that run in my family. I have plenty of professionals to talk to and also my dear husband, is a great listener. I don't expect "normal" people to understand me, they can be so judgmental at times. Because of this, I keep my problems to myself. There's no need to talk about my personal demons, most people could care less anyway!
  3. It"s been one week on Cymbalta and I'm feeling much better. Side affects aren't too bad, some sweating and lack of appetite. I don't want to get excited about this, what if down the road it stops working? But for now, I'm enjoying the peace and quiet in my head.
  4. Hi xora. Are you still off of anti depressants? I've had full blown depression and anxiety for many years and I know it's hell. I've tried so many meds, I've lost track of them. The side effects can be brutal and weaning off them is no picnic. For me, I know I have a chemical imbalance and eventually there's a med that will work. I just recently started, yet another med and feeling better. Don't give up, explore every avenue and never feel there's no hope, because there is. Talk with your pdoc and maybe try a new medication.
  5. Hello Treiasmith, It sounds like your sister has some issues she needs to deal with. I don't think she hates your family, I think she hates herself and is striking out. If possible, I would sit her down and have a heart to heart talk with her. She will probably become very defensive and blame everything on someone else, but it never hurts to try. Explain your concerns to her in a non accusatory manner and see what her reaction is. When someone is hurting and won't admit it, there's only so much you can do. Let her know, you are worried and will help her in anyway possible. This approach may set her off and blow up in your face, but at least you tried.
  6. Thanks Maddie, keeping my fingers crossed that it will continue to work.
  7. I'm watching Law and Order and waiting for my husband, so we can go out to dinner.
  8. Hello xephon, We are all human and we make mistakes, you apologised for you're forgetfulness and that's all you can do. Don't beat yourself up over a minor incident. I've forgotten an appointment or two in the past, these things happen. I'm sure your therapist understands and holds no ill feeling towards you.
  9. Have you tried any of Benzos? I suffer from severe anxiety and can relate to what you are going through. I hate having to take medication, but Klonopin has been very helpful. I take 1 mg, at bedtime and 1mg, prn in the day. Unfortunately when it comes to meds, it's trial and error. Don't be afraid to change meds, if your current ones aren't working. I also find exercise to be very helpful in reducing my anxiety. I know it's difficult to get going when you're feeling bad, but the results are worth it. You can't let anxiety get the best of you, do something that will put your mind on something else. It may not eliminate your anxiety, but can give you some relief from it. Therapy can also be beneficial, finding the cause of your anxiety can help you understand it better. Eating well and getting enough sleep is essential, lack of either can create even more anxiety. Unfortunately, there's no magic cure for this. I've been suffering for over 20 yrs, but refuse to give into it. I've recently changed meds (again) and I'm feeling better. Never stop trying to find a treatment that works for you.
  10. I went to the barn and rode my horse. I groomed him and I was smiling the whole time. He has a playful personality and can always cheer me up.
  11. Ive been on Paxil for years and just started taking Cymbalta also. It's only been 4 days, but I am feeling better.
  12. Can I ask why your parents would be mad at you for being depressed? This is not something a person has control over. Is there a way you could sit down with them and discuss your feelings and need for help? Depression is an illness, just like a diabetic needs insulin, some people need help in their thinking. There is no shame in being depressed. although society would like us to believe there is. Maybe you should give your parents a chance to understand what you are experiencing..
  13. I was anorexic when I was in my twenties, my self worth depended on what the scale read that morning. I never received help for it and still not sure what brought it on. Eventually I did get over it, but that was only the beginning of my problems. A few years later, I started to suffer from severe anxiety, depression and an obsession about my face. Now it's not the scale, but the mirror that sets my mood for the day. I know I have unresolved feelings about things that have happened in my life, which creates irrational thinking. Are you seeing a therapist or doctor? If not, I think you would benefit from talking with one. You came to the right place to discuss your feelings. The members here are wonderful and will rally to give you as much support as we can.
  14. Hello treiasmith and welcome. Not sure what forum your questions belongs in, but I would start in Depression Central. I hope we are able to help you and thanks for joining.
  15. Hello Jahzz, I'm not qualified to diagnose you, but you do seem to be having periods of depression. Nobody is "worthless", the fact that you're feeling this way leads me to think you need to talk to someone. When our brains become overwhelmed with negative thoughts, we start to believe them, even though they're not true. Please see a doc about your mood swings, a professional can give you a definitive diagnosis.
  16. Hi justjanice and welcome. Please don't put off getting help, you need to see a pdoc now. Sounds like you're having highs and lows with your depression, this a common occurrence. Harming yourself is just one symptom that tells me you need to talk to someone. Forget about the "stigma" attached to seeing a pdoc and get help. You don't have to go through this alone, there are many treatments you can benefit from. Please call and make an appointment, you'll be grateful you did.
  17. Third day on Cymbalta and I'm feeling diiferent, in a good way. I'm having less anxiety and bizarre thoughts/
  18. Been through two therapists and they can't seem to help me, I'm still seeing my pdoc on a regular basis and still experiencing severe panic attacks. I ditched the Diazepam, it didn't help much and went back on klonopin. I just started taking Cymbalta yesterday and hoping it will give me some relief. Sometimes I get so tired trying to fight this demon, it's been many years and sometimes I want to give up. Being a fighter by nature, my mind won't let me give up and I keep chugging on. I've tried so many meds and nothing seems to work. I'm now taking 4 different medications at the same time, geez can't we just find one that will work? :verysad3:
  19. Hello Teec and welcome. Your post is far from stupid and I can relate to what you're feeling. I can't diagnose your problem, but you may want to see a doctor about it. Sometimes just talking about it can give you some relief. You chose the right place for advice, many of us can guide and support you. Just knowing other people are experiencing similar feelings can give you some comfort. Please continue to post and give the members a chance to help. Thanks.
  20. Tailgaters and aggressive drivers.
  21. I'm going through the same thing, I can't stop obsessing about my face. What I see in the mirror creates severe panic attacks that leaves me paralyzed with fear. This has been going on for yrs. and has gotten worse since the death of my mother. I can spend hours in the mirror, then spend the rest of the day thinking about it. There's no room in my mind to think about anything else. I have a pdoc and have tried many medications and therapies. My body is riddled with aches and pains, due to my panic attacks. I know what you're going through and it can be overwhelming. You are taking a perceived imperfection and blowing it out of proportion. This kind of thinking will leave you with no self worth. How about the rest of you, your personality, heart and compassion? These are all important, when choosing a mate. Looks may get your foot in the door, but it's the rest of you that will open the door. I know it's easier said then done, I'm just trying to give you advice from my own experiences.
  22. Hi ao, The feelings you describe have happened to me, due to anxiety. I also get the feeling I'm outside my body and looking down at myself. Sometimes when I'm driving, it seems my arm is detached from my body.When this started happening I freaked out, but I now realise it's just my brain playing tricks on me. I think this is more common then we think with severe panic attacks.
  23. I can relate to so many of these posts. I've been dealing with depression/anxiety for many years. I live to be happy and the people I love to be happy. I feel every single person is in this world for a reason, although we always don't know what the reason is. I live for my horses, they are always happy to see me and do things that make me laugh. Most of all I live for the people who love me, losing me would leave a tremendous void in their lives. Because of this, I will never give up and continue to do my best to get better.
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