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  1. Hi all: Haven't posted on DF for a while. I am just wondering if anyone has noticed this side effect with Abilify. I am presently taking 2 mg of Abilify in the morning and I am day 4 of that dosage. My doc has added Abilify to augment 375mg Venlafaxine XR and 60mg Remeron which have seemed to poop out on me. I am also taking 2mg of Lorazapam in the morning to manage my GAD. This morning I am noticing that my legs feel heavy and tired while walking or climbing stairs. I am just wondering if anyone has noticed this side effect with Abilify and does it go away as your body adjusts to the drug? Feedback appreciated!
  2. May I ask what dosage you are on starrykitten ?
  3. Thank you all very much for your perspectives on this. I had a recent event that sent my anxiety soaring and brought back some of my depression symptoms and I am now going thru an increase in my Effexor XR. It seems from your replies this kind of problem is a lot more common than I thought.
  4. I don't know if you folks have this issue or not, but for me I find that the A/Ds I've tried seem to poop out after about a year or so. Then I have to either increase my dose or switch to another A/D. I think I read some posts on here where some people find their A/D helping them for 5 years or more. I know everyone is different but is there perhaps something else people are doing to get some longer life out of their A/D? I'm curious to know what you folks think about this. Thanks
  5. I was taking ativan (1mg) as needed for my anxiety and I am also taking Effexor for depression. I haven't needed to take any ativan in about a year and a half. I recently went thru a high anxiety situation and started taking my ativan again but I found that it wasn't doing much to help lower my anxiety this time. My doc switched me over this week to to Bromazepam (6mg) which is a longer acting benzo. So I'm waiting to see how that works out.
  6. How do you push yourself? I think you have to have a mindset that is more stubborn than your depression. You make up your mind that nothing is going to stop you from taking a walk. You focus on getting dressed and putting on your shoes and then walk out the door. There is no rule that says how long the walk has to be. Start slow, a walk around the block. When you complete your walk around the block, congratulate yourself, this will help you feel better and you may wish to feel better again tomorrow by doing the same thing... and so on. Making the effort to go outside for a walk and actually doing it rarely has any negative effects or causes you any harm. I think it is like that with a lot of things we tend to avoid when we are depressed. The hardest part is taking that first step.
  7. Why not just try something that used to give you joy and pleasure. Perhaps a walk outside even if it is only around the block. Take your camera with you. You might take a pic you might not. My depression often makes me feel as you feel right now. I describe it as "needing a crowbar to pry myself out of a chair" :-). I tried a short walk on a sunny day. It took lots of self persuasion and courage to motivate myself to get my shoes on and go out but once I finished the walk I felt better and it gave me some of my confidence back. I know it's hard to do this, it takes baby steps and you really have to force yourself to do it. But it could be worth the effort for you. Please try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Good luck!
  8. Hello LadySmurf: Sorry to hear you are not feeling well today. Please try to remember that it is the depression that makes us think that things are hopeless. In reality things are rarely truly hopeless. Your goal to be become a professor is an admirable one please hold on to that because I am sure once you are feeling better you will again work towards reaching your goal. As the others have mentioned try to concentrate on now, our thoughts about the past and the future are rarely correct, it just our mind's interpretation, a thought only and our thoughts are affected negatively by the depression we suffer. Please take care and stay in touch here and with your docs.
  9. As far as I know, policies regarding this will vary from company to company and from insurance company to insurance company. In some countries it is even influenced by government legislation and/or administered by a government department. In any event you and your doctor would likely have to complete forms to be submitted to the insurance company through your employer to determine your eligibility for disability claim. Perhaps if you could obtain the forms, it would give you a better idea of what is involved. It would also be a good idea if you could provide an approximation of your location in your post. There may be folks on the forum from your area that could provide advice. Sorry I can't be of more help but disability can be quite complicated.
  10. Hi astryr: Several years ago I had my first encounter with depression. At that time I had a variety of symptoms including, sleep problems, general stomach upset, constipation, GAD, loss of interest in things I used to like to do and others. I know now that what I was experiencing were textbook symptoms of depression. Prior to that, and up to that time, I had a history of difficulties with GAD only. I knew something wasn't right, so I went to my GP and decribed the symptoms I was experiencing. He asked me a few additional questions but quickly arrived at the conclusion that I was suffering from moderate depression. This surprised me but he explained that all of the symptoms I told him about were all common symptoms of depression. He seemed well versed in psychological disorders and meds. He prescribed an anti-depressant that helped me. As an added benefit my GP knew my medical history quite well and could rule out any physical causes. Fast forward to today, I still suffer from depression (situational) and anxiety from time to time. I completed a program in CBT/mindfulness meditation, I see a therapist regularly and a psychiatrist from time to time. My GP still treats me for my depression and prescribes meds as necessary as well as monitors my physical health and I continue to fight my depression and GAD. Surprisingly, many GPs have additional training and awareness of depression and other psychological disorders so they understand what you tell them about the way you are feeling. Try to do as I have done, be open and honest about the way you are feeling when you visit your GP. That in itself will give you some relief, then let your GP take it from there. Believe me, most GPs have busy practices and they have seen it all before many times. I wish you good luck and hope that soon you will be feeling much better. Courage my friend!
  11. I think you should savor those moments to the fullest and remember them. They are an inspiration for you of what can be possible!
  12. Hi mustang302: I don't think you should try to force yourself to do anything this important until you feel better. As Jim Bow says it takes time and you need to allow yourself the time recover. Taking meds is a great start, but they do take time too. Don't forget, our depression illness colors our thinking when we are not well and causes us to say, do things and make decisions we would not normally undertake without careful planning.. Trying to force yourself to deal with an important matter like this can only increase your pain and suffering. Please take the time to feel better so you will be ready to take on the world once again. I wish you the best.
  13. There is a Bipolar Forum here at Depression Forums perhaps you would consider posting there as I'm sure there are a lot of knowledgeable folks there that can help.
  14. One good way of finding out, is asking your pharmacist. I often do that myself.
  15. They can be a symptom for both. You can learn how to challenge negative and feel better by using CBT though.
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