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  1. Looking at the Mirt/Remeron forum I see a lot of negative threads. I was a little concerned in case a newcomer was to look into the forum for some hope. My story: About six years ago I started feeling funny. I couldn't think of anything good to do and I felt like I was robbing a bank vault and the cops were coming towards me thru the lobby; serious anxiety. I had no idea what these feelings were and they caused me to really worry, such that I went to the Dr. I explained my problem and he attached a heart monitor to me for a 24 hour period to see why my heart was racing. My new anxiety/depression (unknown at that time) was causing me to worry such that I would hyperventilate and my heart would do strange things. I had NO idea it was happening in the brain. Obviously nothing came from the heart check or the full blood check. After about two weeks of this, with the dep/anx steadily increasing my dr. deduced that I might be suffering from depression. I had been losing large amounts of sleep and could barely function. I thought I would be admitted to an insane asylum for the rest of my life. My attacks would last very long because my reaction would trigger another attack. When I did sleep after exhaustion I would wake up in the middle of a panic attack. Life was not good. So my dr put me on Remeron. I think around 7.5 or 15. RELIEF!!! Finally some moments of relief. But it didn't fix it all the time, only around night time. Oh the wonder of medication!!! Then he put me on Effexor but that didn't seem to do anything, so I begged to be taken off that. I think I made it to 30 mg of Remeron before he said that he couldn't legally prescribe anything higher and I should go to a psychiatrist. Well that just wasn't going to happen. Not me. I put that off as long as I could but then after I started singing Tiptoe thru the Tulips and liking it, I went. My new psych dr was a no nonsense guy. No compassion on the surface but very knowledgeable and not afraid of the hype. He listened to me telling everything I could, asked brilliant questions. When it was said and done I was on 300 mg of Effexor XR and 50 mg or Remeron and feeling completely like I was used to feeling. I felt so normal that I have often wondered if my dep/anx has left me. My point is not to write a pamphlet. My intention is to say that Remeron was the med that finally gave me some relief. And as my dr increased it I felt confident that I would sleep peacefully. And I did. I am to a point that I am coming off Remeron but staying on Effexor. Please remember, there's always hope and there are combos of meds that should allow you to find relief. Hang in there!!!
  2. And a very good day to you! I think the main thing any of those of us who have been dealing with this new journey is that there is hope--don't give up--hang in there--you're not alone!When the time it's taking you to get your levels right gets you down, come post and hopefully we can give you an encouraging word to keep you going.
  3. If by brainzaps you mean snapshots (that's my way of describing it. It occurs when I turn my head or roll my eyes and it's like my head is a camera and my eyes freeze and I hear a sound in my head for a split second.) then I'll share what I've found. I get them if I forget a dose of Effexor. I'm on 300mg daily, 150 in the morning and 150 at night. If I forget a dose I'll get the snapshots. I had them pretty bad for a while when I was taking all 300mg together, then the dr suggested splitting the dose and the snapshots/brainzaps went away.
  4. Hello kinsman! I joined this forum because I googled two subjects and the best response came from this forum so I decided to stick around. I have been diagnosed with having a major in agoraphobia with a minor in depression. I came across this journey about six years ago and have been leveled out for about five and a half. I take 300mg of Effexor XR and 75mg of Remeron at night. But! Just because this works for me doesn't mean that these levels are going to be what it takes to work for you! That was one of my biggest worries. What works for me may not work for you, but nowadays the meds are so good and getting better that an "old normal" life can almost certainly be looked forward to. Three and a half years ago we (my wife and two teenage daughters) moved from Georgia to Oregon to help take care of my wifes invalid grandmother. I had no job when I moved. I got a great job until the eco thing; got laid off Nov 1 08 and haven't worked since. And I lived! My point is not to say look at me and pity me. My point is to say that even after having been diagnosed with my "burden/blessing" I can still lead a life in which very real problems present themselves and I can live thru them. Life is not over if you are new to this journey. I am joining this forum because I have some questions but mostly because I have "opened my eyes in the fire and looked around". That is to say when going thru whichever attack I have had, I have not thrashed about and dived for the nearest exit. I have paid very careful attention to my surroundings and was able to think clearly at times to understand best I could what was going on. It is something I recommend talking to you dr about and trying with his recommendation. Take heart and hold the line!
  5. This thread was a tremendous encouragement to me as I have gained weight on Remeron. No, that's not accurate; I gained another person! I have tried to lose weight with increased exercise and decreased caloric intake and the like but nothing happened. I thought it was the Effexor but I now see it may be the Remeron. I am looking forward to talking to my dr about getting off Remeron as I never had a problem sleeping when my dep/anx started. I don't know that sharing my mg would be encouraging to anyone so I refrain from sharing. Meds are definitely individual dependent but weight gain seems to be a general SE. I have something to look forward to!
  6. Hi- I'm new at the forums but not new to Remeron. Years ago when we (my Dr and I) were trying to get my meds right I got on Remeron as one of my first meds. I finally had some relief to a brand new depression/anxiety. I wasn't finished as I finally wound up on Effexor XR as well. I am now taking 300mg of Effexor and 75 mg of Remeron. My point is that it will take time to get your meds leveled out. It's can be a frustrating time but relief is on the way. So in answer to your question, no; you won't always feel like this. I felt the same way, wondering if I would ever feel "normal" again. I do! It took some real observation on my part to be able to communicate how I felt to the Dr. I describe it as "standing in the fire and looking around". My Dr kept increasing the mg until relief finally came. 30mg was a tremendous relief at the time and then we worked on the other meds; first Paxil then Effexor. Relief will come!
  7. Welcome to DF :)

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