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  1. Hi Epictetus I am 100% in agreement with loving your Brain. Add to that loving yourself unconditionally regardless of what has happened in your life. Loving, Caring and Being your own best friend allows you to be able to share this qualities with others as they are available in you! So yes Love your Brain and Yourself then share your love with the world. Jim Bow
  2. Went out Shopping Bought some nice presents for a helpful neighbour Helping people here on DF
  3. To be as happy, friendly, loving and productive as I possibly can
  4. Hi desperados Well MAOI have been around for a very long time and were very much used in the 1960s and 1970s. They are still very effective medication with a few food restrictions and side effects. They are still effective these days of course, however with all the moders SSRI and SNRI given as first line medications they tend to be used when others medications have not worked. Best Wishes Jim Bow
  5. Hi TheDiamondAge and welcome to DF Well all members of DF are spread all over the world and we all log into this site to support others or to seek support. There are no buildings just a whole load of people like you typing on their computers online. You seem to be resistant to medication for some reason, and there might still be an effective treatment plan that does not need traditional ADs. Some people can get themselves better with a combination of Healthy Living, exercise, diet and a very positive and determined attitude and therapy. Most people come out of depression at some stage . I do hope that you will eventually be able to get yourself out of depression with the help of your mental health professionals and your determination. Best Wishes Jim Bow
  6. Hi T3ckTon1k and welcome to DF I found your story very interesting indeed. From what you say you are better off out of that relationship as it did not sound very healthy at all. you are still very young so you have plenty of time to develop more stable and productive relationships. Social Skills are not hard to develop if you are really determined to learn them. Just think of the great qualities you admire in people that you know and then make sure your set yourself a target to develop this skills and habits in yourself. Most people admire Happy and Helpful people who are peaceful, calm, compassionate, and have empathy for others. Be a great friend to other and be loving to yourself. People who have a good opinion of themselves are not afraid to help others in need, to be a friend to others and to be dependable. So be the kind of person who naturally brings out the best in others by giving compliments, being helpful and being positive . Best Wishes Jim Bow
  7. I felt different .............
  8. Hi bellerose Well I can see your point of view. I think the correct approach is to have a good chat about your need to study. Good clear communication and clear understanding will prevent misunderstandings. I think you have made you point and the message has been received. So see how it goes - now relax. Jim Bow
  9. I intend to be the best I can be regardless . Jim Bow
  10. Hi 4amRedLight I am really sorry to hear that you are struggling with depression and the impact that is having on your excellent life as a student doing a Masters. You do really need to see a Doctor and get yourself assessed as if you are depressed it will be fairly easy to treat and for you to feel better in yourself once you have a treatment plan. This does not have to involve expensive therapy at all, just see a mental health professional for advise and support. I think you should be really proud of what you have achieved with your studies as your level of study is pretty awesome and your subjects are some of the hardest to learn. So do not be hard on yourself for your current situation as a lot of people get depressed for loads of different reasons. In time you can always catch up on your studies and achieve your long term goals which are excellent. Have you told your parents that you are depressed. You may get a sympathetic hearing if you are open with them? You have done a great deal to try and manage in your job and tutoring and be proud of that. I was sorry to hear what your father said about cutting your allowence as that is unfair. Please let him know you are going through a rough time mentally. Whatever you do get some professional support as soon as you can, then at least you can start getting back to being positive and functional again before you were depressed. Best Wishes Jim Bow
  11. I want to fly away to Mauritius where I lived for 7 years and enjoy the Sun , Swimming and Relaxing on the beach
  12. Hi SnowyBliss and Welcome to DF ​Well from your lovely story I would rate you as an excellent, compassionate, loving and caring person. Those ladies are lucky to have you in their lives. I do not know many people who would take on a caring role as you have and in your own home. That is so humbling for me to hear someone who is so selfless and willing to take on such a huge responsibility for another person who is not a family member. You have nothing to reproach yourself for. We all have times when making love does not turn out the way we wanted. We can be tired, down, worried or just not in the mood or whatever. This is just one of those things. ​Listen you are a very strong person with a very caring and loving attitude and you put that into real practice. You have excellent social skills. So do not beat yourself up about this one night problem. Just put it behind you and get on with your relationships. I guess neither of the ladies are in the least bothered by this as they both realise what a prize you are. Best Wishes Jim Bow
  13. Hi ARDepressed Well is is an accumulative effect . As you build up your dose your are gradually working towards the effective dose (therapeutic dose) in your blood stream and brain. When you body has reached the most effective dose you will certainly know about it. In the meantime you body is adjusting to the new medication and you may get side effects of some sorts. Over time these side effects will start to decrease and you will gradually feel much better. About 6 weeks is the average time to get to the effective dose (therapeutic dose for you) Everyone is different and some people feel better sooner and others a little later. I hope you have a good response to your medication as you gradually increase your dose and I fope you feel really great sooner. Best Wishes Jim Bow
  14. Writing on DF again Having a nice cup of tea Enjoying a good read.
  15. Hi Marielafolle Gosh so you have been coping with depression for all that time and kept it secret. You must be very strong willed and determined to be able to cope with that. There is really no real easy way to tell your parents . . Just break it easy like. " there is something I need to talk with you about" it not easy to talk about it, I feel it is now time to tell you about how I have been managing my problems. " Over the past x years I have been feeling very low , however I have managed to struggle on as I did not want to upset you" Make it a bit casual and informative and pick a time in the evening when you are all relaxed and more open being relaxed and receptive. Be honest and informative, and answer any questions with honesty. I guess they will be surprised and maybe shocked that they did not notice anything out of the ordinary, but that says a lot about your ability and courage to manage your feelings and suffering. So be gentle on yourself and do pick your moment . For me evenings tend to be more relaxed , after a meal and people are relaxed and more receptive and open. Best Wishes Jim Bow
  16. I went shopping Did some gardening Collected my grandchildren from school and played with them for 3 hours at home.
  17. Well I am grateful for feeling so well at the moment.
  18. Hi, Yes insomnia is a problem I have as well. It does take me time to get to sleep. I guess your medication does have an impact on your dreams and sleep. What does your Doctor have to say? Is your depression well managed, do you feel good on your medication by the way Jim Bow
  19. Hi Maximus0988 It seems to depend on what your started on really, Generic or Brand. Both are effective , but I have found if you are switched from a brand to a generic they do not work as well. People who are on Generics that do OK are fine because they work. I was switched a few time to Generic which did not work as well. In the end I did find another generic SSRI that worked fine for the past 6 years !! Best Wishes Jim Bow
  20. Being as positive as I can here on DF Reading a book called Authentic Happiness Having a nice cup of tea.
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