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  1. Hi everyone! Just wanted to give an update on how I am doing after these past few years. I will start off with my current prescriptions: 20 mg Lexapro, 70mg Vyvanse, 1mg Klonopin 3xday, Ambien and trazodone. I am still seeing the same nurse practitioner(who is still great, btw!). I lost my job in July(after being there 13 years!) so it has been a rough few months. I have a job now but it pays half of what I was making(still looking though). Things are very tight money wise and we filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy a couple months ago. During my time without insurance, my Dr. switched my Vyvanse with Adderall. I HATED IT! Did not feel as smooth as Vyvanse and it didn't seem to help with my motivation the way the Vyvanse did. Luckily, my insurance started back up first of this month and I got back on Vyvanse! I just hate having almost no libido..My wife is very understanding but I know it has to be difficult for her. I am stable right now, though, but still not able to get any feeling of happiness. It's like that emotion is gone! Not sure where to go from here.
  2. This! I have been seeing the same Nurse Practitioner every 3 months for the past 6 years and she is always wanting my input and is open to discuss any suggestions I may have to offer. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
  3. I have a question, I suffer from major depressive disorder and my job hours used to be 8:00-4:30pm. I did well with those hours which allowed me time to spend with my family after work. We got a new director and now my hours are 12:30pm-9:00pm. That gives me about 1 hour a day with family. This has severely made my depression worse! Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how I get help with my situation? Thank you!
  4. I know this thread is kind of old, but I have been on Ambien 10mg for about 10 years. It still works because without it, I can not fall asleep. My Dr. is very understanding and we have worked together for about 5 years and we have a found a combination of antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications and Ambien. I feel good most days, still have the occasional depressive dive, but it does not last long
  5. I am going to ask my doctor to take me off. The irratability is too much! I have to take an extra klonopin or two to help with the irratability. I do NOT like this Brintellix!
  6. Want to hear something odd about Ambien? I have been taking 10mg a night for about 9 years. For some reason it still does what I want it to do which is help me fall asleep. I have been lucky that I have a Dr. that understands that.
  7. For a few days when I moved from 10mg to 20mg, I noticed I was very easily aggitated. After the 3rd day, I called my Dr. and she suggested I go to 15mg(which is difficult to do with the way these pills are shaped), so i have been on 15mg for about 4 days now and I notice some more improvement. Will stay on 15mg for a couple of weeks and then move to 20mg. So watch out going from 10mg to 20mg! :)
  8. I just went to the doctor yesterday and she upped my brintellix to 20mg per day. It was funny, she said the drug rep came a couple of times to see her(I go to the Dr. about every 8 weeks or so) and kept asking how I was doing on the drug(I am the only patient on it!). She said that in order to be prescribed the medication, you have had to have been on many other anti-depressants first before they will prescribe it(Mine had to be pre-authorized). Want to know how they got the name of the drug. The drug rep told her it was a combination of the words Brilliant and Intelligence(which I found amusing). I will report after a few weeks on 20mg per day.
  9. Ok, I have been on Brintellix for about a month at 10mg per day. When i filled my prescription, the cost for me was also $0 using the card. I am not sure if that is a one time only use or not. I feel a slightly improved mood and no noticable side effects. I go back to the Dr this monday and I am going to have her increase the dose from 10mg to 20mg per day so I will see what that does for me
  10. Well, I am still waiting on getting PRE-AUTHORIZATION so my insurance will cover it. They have to fax my dr. some paperwork and she has to fax it back to be "evaluated". This is frustrating...
  11. I'm so sorry for the delay, everyone! I have been busy the past couple of weeks. But anyway, I have been on 10mg of Brintellix for about 3 weeks and I haven't had any side effects but it seems to have lifted my depression a bit; moreso that the other medications I have tried previously. Just FYI, I also take Klonopin(1mg 3 times a day); Vyvanse(70mg per day); and Ambien at night. So far I like Brintellix, I can feel it doing something. It is easier to get up in the morning without dreading the day. When I go back to my Dr in about a month, I am going to have her increase the dosage to 20mg per day. From what I have read, the big difference in effectiveness is when you go from 10mg to 20mg per day. The 20mg range is where you should notice a marked improvement. Oh, BTW, if you do get a prescription, ask your Dr. for the Brintellix Savings Card. I haven't used it yet since I am still on my free samples. I am not sure how much it will reduce the cost, but it is available. I will try and keep more up to date on my postings!
  12. Just started 10 mg of Brintellix per day on Feb 3rd. I am the first patient my Dr. prescribed this to. I have been through so many different anti-depressants over the past several years and so far nothing has seemed to work. I did some heavy research on this drug before I suggested it to my Dr. So far I am not noticing any side effects but I will keep everyone posted on my progress. i am also taking Vyvanse, Klonopin and Ambien(for sleep). All I can have are high hopes!
  13. Ok. I can answer this from experience. I have been taken 10 mg of Ambien every night for about 6 years. I take this in addition to trazadone. I guess I am lucky that it still works. It doesn't work the way it did at first. But it does help me fall asleep.
  14. I was taking Wellbutrin 450MG a day as well as Pristiq 100mg a day. About a month ago, the depression seemed to come back with a vengence. So I went to Doctor yesterday and was given Viibryd. I have the starter pack so I am starting on the 10mg per day, the first 2 weeks or so I have to stay at the 100mg of pristiq then after 2 weeks go down to 50 MG and once I finish the started pack, She wants me to stop taking the pristiq all together. So here goes another try with another anti-depressant. At least my insurance only charges me about $20 for a 30 day supply. Will try and keep updated!
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! It's nice to find a forum like this, where I actually feel i belong. Seeing everyone else's experiences and it's amazing thinking "Hey, i know what they are talking about". Thanks also for the reply Rosegirl, I don't really doubt the diagnosis that I have been given. I have gone over my prescriptions since the first of 2009. Here is what I have been on so far(probably a little long!...ok after reading what others have taken, this list is not long AT ALL! :) Cymbalta tried both 30 and 60mg; prozac 80mg; abilify 5mg and 10mg(which was added to the AD i was on at the time); Wellbutrin 450mg; Lexapro 10mg; It seems that the one thing that has always been constant is the 450mg of wellbutrin a day. That was always the one that stayed consistent. My doctor has not really changed that one up. Not sure why. I wonder if it is even working at all. You know what I feel guilty of(this is kind of dumb): I feel like the doctor is tired of this, I see her every couple of months or so and so far we are still experimenting. Although she has given me no reason to think that. I guess I will keep at it though. One thing I want to experience once is to be in a "good mood" or for something to make me actually feel happy.
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