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  1. long time no talk, hope you are doing okay, I am still working on getting my meds right and just thought I would fire off this hello!! PM me sometime, its late tonight and my meds are kicking in so gotta run!!! but I saw you were on DF and wanted to say hello and best wishes.

  2. I really appreciate our little chats. Mwah! x

  3. I voted pro. I use to be deeply concerned and suspicious about medication for mental illness. They just seemed scary and you always heard bad press about them! 6 years ago I took my first AD, and I honestly believe I would be dead by now if I had not have finally accepted that I needed the help that the medication would provide. Depression and other mental health issues are all illnesses just like any other and you would not turn down medicine to treat Cancer, so I think they same should apply.
  4. I will come back to this with a list when I am feeling better. When I was well previously I felt grateful to have suffered from depression as I felt I had been given a new insight and understanding. I also felt a lot stronger as a person. However at the moment I can not see any of the benefits once you have crawled out of the dark as I am still very much in it!
  5. I have been on ESA since last year. I had my annual medical examination and failed. I was 2 points short! I appealed this and stated that I felt the doctor treated me unfairly. I specifically told her that I have trouble going out alone and need to have company with me to leave my house most of the time. Jobcentre plus rejected my first appeal and it had now gone to tribunal, I was supposed to have the hearing in December but it has been pushed back a few months. I contacted Jobcentre plus again when my medication was changed to an anti-psychotic to show them that my condition had become worse, they were still unwilling to change the appeal. I am very stressed with regards to this and hate been treated like I am faking. Now with the Tories targeting ESA as well I feel even more frustrated! Has anyone else had the same problems recently? If so any advice would be great!
  6. Hi there sixtimes, I can completely relate to this. I am five months into therapy and I still have times where it makes me feel worse. I do have other times where I feel much better though and think I am making progress. It is a slow process and will not provide a quick fix. I think you should give it some time, try and be patient, recognise why it is making you feel worse and discuss this with your therapist. I mentioned feeling worse to mine and she said it was perfectly normal. Best of luck! x
  7. You are madly in love with your bf (Want to marry him now and have his babies) He really is the best thing ever! What is he doing with me anyway? He could do so much better?! The next day you do not feel anything and find it hard to be in the same room as him, what am I doing with him anyway? I can do so much better! Then the next day......You are madly in love with your bf, he really is the best thing ever! What is he doing with me anyway? He could do so much better?! Over and over and over again!
  8. Hi Kat, I am in the same situation as you, I was diagnosed as having BPD traits, I fit just over half of the criteria. It confused me as I did not understand how I could have traits without having the full blown disorder. After reading more about I do find that aspects of it fits. I thought I would just let you know that you are not alone with this diagnosis and I would advise reading about it as it has helped me a lot. x
  9. Hi Timestamp, Feeling sleepy and falling asleep has been a problem for me on these meds too. (Just under 3 weeks in now) I can sleep over 12 hours a night and I nap a lot too. Sometimes though I have also found it hard to sleep so over the last 3 weeks of taking it I have flitted between the two. This should smooth out after a while hopefully. I was very sleepy on Venlafaxine when I took it a few years ago, but it eased off after a while and I was functioning normally. I hope it smooths out quickly for you so that you can go back to work with no problems. Good luck!
  10. I started a job in October 2008. At the time I had been well for about 4 years. I was promoted after 3 months at this job. A month in to my promotion my depression resurfaced. I took some time off on sick leave and was very open about my condition. About 3 weeks into my sick leave I received a letter from them firing me from my position stating my illness as the reason. I made a claim for unfair dismissal, it was settled out of court as I was not well enough to fight a lengthy court battle. I did not get a lot of money but it was mainly the principle I was concerned with. By settling they of course do not admit guilt, but I am glad I did something about it and to get even a penny out of them was enough.
  11. Thanks Tim, I had an absolutely terrible day yesterday. The suicidal thoughts were getting really disturbing and graphic. I just felt so depressed. I just hope this is a sign that the meds will work. I know with AD's that they can make you feel worse before you feel better so I am hoping this is the case. It happend to me in all my four treatments I've had (1 year on setraline, 4 on Citalopram, 4 on Stablon and now almost a year on Cymbalta) a week should be enough to feel better. Good luck and have a nice day! A week??! That seems an awfully short time for it to start working, I thought it took at least 6-8? I must say though I am 2 weeks in now and I am feeling a bit better, moods have balanced and side effects have calmed down a lot. I hope it keeps doing what it is doing! x
  12. Thanks Trace & Lindahurt. I think I will write him an email back. I think we have been friends too long to let it slide without saying at least something about it. So I am going to explain how I think it was out of line what he said. If he apologises and we talk about it, fine. If not, that is fine also. I have had enough experience with people like that and I will not tolerate it. A true friend is someone who accepts you warts and all, luckily I do have a few of those.
  13. I like that! Simple and to the point....And also letting it know it wont beat you!
  14. I have been friends with this guy since we were 19, so 11 years now. He is an on-line friend. We have never met, but we use to speak almost everyday so we were close and I knew him so well, or I thought I did. I spent many an evening over the last few years talking to him about my depression, during bouts and afterwards and he always seemed understanding. I never felt like I went on about it too much, just in context to how I was at the time. Anyway about 4 months ago I told him I was sick again and he got angry at me and said ' I just do not understand it. You are so pretty, you have a great BF, great friends, great family, you are well educated....WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO BE DEPRESSED ABOUT???' His wife was pregnant at the time and I said well anyone can get depressed, and mentioned Postnatal depression as an example. He said to that, ' I have already told my wife I will **** her if she ever even thinks about harming our baby' I just felt like he had never listened to me, all those times I told him about bad things from my past and how depression effects people, not just myself. I thought he knew that depression is an illness, irrespective of what you have or have not got. I did not contact him again, and he had not contacted me either (His wife had the baby recently) To be honest I felt so upset about what he said that I had decided to let him go. I just felt that after 11 years it seemed he did not understand or know me at all, despite the hours we had talked to each other. He emailed me about two weeks ago, apologising for not being in touch. Asking generally if I and my BF are well. Nothing about what was said previously. I have not replied yet. I am not sure I will. I am just so sick of peoples ignorance sometimes, especially those I expect more from!
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