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    Love music, am a musician, outdoors, gardening, cooking, staying fit, my dogs, home improvement stuff and lots more...
  1. Blane I love-love-love family guy, love your pic!

  2. Been on the med now for over 6 months, and an added Abilify, becuase I was always so tired. I just have the swing of sometimes feeling good and then the times when I notice Im not enjoying the things like I used to and it bothers me...
  3. Does anyone else experience what I am with taking Celexa. I have always been one who has lots of hobbies, and activities, but since I have been on SSRI's I seem not to enjoy things like I used too. I still do them, but I dont have the good feelings that I use to experience while doing them, or get excited about the anticipation of doing them, this is even with sex. Im not sure if its the depression, or if it is the meds. What is your experience, what do you think? Please respond
  4. Im curious to know of others experience here, because it is frustrating to me. Seems like when I started getting depressed, I was noticing a decrease in sex desire, thought, arousal and more. The when I got on meds, it seem to pretty much not make things any better. Im just curious to know if others are experiencing any of this, and how. It can be very frustrating. let me hear from you...
  5. I am new here, and I am curious to know what types of anxiety you experience? I curious to know in hopes of relating to some with similar types....Thanks
  6. hEY...STARR....

  7. Welcome to DF :)

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