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  1. agonyme

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

  2. agonyme

    What did you drink last?

    Yarba mate my favorite drink>
  3. agonyme

    Psychoanalysis...still effective...?

    Thank you for your precious reply my friend...Hugs.
  4. Is it a waste of time and money or it might be helpful ?? if it was effective they wouldn't invent many new approaches like CBT and DBT please share with us your experience and opinion, thank you.
  5. agonyme

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    I am alone and cold inside......
  6. agonyme

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    OH my god i know your place , i was dealing with heart issues from anxiety for 3 months and sometimes it was very scary but it' will pass for you hopefully as it did for me .
  7. agonyme

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Lonely as hell
  8. agonyme

    Overcoming shame and guilt...

    Anyway guided meditation hypnosis like the one above should be done in regular basis for more healing power, with time this kind of therapy help rewire our brain. Best wishes for all.
  9. agonyme

    Overcoming shame and guilt...

    What to do exactly if i found a link or a youtube video and i wished to share it with other members ??
  10. agonyme

    Overcoming shame and guilt...

    I have discovered a very powerful video on youtube " Healing experience: easy process for relieving shame " and it helped me alot , What does help you ?
  11. Depression makes us sink into the past and exaggerate all evens and experiences also depression exacerbate negative emotion like guilt which can be very stressful , please let's share our best methods on how to deal with this toxic emotion. Wish you all healing and happiness .
  12. agonyme

    I feel like therapy is BS.

    Some selfhelp books on amazon better than a therapist //.
  13. I have found an incredible video at youtube explain why those memories stuck " Healing trauma in the 4 levels". We should always remember our strength and that we can overcome . Carl Jung once said : "I am not what happened to me , I am what I choose to become ".
  14. Depression makes getting out of our past harder, just imagine for few minutes for one week that thoses events never really happened , how would you feel ? how would you feel about life your self and every thing. My therapist told recently to try this practice , he said it will help rewire our nervous system .
  15. You 're right , I have a feeling that I am bullying myself now using their words......Thank you.