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  1. im hurting so much right now it's ******* me because i was on vacation, i was hoping to meet someone when that didnt happen, i was heartbroken and tears while i was in the hotel and coming home, now on top of that, im probably not going to go on a vacation at all next year because my parents only want to go on vacation after labor day which is usually the first week of september because they are cheap and they dont want to be in crowds and now next year, labor day falls on the second week of september which means it's usually cold i go to ocean city, new jersey and im probably going to stuck in hotel and going on the board walk for 3 straight days and no beach and pool which is why i go down. im so frustrated that i just want to end right now because god doesnt want me to be happy and i got family that just sticks their nose up the air at me, it's like is my death going to make you wake up and understand you are ones being selfish, i dont know what to do, im not going to **** myself, im just so heartbroken with the way things are going in my life, i feel like im never going to be happy.
  2. i went back to lowes, i saw a cute girl again, couldnt do it, went back to car and burst into tears, on top of that, i got home, my mom has to nerve to say you didnt talk to that girl did you? i said no and also said thanks vote of confidence, which im probably never going to have, im in a very bad place right now and im still hurting right now.
  3. i tried, there's no openings there, i'll just have to make my own luck.
  4. and my dad comes home, i'll tell him what's going on and he tells me to find a job and there's nothing out there, it just makes me feel worse, it's make depressed when i hear the same lip service, instead of actually physically helping me.
  5. i went out today to get a couple of things at lowes and i saw this cute girl that does applicanes and i couldnt talk to her and i wanted to ask for her number because she was talking to a coworker and i let it go because it's embarassing and i went around to look at things and i came back again and she was with a customer and i felt so depressed because i wanted to ask her out, its been happening to me everytime, not just today but the other times, i have been over there. i get so frustrated that i want to hang myself because it seems like god hates me, he doesnt want me to be happy, im probably the uglest person in their eyes, he just wants me to be a slave and lonely until im an old man, i dont know what to do. maybe im not making the effort hard enough, im just so affraid of girls because i have no confidence. i just dont know where to start. im not going to hurt myself, i need some help to get my confidence, it's really bad right now, any advice is good to get through this.
  6. i feel like i should because it's eating me up inside, getting depressed, im always in pain all over, jaw, stomach, head. everytime my mom walks i wanted to tell say something but i keep holding it back.
  7. i wish, im stuck at home, im unemployed, no friends etc, i have no place to go.
  8. i just bought an action figure off amazon, im so affraid to tell them because i dont want them to kick me out, they overreact over everything, it's been bothering me for days and im really depressed over it, it wont come here another few days, i just dont know how they are going react. does anyone have advice on how should approach this without them going nuts on me?
  9. yes close to 80 dollars, i guess i'll ask them why because they were supportive of it in 2008, i just dont know what changed then.i mean they watch everything that's marvel related and im a power rangers fan and it's no different than them, i just dont know what they are affraid off.
  10. it happened to me last year in the summer, i had my teeth checked, there's no cavities. yes it's very frustrating.
  11. your welcome, i guess two things i hope you can help with, my parents are always against me with buying toys because of how i spend, which i do watch what i spend, i want to get something but im affraid my parents will throw me out because they think im spending all the money on toys which i havent, it's been like 5 years since i got a toy, everything i buy, i sell the next year when im done with it, they are probably going to hate me if i do. second thing, my mom started having problems with her mouth yesterday she's probably going to have her tooth pulled, now my teeth started hurting few minutes after i found out, i check my mouth nothing is there, i dont know if it's anxiety or sympathy pains, it's just weird how it started.
  12. i dont know what to do, i feel like a prisoner, im not happy, im shaking, worried, my hair is turning grey and im only 35, i have no friends, no place to hang out, cant find anyone around me, jobs around my area is like a need in a hay stack, on top of it, i cant buy anything fun for myself like toys because im satistying their ego to make them happy but im very misable and in so much pain in my mouth. can someone help me please, i feel i just want to throw myself in front of car, im not going to do it, this stress is just driving me over the edge
  13. i tried them all nothing works, i dont know maybe i should just accept the fate that im going to be alone for the rest of my life and eventually end it like my uncle did.
  14. to be honest, i dont like asking cashiers out, problem is there's no groups in my area to join, i cant go to clubs by myself because no one will go with me, im trying social media, i tried facebook and i had success in the past, problem now is that facebook had changed everything where i cant find anyone that's single, i tried instagram no dice. i can try dating sites but they cost a fortune, i mean i dont know, if anyone has any other ideas, i'll go with it.
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