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  1. It's getting so hard for me to cope with my anxiety... I've tried a few psychologists - they just couldn't understand or help me. They thought I was over playing my anxiety. Different types of therapy - CBT, Muscle relaxants, slow talk, audio tapes, meditation... I can't commit to any no matter how hard I try, I always seem to stop. I've tried drugs - Took Zoloft for 3.5 months and nothing happened. I don't want to try any others after having rough withdrawls from Zoloft (which I hear is pretty mild compared to others). I am just fed up. I'm always quite angry now because of it. I drink too often to curb the anxiety. I don't want to drink that often though. I am borderline suidical. My family is holding me back by the pain I would cause them if I did. The anxiety is getting worse and all I can do is feel cynically nostalgic about the 'good old days'. I have nothing to look forward to, nobody to talk to, nothing to even say if I did. It frustrates me so incredibly when I can have a alcohol or two and feel fine, then after a few hours my mind is back to its old habits. I hate what I am but it's so hard for me to will myself to change. The best days of my life are going to waste and thinking about it just drives me into a deeper depression. It's so easy to fall yet so hard to rise. The more I have these feelings the longer it will take for me to get rid of them, I know that, but I still can't help myself.
  2. I've noticed very very very little change, if any. When I'm sober there's been no changes. I am more depressed and anxious as ever. When I have had a few drinks I seem to loosen up a bit quicker than when I wasn't taking Z... That's the only difference I've observed. Is it worth it for me to continue or should I see my doc to try something new?
  3. So here's my situation I've been shy for as long as I can remember, which is back to my primary school (middle school) days. It grew. I hated talking because I feared my own voice sounded horrible, which made things worse. I became socially paranoid by age 12. It was either speak like a fool or look like a fool not speaking. I chose to not speak. The anxiety grew further as did my depression. I would not answer phones, answer the door, go outside unless I had to, in fear of neighbours speaking to me, and I would often leave social situations by myself before everyone else because I could not connect or interact. I was having trouble keeping a job due to poor socialisation. My friends were abandoning me. I was unable to open up even to my own Mother for years and years. I shut myself out to the whole world, besides the internet. There was so much I wanted to do that was just not possible due to my anxiety, so I decided to get help. I knew the risks of taking anti-depressants but I felt as though these are the best years of my life (I am only 19) so I decided to take the risk and ask my doctor for some medication. I began taking zoloft one month and four days ago. So far I have felt nothing, but I know something is working. When I am self medicating I am much more sociable, which was unheard of for me in the past (whilst self medicating my anxiety used to get worse prior to taking Z). So I know something is changing. If nothing happens by the end of this cycle I'm going to go back to my doc. Anyway my plans now are to go back to school to get a Diploma in Website Design then start my own freelance business creating websites. I plan to get a motorhome and travel my beautiful country Australia for some years. I will be alone but then again I am quite introverted so I don't mind. Thanks folks, much love and wishing you the best of luck. A little motto I made for myself which may suit some of you socially anxious people :) 'Think for yourself, but about others.'
  4. It's odd that you feel tired all the time, yet can't sleep. The Doctor and Phamacist both recommended to either take them at night before you go to bed, or in the morning when you wake up. Everyone reacts different to the drug and some people get drowsy from it, some can't sleep. You seem to have both!
  5. I'm on my 18th day of Zoloft 50mg. Pretty shmick. Don't feel anything yet but I can feel some difference in my body. Nothing towards my anxiety or depression, just a different bodily feeling. A way to describe it is... floaty. Stick to it, that's what I'm doing. Remain optimistic. I must say though, every morning when I pop one of these little pills I feel really good, knowing that soon enough I will be feeling better for once in my life..... Well for once in my life when I am sober at least
  6. Nobody likes the initial side effects of Zoloft. Everyone gets them. The question is, are you dedicated enough to help yourself?
  7. Hey RPT, I've been on Zoloft for 15 days and I felt very, very similar side effects to yourself. On the second day of beginning Zoloft, 50mg, I began to get some pretty bad jaw clenching which has subsided now. Frequent jaw massaging helped and now I don't get it at all. I also had sleep loss as you did. That is still a bit of a minor problem. I am sleeping less but still getting a full sleep. I believe these are just initial side effects so I have decided to commit to the medicating and see how I feel after 30 days. Good luck mate, hope I gave you a bit of insight.
  8. the effexor didn't help. i was on it for 3 months. my doctor switched me to zoloft. i haven't seen any change, so i've decided to go back to wellbutrin (which i was taking before effexor). Maybe you should take your own advice and see a doctor :).
  9. Hi all. So I was prescribed 50mg/day of Zoloft by a doctor yesterday for my social anxiety. I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember into my childhood years, possibly from when I first hit puberty (if not before). I was reading on wikipedia that Zoloft isn't as effective on long term sufferes of the mental condition. Would anyone with a similar background like mine let me know how effective their medicating has been? Cheers! :)
  10. Welcome to DF :)

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