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  1. people always get a fright when someone cuts their hair all off. give it timr and enjoy it, yhink like a child, big deal a stupid haircut right? see it like that. dont bash yourself
  2. Dude girls don't even let me get to the first date, they normally stop texting me after 10 messages. They apparently don't like hi.... how are u...... hope you're having a good day........ are you keen for dinner this Wednesday? That's as far as I get b4 I get silence and I don't bother further
  3. Man I swear the last thing you need when you're already feeling unloved and unpopular is for the web admin to ban you or for a system error to ban you. My pc is working, but I'm banned on my iphone.
  4. Quick test reply. I tried before and it said I have been banned from the site!!!!! ***? Thanks for you insight scienceguy. I'm pretty sure you will be okay, you're young just take it day by day. Get hold of your psychiatrist. I will reply further when I know I'm not banned for doing nothing!
  5. Well I call my dad low level autism as do my family. He doesn't talk much and is s works of his own. He has no friends but he's perfectly happy with himself. so I wouldn't place you in that category at all. Like me you are yearning for friendships. i have no idea. Women spurn me all the time everything just doesn't work for me like it does for everyone else. ive been suicidal many times as well. Anyway we carry on. I just wish I was earning enough money to not live at my mom and awhile bunch of things. It's all purely down to a lot of pain and being completely ordinary in every respect in my case
  6. Interesting man. Maybe you have a low level of social autism or something. Sounds pretty tricky. Are you depressed and lonely or do you manage to satisfy your social needs on those plastic kind of friends?
  7. In fine in all respects except I'm quiet shy and my anxiety keeps me isolated. im fine socially on the surface. With a lot of pain underneath.
  8. That is pretty hard luck my empire of dirt. Well done for being so strong and not giving up. i am definitely better off in looks by the sound of things but it hasn't brought me any luck. definition of attractive: you don't get ignored all time because you there are much better looking men in the room. When you speak people don't ignore you because they're zoned in on your attractive friends. You get jobs, and all kinds of special treatment because people love having something aesthetically pleasing to interact with. They get positive affirmations wherever they go, people treat them like gold instead of nicol.
  9. Thanks yes what you say makes good sense. im a guy but if you're gay I do t mind being called sweetheart. i have been in and out of jobs more out than in, have spent months in bed. i am a 34 year old virgin. What a giant loser
  10. A lot in life is an act of smoke and mirrors. I don't think many people ever really have your back as a true friend.
  11. God I've gone old. Am I the oldest person around here? I was sexually abused my my dads mother when I was 10 to 12. It's quite complex. it cause a huge amount of guilt depression and anxiety and developmental issues growing up. im 34 now and I am always bordering on being so down that I have suicidal thoughts. i was a very happy kid till I was 10.
  12. Hi I'm not all that new around here I registered in 2009 and the I guess I never logged on again no idea why. this is not to be taken as being offensive. im depressed have been for 25 solid years. I'm 34 now. All that aside. When I'm out at a pub club or at work or visiting a company I notice a lot of very attractive people about having lots of fun, they have loads of friends and seem very happy. im probably average looking. Getting tubby because of comfort eating. All my friends have left my city and country I can literally barely drag myself out of bed and leave home each day. long story short are attractive people less likely to be depressed? Because they seem happy and have lots of friends and attention etc. if I had that I would feel a lot better.
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