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  1. I applied in Aug. of 2008 and am still waiting. I have done everything asked of me and have had a hearing to fight a denial, that was in May of 2010 and I am still waiting! It is a long process!
  2. I have been in contact with my doctor and she is aware of my problem. We have discussed me going on Cymbalta, but I have to wean off of Effexor 300 mg. I'm at 225 now for only 2 days...and I don't know if I can do it. This constant anxiety is just horrible for me, especially this time of year when my sister's family is coming in town tomorrow and staying with me for a week. I have heard that meds do "poop" out...and I really think this is what is happening with my meds...it's just the transition that is going to be really rough for me. I do have Ativan to fall back on and it does help, Thank God...it's just everything in between and I hope to God Cymbalta can work for me. Thank you again for listening. Your words do mean alot. Thanks again. why do you have to go off the Effexor first? my dr. cross tapered me and I had no withdrawals. I don't understand why your dr. would make you come off that before starting Cymbalta, it seems pretty cruel if you ask me.
  3. I am on 150xl once a day and am down about 10lbs.over the course of 3 months. I have had to work at it somewhat and would like to lose more, but it seems to have stopped giving much appetite suppression. I am going to increase to 300mg.xl this week and we'll see what happens.
  4. My dr. rx'd phentermine and my Effexor xr and Wellbutrin all together. I didn't have any side effects except the first few days with some increased heart rate and increased energy, which I liked. The real phentermine is only available by prescription.
  5. Give it time. It made me tired at first also and so I started taking it at night. You might try that.
  6. You most likely will feel worse before you feel better. If you've only been on Cymbalta for a week then it hasn't reached a therapeutic level in your brain yet. Also you have lowered your Citalopram before getting the Cymbalta on full board, so essentially you are working off of a reduced level of Citalopram only. Hope that makes sense. My dr. never lowered my dose on one AD before the other one had time to kick in so that I didn't get a withdrawal effect or rebound depression.
  7. It is VERY common to combine antidepressants. Combining a SSRI with a SNRI is a very helpful combo for some. I myself take Wellbutrin (same a Zyban) and effexor XR together and it is wonderful. I also take Trazadone at night for sleep. Many side effects of one med are offset by combining meds together.
  8. I recognize your symptoms as postpartum depression because I had it too. I can relate to your fears and you have an illness, but it is treatable and it is critical you get treated. You can't bond correctly with your daughter without removing your depression. If you need to get help with medication, but don't tell your husband until you get better, if he isn't going to be supportive. Life is worth so much more than what you are experiencing. Isn't it worth it to yourself, husband and your child to get some help? Your OB dr. or your general dr. can get you started. No one wants to feel as bad as you are feeling, but you can and will get better if you can reach out and ask for help.
  9. Hang in there! It will get better,but don't put up with the insomnia. It only makes everything worse. Your dr. should be able to give you Trazadone or a benzo for sleep and for times when you feel particularly jittery. Call him and ask for a sleep aid and don't let them just say get something over the counter. Be adamant that you have tried that and need something to calm your nerves and help with sleep.
  10. I don't know if you pray, but if it is a demon, it can not be in the presence of God. I would pray with her before bed that God would protect her and that He would stay beside her at night. Play some christian music in her room while she sleeps. If its hallucinations then she will probably complain about the same thing, if it's demon then it won't bother her on the nights she prays. If she awakes with the sensation I would encourage you to tell her to pray and say the name of Jesus outloud and see if it leaves if not she may be hallucinating.
  11. Grew up Baptist. I consider my self a born again Christian and am non denominational.
  12. I experience that at times as well. I take Effexor and it is also used for chronic pain sufferers. I would think that if it can dampen the sensations of pain, then it can dampen other feelings as well. Cymbalta is listed for chronic pain also and I don't know about the other AD.
  13. I would be making them scrub the walls themselves and maybe they won't try that again!
  14. I know that athletes take it to improve their endurance and to help increase their bodies ability to handle stress. I encourage you to check it out on a google search or similar. It is supposed to really help with anxiety and to aid in sleep at higher doses. It is not known to interact with antidepressants, although I don't know if it has been studied thoroughly enough.
  15. I too believe organized religion is just that, religion, a thing. I am so glad to put ritualistic things aside because they are just works which don't make me acceptable to God. I am just so glad that my faith in who God is all I need to know that he accepts me wholly. Religion is just a bunch of rules and regulations set by man to try to be acceptable to God. I have a very personal relationship with God that has helped me survive my depression. It is so comforting to know that I can talk with Him as a friend and know that He hears me. It is something that people who don't have that personal relationship with their Creator can't understand. For me, my faith in God Himself is the only thing that has gotten me through my suicidal thoughts and severe depression. I hurt for those that have only religion and not a personal relationship with the God who knows more about us than we know ourselves. I no longer fear death and the unknown. That is not to say that I don't fear the events leading up to death, but knowing God personally eliminates my fears of death itself. I say all this as basically a little blog to myself and others that care to read it. I in no way intend to offend ,but rather to share what God's presence in my life has been all about. I wish for others to discover for themselves who God is. It is such a relief to know that my God knows my future and has everything under His control. I now realize that I can relinquish my fears to Him and understand that I am not the one in control, He is. I don't always like the things in my life and it is still hard, but I do know that ultimately He is the One who gave me my life and can control it better than I can. He has a plan for my life and I plan to live my life as to give Him the glory for it. The assurance of knowing Him personally gives me such relief to know that ultimately He is in control of the details of my life. Trust is not easy, but it sure beats living in fear!
  16. I am not sure about your experience being anything from God, although I do know that God is not the God of confusion. He himself doesn't confuse and he definitely is not a God of fear. Have you prayed about your experience and relinquished the fear and confusion to him. I would ask him to make this clear to you in some way. He will reveal himself to you if you truly desire to trust in Him. He could be using the situation to bring you closer to Himself and be prompting you to search out what place He has in your life. I don't believe that God would put this type of experience in your life in order to confuse and frustrate you. There are verses that support my answer as to the Him not being the God of confusion or fear if you would like me to share them with you. I will leave that up to you. I do know that Satan is a instigator of fear and confusion and would love to mess with your mind in this way. This is where praying for God to protect your mind is vital, so that Satan can not gain a foothold in your life. I see this as a positive thing to take place as I truly think that God wants you to get to know him in a personal way. Keep us all posted on your thoughts.
  17. My dr. considers 20mg as standard. In fact he started me on 10mg and then increased to 20 in a couple weeks.
  18. Have you considered a combo of the 2? the lexapro for your anxiety and the Wellbutrin for the energy. Many people use the combo.
  19. I agree with Cheers. I had extreme anxiety for a good 3 weeks on it, but after that it got better by the week. It is completely gone now and I've been on for 6 weeks. You need to get the Lexapro built up in your system before you are going to feel better, so you are looking at a good 3-4 weeks for that.
  20. I have been reading a lot on this herb and it seems to have positive effects on depression and anxiety. It doesn't seem to have any drug interactions other than MOAI's, either. Do you have any experience with this herb?
  21. Just recently I was told by my dr. that my triglycerides are in the 300's and my sugar is pre diabetes, I have to lose weight. My total cholesterol was fine! I am 160 lbs and 5'2 as were I should be down to 130 or less. I gained the weight on depakote which I have now gone off of and have lost 11 lbs in about 5 weeks. I take Geodon and it is know to increase blood sugar levels also, so I have begun to cut that one down also. These meds can me mental lifesavers but it is frustrating that some of the side effects can be so harsh on our bodies. I am not severely overweight but just 30 lbs can be crucial! I hope you can get your levels down where they are to be.
  22. Yes, be prepared to be denied the first time. I was and have been denied for ssd 2 times, but approved for ssi. I couldn't take part in ssi because we have assets, such as a 401k in my name. You have to make a minimal amount to accept the gov. hand out. The ssd is based on your previous work earnings and this is what I was fighting to obtain. I had my hearing in front of a judge and am currently awaiting a written statement to tell me whether or not I am approved or not. My hearing was in May of this year and I am still waiting! I began all of this 2 yrs. ago in April of 2008. It is a very long a drawn out process. My history goes back to 1990, but could only provide records for 1996 and beyond. My dr. was generous in making statements and filling out the forms for me, so we will see. Most of it rides on your recent history and what your dr. says. I was told that I must have seen a dr. every 2 months or no more than 3 months between my visits to be considered under treatment. I highly suggest that you obtain as many records as you can no matter how old they are. Also,make sure you are keeping your dr. visits religiously , that is extremely important. If you haven't seen a dr. in the last 4 months that is too long to go for social security to say you are disabled. It is very important to find a dr. that will support you all the way. Good luck!
  23. Most likely you are using the hormones that are considered birth control pills. There is usually not a reason to increase your dose but rather take the pills continuously without using the placebo or iron pills. This is how periods are eliminated or postponed until you stop taking them for a week once in a while. I take birth control pills this way and only stop the pills every 6 months or so. This helps PMS alot! There are Antidepressants that work on the hormones in the brain called neurotransmitters. This helps the whole month long and is a pill you would take everyday, but they do not affect your period. You would still have a period every month. In my case I take both and antidepressant and bcp's. Hopefully your dr. will explain all this to you. Increasing your dosing may very well cause more emotional havoc than just staying at your dose and taking it continually. What is the name of the pills you are taking? I have never heard of anyone developing cancer from these pills. You are so young that your risk is extremely low for any of the other possible side effects. They have to put warnings on all medications and if we took to heart every side effect and worried about it, we would never take a drug that could help us. It just sounds like to me that you just need to ask your dr. if you can only stop your pill maybe once or twice a year. An increase in dose isn't going to help unless you are having break through bleeding between periods when you stop the pill. Hope this makes sense. Sounds like you are either taking Yaz or Seasonique.
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