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  1. I think that we should all be aware of trolls posting on this forum. It's a real shame that some folks seem to get kicks by stressing out people who are already dealing with a lot. That being said, it is better to reach out to try to help even if we may be questioning their sincerity.
  2. "It's Been a While" Staind "Fine Again" Seether..."why try to stay sober when I'm dying here?"
  3. Hey, LonelyHiker, Noonday Demon is an excellent book...
  4. There is no excuse for being unkind to animals. "Teasing" and "agitating" are just cover-up words for cruelty. Please do not expose any more pets to this man. Meanness to helpless creatures should be a relationship deal-breaker. What sort of person does this?
  5. You should also be very careful because there are trolls on this site. NOT FUNNY.
  6. I was approved for SSDI 12 years ago due to a combination of physical/mental issues, although I think it was mostly because of the depression. I have attempted off and on to see various mental health professionals, but cannot seem to get established with anyone due to my inability to see any use in it. I have tried several medications along with talk therapy, but I give up. I'm so tired I just can't pursue it now. Now I am afraid that they will say I'm not sick or am not trying hard enough. Does anyone know anything about this? I feel as though a review is coming up shortly (I've already been reviewed twice). I cannot live w/o SSDI. If it gets rescinded it is a death sentence for me.
  7. Geldy: Get outta here troll...and just in case there are any other trolls on this thread...shame on you.
  8. I'm probably way off base, but sometimes I feel as though I'd prefer being alone. I have always thought that would be preferable to being with people who make demands on me, refuse to understand why I am so low, and make me feel inadequate. I'd rather be left alone to read, watch movies, or whatever. But then I've never been alone--just lonely.
  9. HA! I qualified as a member of MENSA about 25 years ago, but I feel as though I have declined so much due to "the darkness" that I would probably even get my name wrong on the test.
  10. I was on Facebook for a few months. I and my friends now call it "Fakebook." I am so tired of people bragging about how wonderful their children/grandchildren/vacations/cars/homes, etc. are. And Twitter is for twits who feel as though they have to inform everyone of every move they make: "Just had a wonderful dinner at Ruth's Chris Steaks. Hope to spend even more at the club buying bottles of Alcohol and 'making it rain'." Vomit.
  11. America--the land of the free. Where we have the world's largest prison population Where I can go to prison for posession of illegal drugs but yet I'm free to buy all the cigarettes or alcohol or AK-47's or abortions that I desire (not that I object to those rights--I'm just pointing out the ridiculousness of it all). A place where they tried to outlaw "extra-large" sodas due to health hazards but where they also sponsor X-treme sports of all kinds. Once again, I'm just pointing out the insanity. Whenever I speak out against the "war on drugs" (which is really a war on citizens whre they persecute doctors for effectively treating pain and treat addicts by throwing them in with ******ers and other violent offenders),I am viewed as some kind of criminal myself. I love the idea of this country, but the reality is very scary.
  12. The website assures your anonimity. And I know from personal experience that you are not anonymous on crisis lines because I was speaking to someone at a hotline one night and looked up to see two policemen staring at me through my front window. They forced me to go to a hospital where I was committed and then subsequently released the following day because the doctors knew I shouldn't have been put there in the first place. I will never trust a hot line again.
  13. I saw on a thread where someone mentioned the website www.7cupsoftea.com and I went there and it looks like it could really be a Godsend for some folks. They offer free one-on-one listeners who are evidently trained in this skill. They aren't therapists so to speak, but they are people who will give you their attention at a time when you feel utterly alone. Does anyone have experience with the site? I'd be interested to know if it is beneficial. Right now I prefer this forum for my personal needs, but it would be nice to know that I could get some real time attention if I needed it.
  14. i don't know. You refer to yourself as a "piece of trash" and then observe that others treat you as a piece of trash. If there is no open hostility toward you, I don't know that I would try to assign a bunch of hidden feelings to people you don't know that well. We all have things going on in our lives from one day to the next and sometimes it spills over into our interactions. If we place expectations on people as to how they should act toward us and they fail, it isn't their fault. I"m not saying that you are imagining everything, but it won't do any good to obsess about one interaction, especially when she was pleasant toward you following that encounter.
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