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  1. I survived the meeting, and thanks for your interest in hearing what happened, Hermitic. Saying that things were stressful and having a full plate helped me to not get into personal details. And I think that helped the meeting. I did not get penalized or targeted for anything specific, which was great. It would have been ideal to have a fully open conversation, but like you and others mentioned, less is more in these work situations most of the time. Thanks again.
  2. Will do - planning to go in there with a peaceful frame of mind - as much as I can muster up.
  3. I especially like this, about keeping it simple and not revealing anything specific. I'm gonna go with those 2 phrases! :) Smiling and nodding may be challenging for me to do, but I believe it is the right thing to do, so that is my plan. Thanks.
  4. Thanks everyone for your support and advice.
  5. Hi All, I have major depression and generalized anxiety d/o since I was a kid. I have had trouble at work lately, getting upset at things that happen and a very difficult time letting them go. The idea of "acting as if" I am happy when I am not, is almost impossible for me to do. That said, I crashed and burned this week after my boss addressed my issues with me. I later called my dr and got a med adjustment, which I have known that I needed, since I have not been able to do sufficient exercise regularly and other stress relief things to keep me sane. I know this will help. Next day, boss said that I now I have to meet with her and her boss next week. I was told the meeting was to "keep us on the same page." My therapist told me to keep things simple at the meeting and to tell them that I am addressing my issues. The boss has done a number of things that have been unprofessional from the start......not having boundaries and telling me things that I should not know about other co-workers. But, I was advised not to mention those unless absolutely necessary. Anyhow, just looking for support and anyone who's been through something similar. Thanks. :)
  6. I am doing better and have relaxed. I have gotten the advice to just take my time on my work, and I am starting to do this. I try to have compassion for those people that frustrate me (boss, co-worker) the best I can! "This too shall pass" is definitely a true phrase. Rock on folks.
  7. I have a lot going on: fixing up & selling house, getting ready to get married, medication changes, issues with parents & my own health issue. My job is stressful. They put a lot of emphasis on the details of what we do these days. This is not my specialty. Our workload continues to increase way too much at the same time. I find myself multi-tasking and then making mistakes. It has always taken me longer to do my work than my co-workers. I am more or less a slow learner. I feel like I am not a good worker, although I try very hard and I know in many areas I do good work. I went to my supervisor yesterday to vent about a co-worker who is constantly interupting me, but she turned it around and said that if I didn't make the mistakes, he would not have to come to me all the time to have them fixed. I needed support or encouragement of any kind and didn't need this criticism. She is new & doesn't have good people skills. I had a mini freak out and left abrubtly. If I wasn't so stressed & busy about everything else in my life, I wouldn't have been so upset about my co-worker and may have not gone to her to vent. I realize this. My work is not a perfect fit for me and I have been there a long time. I am planning to leave in about 5 months to go back to school. Anyway, I decided to focus on the positive things in my life - gratitude, so that this can turn things around, and I can be drawn to people who do the same. Just needed to vent about the situation. I am trying not to be hard on myself. Any words of wisdom are welcome. Thanks!!!
  8. I think it's great that you are able to change your state of mind. This is something that I wish I could do and I think I will try harder to find a way to get my mind involved in something other than my way worries. best wishes to you.
  9. Hi All, Over the last few months, I have had a relapse into compulsive overeating and some purging. It had been many years since this happended, so I have been confused as to why this happened. My theories are that I was undereating. I used to eat small amounts during the day according to when I felt hungry. I ate plenty and did not feel anxious about food. But, I started a new job 4 months ago, and stopped doing this -- just eating at prescribed "meal times" - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and getting really hungry in between. I am now trying to snack more to avoid getting too hungry and thus feeling anxious about food. I guess I have not given the new plan enough time for new eating "feelings" to take place. I am anxious to get back to normal b/c I seem to relapse into binge eating too easily these days and thus feel so uncomfortable physically and mentally anguished. I have hope though, and know that in life "this too shall pass". Yesterday wasn't too great with the eating and food, but today is a new day and I feel confident that I can get through. I am trying to be gentle to myself and my body to the best of my ability -- for example, not purging, and also not overeating/binging to avoid feeling so uncomfortable. I think I need to make plans to cope when the urge comes up -- especially by suprise --. Deep breathing, walking away from the food, self talk, anything and everything I can do. So, any support and advice is welcome. Thank you, Kat
  10. Thanks for your reply -- and for reminding me that my friend does have a say in the relationship.... Even though I worry that I've misled him, I need to remember this. Thanks.
  11. You are not alone,,,,,,,, I feel very much the same way. Just do your best to get through the morning, then the afternoon, and so on. I believe that in our heart, we know what to do next. It is somehow just so hard to remember these things. For me, it is just one little step at a time, and trying to remember this as the day progresses. I hope this helps.
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