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  1. Eliminating sugars is making things worse for me and i don't why ..!
  2. I am getting no reply and no support, please delete, please
  3. Sometimes i wonder if hell could be any worse than this, it's pure torture and misery, year after year and only little improvement as for OCD this monster is insurmountable. Can't afford therapy and there is no therapy where i am living . i have downloaded a selfhelp book but i think it's not enough for me. I get obsessed about everything harm, sexuality, order, checking, magical thinking, traumatic memories, worries, people opinions, and those damn thoughts stuck forever. i am lost in mazes of my mind . i don't know how others are dealing with their OCD, for me i have tried ssri and it was not helpful at all best wishes for all.
  4. So beautiful,,,I love your work what did you use to create your art..?
  5. Yeah my friend, anything is better than sitting with our thoughts and memories, Thank you .
  6. Thank you for your kind reply, I will heal or die trying.
  7. Sometimes i feel like it's not something you can heal from.
  8. I took alot of medications before , i can't tolerate them anymore. i only take celexa now and it's not helping and i can't afford therapy.
  9. I have been struggling with CPTSD for many many years, i lost alot .I don't have a normal life like other guys and never will. I want to heal to find peace again but it's like anything or any thought triggers an emotional storm in my mind that last forever and all my coping skills fail me. I can't control my thoughts nor my emotions,my mind keep throwing those intrusive memories and thoughts at me , maybe too much to heal from. Those emotional storms never end. So sorry my friends.
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