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  1. Thanks for all of the feedback. Regarding my moods, its not really a bad thing per-say, and I say that because even when im in the "down" state, its much better than my normal state prior to starting the WB, so there's no way I will discontinue the medication, I've honestly not experienced one single side effect that I know of. I think I was trying to figure out which one of these two states or feelings, we'll call them "good" and "semi-good" will stick around, and if the good state is actually what people call the honey moon effect. The reason I ask that is because like I was saying, even when I feel "semi-good", its much better than how I felt normally prior to starting the WB, so i wasn
  2. Try Bupropion. That's exactly the same at Wellbutrin XL, but then in the generic form. I did when I was on it and did not have any negative SEs. Good Luck Lupercus Already tried the generic. I had bad side effects, proving thta it's not exactly the same drug. However, I did discover that there are some reputable Canadian online-pharmacies where one can order Wellbutrin XL for an insanely cheap price. Something like a 90-day supply at 150 mg for less than a hundred dollars. FYI, as long as one is using the prescription drug (and one must have a prescription) for personal use and it's not a controlled substance, the FDA in the U.S. is usually good with it, despite the "regulations" frowning on bringing it over the border. I'm not sure where you are located (city, state), but here in Phoenix Arizona we have a grocery store chain called "Fry's". I have no insurance and just started 150mg of WB XL. I was given a 30 day supply that actually came in the manufactueres bottle, foil sealed and everything. Im not sure if this is the norm, or if that particular brand comes in 30 pill bottles or what. But anyhow, I paid $14 WITHOUT insurance for the 30 day supply. If you are interested in the brand I will get the info for you when I get home. Hope that helps!
  3. So I just started up on 150mb WB XL, on day 5 currently, and so far it is working very well I think. I do however have a question about what people call the honeymoon effect. For me, I seem to have these up and down feelings. I have uplifting or well being feelings for 15-20 minutes followed by a low, not so great feeling. This "not so great feeling" isnt nearly as bad as my day long bout of depression I expierienced prior to starting the WB, but its definetley a noticible difference from the good feeling. Im hoping that the longer Im on the WB the "low" feelings will be fewer and further between and the "good" feelings will stay longer and possibly never go away. This good feeling that I describe doesnt seem to be as intense as most describe the honey moon feeling, as its not this great rush of goodness or energy or well-being, just a lift from the depression. So anyone that may have expierienced the same ups & downs that I've described during their first week or so please chime in and describe your expierience after the first week, month, etc. Did the good feeling end up going away, did it stay and slowly (or quickly) snub out the low feelings? Thanks in advance!!
  4. Thanks again for everything! As you know, it is SO difficult to talk to others (non addicts) about situations like ours. They understand the actual words and sentences we communicate to them, but dont understand, I mean really understand what we are going through. So being able to actually talk to someone that understands is a great feeling. That said, Im on day 5 now of both my sobriety and WB. Havent touched a drink in 5 whole days! I honestly cant remember the last time in my life that I went even a day without some sort of drink. For me its not the morning or night that is difficult, but late after noon up until about 6pm. I get off of work early, around 2pm and would go home and drink my alcohol and Gatorade for a good 4 hours, easily polishing off a fifth, or close to it. So now as long as I can get to 6pm without drinking Im home free. I think one of the most difficult things, for me anyway, is not necessarily not being able to get drunk and drink my depression and problems away (although that is a big part) but rather not knowing what to do with this new found time. I find myself bored and it feels like the afternoon and night drag on and on. When I was drinking, my day was packed solid with a schedule; I got up at 6am, drove to work, got off work at 2pm, went home, drank till 6 or 7, ate diner and went to bed. I started taking a multi-vitamin and fish oil caps hoping it will help re-coop my body from all the damage I've done to it. Jellybean - you said "u will be amazed on how alive u will feel after a couple weeks", what kind of difference can I expect? I know everyone is different, but considering I havent been sober in close to 10 years I am both excited and curious about what I can look forward to! Again, thank you for being there, talking to me and everyone else, you are truly a great person!!
  5. So just a brief history considering this is my first post.. I have been battling depression for the past 7+ years, im currently 30 yrs old. Initially about 5 years ago I started with all of your brand name SSRI's, all of which did more damage than good. The last one I took was Zoloft and after approx a month along with all of the other horrible sides I literally could not hold my eyes open after 11am. So I stopped that and my doc tried me on Wellbutrin XR. That was by far the best med out of all the depression meds I had tried over the course of 3 years. I stayed on the Wellbutrin for around a year and good things were happening, I had a new g/f, bought a house, was going to get married, job was going great...life was actually GOOD for once. So I made the stupid decision to stop taking the Wellbutrin thinking that it had done its job and I was "cured". Well that was over 4 years ago and for the past 2 years I have been progressively going into a deeper and deeper depression, and am now the worst I have EVER been. So I decided to make an appointment and see about getting back on the Wellbutrin. I did that yesterday and started today, 150mg of the XR. Now for my question. Over the past 5-7 years I have always gone out, partied etc and drinking of course goes along with that. I was only a drinker though when I would go out. Well as of late, for the past 1+year I have been drinking HEAVILY to try and band aid this crazy depression I have been going through. It is so bad that it honestly hurts. Im sure some of you can relate to that. So I have been drinking heavily every single day for over a year. I made the decision to stop drinking and get my life together. So 2 days ago I stopped cold turkey and haven’t looked back. Considering that there isn’t a history of seizures in my family and that I had done some pretty heavy drinking the last time I was on Wellbutrin Im not overly concerned with seizures but still wanted to get some opinions. My concern is that there are specific warnings regarding the abrupt stopping of drinking while taking Wellbutrin. So do you all think I have something to be concerned about since I stopped drinking prior to starting the Wellbutrin? I know that I only stopped a day or so before starting the medicine, but didn’t know if that was still reason for concern. I have read nearly every post on here and other forums regarding alcohol and Wellbutrin so have already heard the standard "you shouldn’t drink while on Wellbutrin" etc. But my question is just a tad different, so if anyone has had experience with this please chime in. Thanks for any help and you all have a great forum here!!
  6. Welcome to DF :)

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