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  1. Happy Birthday! :) Hope you are doing well!

  2. Happy Birthday, hope that you're having a great one xx

  3. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  4. and it is very very hard to watch someone die and I am so very very sad. My grandmother is 90 years old and she has been wanting to be with my grandfather since he has died (which was back in 1975.) My grandmother was admitted to the emergency room Sunday evening at the time they thought she had a mini stroke once she got out of the emergency room they ran tests on her, the next day I was able to go to the hospital to be with my mom and my aunt my grandmother has blood clots and now has been diagnosed with cancer. My mom, my aunt and my grandmother met with Hospice Tuesday to discuss options and my grandmother turned down every one of them. So we are thinking that the blood clots will burst first before cancer takes its toll. I lost my cousin back in March to suicide. I have extreme depression along with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a few other disorders, I recently went to a mental hospital to get my meds right and for suicidal thoughts and I have only been out for two months and with my grandmother dying I or we don't want me to go back into relapse. I have been doing good I've been keeping up with the dishes, laundry and picking up the house (when I feel like it) I will have a nap only cause I don't sleep at night tonight I fell asleep around 10:00pm and woke up at midnight, what's up with that? I think once my grandmother does pass away it will be hard. I have been remembering the good and bad times when I do that I cry or even just talking about her dying I cry. I have been taking Klonopin which is helping a little bit, I talked with my psychiatrist yesterday we will talk more on Tuesday which is when I have my appointment. I don't have to do much today so I will probably lay in bed till it's time for soccer practice my psychiatrist is telling me laying in bed or going back to bed is how I am coping. I think I am going to keep taking the Klonopin and see if that helps my doctor asked me if that was helping any and I said a little and maybe by Tuesday I will be able to tell a difference or feel a little better. I took one Monday morning before I left for the hospital I didn't cry that day but the next day I started crying. My friend can tell over the phone that I am sad. Well, I guess that's it for now. Thanks for listening. Jennifer
  5. I'm currently reading Twilight (my 16 year old daughter's book) I'm half finished with it and not a bad book.
  6. I smoke also have tried to quit many many times.
  7. 91 Degrees hot and sunny, I'm ready for fall
  8. That's awesome. Hope that goes well for you . Some small accomplishments today. Had a depression course today which went well. I didn't even get bummed when the instructor critiqued me for not being dilligent enough with some of the course excercises (was super busy last week). I took it in stride, and realized that she did in fact have a good point. A year ago, I would have been fretting about something like that for days. Oh, and my apartment is a mess, but I'm not sweating it at all. I'll take care of it over the weekend. Thank you so much. Glad your depression course went well today. Jennifer
  9. Wishing you the best! Let us know how it goes :) Thank you so much I'll keep everyone up to date. Jennifer
  10. I also have symptoms when anxiety attacks, I'm just learning those symptoms so I'm not going to list them. Jennifer
  11. I applied to be a substitute teacher this morning. Now it's wait for the first job. Jennifer
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