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  1. I started Caplyta for bipolar back in December of 2020. I stopped without tapering in mid February. I stopped as I was getting dizzy and the room was spinning while seated. Within a few days the headaches started and have not stopped. They only make one dose 42mg. So I tried every other day then opened capsules and dumped half out. I’ve been to the ER three time to abort the headaches but they come right back along with ringing in my ears. I get migraines so my neurologist has tried every thing under the sun as well. Please help.
  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. The way I think about it is like this: I really love ice-cream. I mainly eat vanilla ice-cream. I love vanilla ice-cream. But sometimes I fancy chocolate chip or cookies and cream, and once I've had a change I'l,l probably go back to vanilla. Most people just like vanilla, but there's nothing wrong with having a change occasionally. This is a helpfull way to think about it.
  4. First a little backgroud. I am a 45 year old male who has everything I could ever want in life and I have not enjoyed a minute of it. I am generally cranky and unhappy and have never been able to figure out why. Wow that is me, just a few years older. I used to think I was the only guy in the world like that. Hang in there, don't give up.
  5. Hang in there and let your doctor know how you feel. Don't give up.
  6. Good luck to you! Maybe you can get some samples from your doctor to hold you over.
  7. Effexor withdrawl was hard for me, it took weeks of weening off.
  8. After what seems like a lifetime of depression and acting like things were fine, I read about anhedonia and I cried as it described me to a T. After 10 years of drugs and alcohol abuse, I stopped at the age of 23. Now looking back at the last 29 years of being clean and sober, I see a lifetime of tring to be happy. I married a great women (felt nothing) graduated from college (felt nothing) had 2 wonderfull daughters (felt nothing) bought new cars, guitars, motorcycles, houses, got a great job and felt.......nothing. I have to act as if I care about anything. Recently (10 weeks apart) both my parents died and I felt very little for my mom and nothing for my dad. This really opened my eyes to this flat feelings I have had for so many areas of my life. I currently take Wellbutrin and Depakote, but reading about anhedonia it seems like maybe the Depakote could add to this flat feeling. I have only been on these meds for 2 years. I really need guidence to get out of this, I pray there is a way out. Thanks for you time.
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