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  1. I'm on 2mg of Abilify and 100mg of lamotrigine. Headaches and anxiety are with me most of the day. Been a month. No way I'm increasing the dose.
  2. Was suggested to use this med from my former psychiatrist, whom I didn't trust, but opted out due to the lack of formidable research studies, etc regarding this new med.
  3. Doctor started me on this med again after a series of ssri failures. Figures I'm either bipolar 2 or resistant to other meds. In any event, 25mg now for 10 days Really want a faster tiration, but he's persistent about every 2 weeks an increase. I know it's working, but the lag time is driving me nuts. Especially that other meds which were recently tapered off of or cold turkeyed are playing on my sensitive mind. Plan is to tiration up to 150mg. Doctor is also tiration gabapentin, which I think is helping my anxiety symptoms. But that won't be up to 900mg per day for another few days now. Also on 1mg X 3 of lorazepam. But it really seems to have no effect. But Clonazepam and valium makes me lazy, and Xanax is too short lived. Feel the need to take them just to avoid the coming down process.
  4. 7.5mg was enough for me. Made me groggy the entire next day. Also,gained 10 pounds in one week due to uncontrollable late night cravings. Feel so much better having gave up that med and now working on sleeping naturally.
  5. It certainly helps me with anxiety, however I find it more addictive and problematic than Benzos. I wish I had never used tramadol in the first place, for pain. If you have an addictive personality, stay clear of this med. Just my opinion.
  6. When do you take your Lexapro dosage? Morning or evening? I'm currently taking it in the evening, but I wake up tired as heck. How about you?
  7. Started 5mg for 10 days. Then increased to 10mg. Mind you I'm also on 30mg of Prozac. Great combo thus far. Wellbutrin gave me too much anxiety. Had to give that up. Don't miss it one bit.
  8. Been a week now taking 10mg Lexapro at night and the usual 30 Prozac in the morning. First few days, racing heart and anxiety. Now, feel great. Total of 3 weeks of Lexapro in my system from 5mg to 10mg. Is it possible to work so soon? I was under the impression it would take 6 weeks or so like many of the other SSRI's I've been prescribed over the years.
  9. Well, no major problems thus far. Have been taking 5mg of Lexapro in the evening and 30mg of Prozac in the morning. The Lexapro definitely puts me to sleep and doesn't make it easier for me to wake up either. Nevertheless, my doctor upped the dosage of Lexapro to 10mg yesterday and I sure notice how much more tired I am today. This, I'm sure, will pass with time. Ultimately I'd like to be stabilized enough on the SSRI's so I can stop taking the occasional Valium or Clonazapam - which my body and mind seem to love in an addictive kind of way. Not good, to be taking those kind of meds long term. Sure feel better without the Wellbutrin in my system. That stuff increased my anxiety rather than diminishing it. Rather just have a cup of coffee instead. Cheers....
  10. I've been on 30mg of Prozac and 300mg of Wellbutrin for a year or so now. Doctor has recently taken me off the Wellbutrin do to increased anxiety reasons. Now my doctor has started me added 5mg of Lexapro in the evening to my regiment. Soon will be upped to 10mg. Thus, I'll be on a Lexapro Prozac combo. What might I expect from this? My question is, anybody ever tried this? I live in a foreign country so my psychatrist and I don't have the best of communication due to language barriers. I've done some internet googling about the combo, but not too info available. Thanks on advance.
  11. good question.... I'm interested in hearing some comments about this too. I'm hoping 10 mg is there average maintenance dose.
  12. Thanks Iowa. You response is reassuring and most appreciated.
  13. My Dr just upped my usual dosage of 20mg to 30mg of Prozac each morning. Benn on 20mg for 7 months now but anxiety started creeping back in. Since then, mind you it's only been 4 days, I've had insomnia. I see him again in a week from now to check the progress. Is insomnia and slightly increased anxiety normal when the dosage is increased?
  14. 150mg (usual starting dose) didn't do much for me once the common start up effects went away, so my doctor upped the dosage to 300mg. I certainly noticed more energy and greater libido but after a month or so the anxiety and constant restlessness began to take a toll on me so I had to quit the Wellbutrin entirely and stay on Prozac 20mg. I'm doing much better now after 4 weeks.
  15. UPDATE: No sooner that I finished the original post of this thread that I started feeling elevated anxiety for no apparent reason. This lasted four or five days until my doctor advised me to stop taking the Wellbutrin. I guess as the Prozac increased in my blood level it reacted too strongly with the Wellbutrin. So, no more WB. Anyways, I was worried that a complete cold turkey withdrawal from WB would cause terrible symptoms but nothing happened. It was as if I was never taking it - even though i was at 300 mg for over two months. So, I'm gonna give 20mg of Prozac a go fort a few months and see how it goes. It's only been 3 weeks so far so it's a little too early to tell for sure.
  16. I went cold turkey but if I can remember correctly I took the odd low dose of valium or clonazapam from time to time when the side effects were bad. I was careful not to get hooked on those too as they are also somewhat addicting. It took about three weeks to feel much better. But as I said before, even though it's been over a year since I took the last Tramadol, I still have times when I feel like popping a few BUT refrain from doing so as I know where that road goes. Never again with Tramadol. The first few days are the toughest but after 3 weeks it's no problem. Good luck....
  17. Be VERY VERY careful with Tramadol. I started using it for pain as it was easy to get without a prescription in Thailand. After a few weeks, I no longer needed to take it, BUT my body and mind was addicted to it. If I didn't take it, I would feel terrible. So, I continued taking it - with each week increasing amounts until I was popping 10 50mg pills per day. I started off with only 2 per day, but escalated to 10. I've never been addicted to anything except Tramadol. Even though I've been off of it for well over a year now, I still miss the comfort and bliss is provided. Some people say it's an opium high. I have no idea as I've never tried opium. All I can say, tread lightly with Tramadol. Coming off of it was terrible. Leg pains, muscle pain, headaches, aggression, dizziness, agitation, depression, and anger were all part of the mix for weeks.
  18. I gained about 50 pounds while on Paxil for 6 months. I stopped taking Paxil and have been on 300mg of Wellbutrin for just over 2 months. My weight has NOT decreased even one pound even though I'm eating less and exercising everyday. At least, however, I'm still not gaining weight as I was on Paxil.
  19. Since my last post, I came off of Paxil completely and started taking a small doze of Trazadone (25mg) just before bed to help me sleep. I take 150mg of Wellbutrin in the morning and ths combo seems to be working great thus far. Even though I weened off of Paxil for the past few months, I've noticed dizzy spells during the day and a feeling of motion sickness. It's getting better recently though.
  20. My Doctor lowered the Paxil dose because I'm hoping to get off it, or at the very least take a very low dose of it. Paxil has put too much weight on me and has killed my libido. Thanks for your advice.
  21. 12 days ago, my doctor upped my dosage of WB from 150mg to 300mg and decreased the Paxil from 20mg to 10mg. Since then, I've had very numerous strange dreams/nightmares and wake up rested every few hours thinking it's morning time. It's becoming frustrating as I'm starting to wonder if this problem will ever end. I take the pills as early as possible - 5:00am - and soon after I fall asleep again for a few hours. I don't see my doctor until next week, so I thought I'd pass a few questions to you guys on the forum first. Is this just a start-up phase I'm going through as the WB was ramped up? Can the decrease of Paxil play apart in these negative side effects to? Will this fragmented sleep problem end soon, or do I have to learn to cope with it? Thanks in advance...
  22. Hi Guy, Yah, I'm feeling pretty good. It's been a tough sleeping at night though. I wake up every 1/2 hour thinking it's morning. Even I take my meds at around 6:00am the WB still causes insomnia. I hope that part gets better. I dropped down to 20mg of Paxil from 30mg with no side effects at all. I have more energy with the combo and my appetite has finally decreased. Still waiting for the weight to come of though! Sometimes I feel jittery and anxious from the WB but I liken it to the same feeling as a few cups of coffee. I'm OK with that. And oh ya, my libido is back which is nice. Thinking about further reducing the Paxil to 10mg and upping the doase of WB to 300mg. However, that won't be for a few weeks yet. How about you? How's your feelings ON wb?
  23. Been on 150mg of WB for just over a week now and dropped my dosage of Paxil from 30mg to 20mg. I have no side effects during the day and feel quite good. I take the pills around 6:00am too. However, when it comes to sleep, I fall asleep quite quickly around 9:00pm but wake up every 1/2 hour thinking that it's morning time. During that half hour I have very strange/bizzare dreams which seem like they are well over 1/2 hour long but in actuallity they are not. Is waking up frequently during the night a normal start-up effect of WB? Or can it be because I reduced my Paxil dosage? I really hope this problem goes away soon. Any advice is appreciated..
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