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  1. Hi, Wellbutrin may work but it is a pretty harsh med; I get anxiety and sometimes severe dysphoria from it and always get scared before I take the next dose. Definitely would not be my first choice if you are suffering from lots of anxiety as is. I was wondering if you could elaborate a bit more about in which ways Wellbutrin is "harsh." Is this more during the adjusting phase, or do your moods vary between doses even after you have been on it for several months? I have been on prozac for years for mainly depression and some anxiety. I am interested in Wellbutrin in the sense that I hear it gives people energy (I have a lot of fatigue) and that it can help with focus and concentration. I recently tried Effexor, but that turned me into a numb, tired, zombie. It was a harsh experience going on and off that med, and I am a bit reluctant to try a new med that might leave me in emotional limbo land for weeks or moths (along with potential unpleasant side effects to boot). Any further comments on your experience with Wellbutrin would be appreciated. Thanks!
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