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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you are doing well :)

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. Thanks for the replies! So I've had endometriosis for about 10 years. It's been treated with bcp, depo provera, and depo lupron throughout that time. I had horrible PPD after the birth of both my children ('05 & '07) and attempted suicide about 6 months after the birth of each. I went to get treatment for PPD and got diagnosed as BP2. I was told depakote was dangerous to fetuses and to get on bcp immediately. I went to get a depo provera shot and was hospitalized within 2 weeks. Worst week of my life. It was after that when I began to put 2+2 together and realized depo provera caused a lot of mood issues for me. It's taken a year to get a good combo of both mind & body meds. My gyno doesn't believe depo provera is bad for me and is angry that I refuse to take it. I'm only taking Yaz bcp and that helps my mind but doesn't help my endo. My endo is to the point (after 6 laparoscopies and 2 healthy children) that my gyn is recommending a hysterectomy. After a lot of deliberation, my husband and I are okay with no more children. But we are very concerned about what a hysterectomy will do to my bipolar. What will this forced menopause do to me? If depo-provera was an indication of what is to come, why would I want to permanently feel that way? I'm so scared. My endo is getting worse and I'm afraid. I don't know how to treat it without messing up my bipolar as well. Any thoughts? Any advice? I'm at least happy to meet people with similar circumstances. I'd love for responses here or even an email buddy to vent with occassionally. :-)
  4. Does anyone have both endometriosis & bipolar 2 (or any old type of bipolar)? I can't seem to treat one without royally screwing the other. I'm about to go crazier and would like to know I'm not alone. I've got tons of questions & plain just want to vent. But before I do, I want to know if anyone is out there. Bueller? Bueller?
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