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  1. Hi , I have not seen you around the forum for ages and ages. Hope you are well.


  2. Happy birthday!


  3. Hi and Ellenbug, Some times the meds just help to get us half way there. The rest is up to us with hard work. The more you push yourself the easier it will become to get things done. It could also be that your meds aren't quite right. I have found that I only become OK but not great with just meds, I need to push myself to get into a routine and get to doing things that seem like to much of an effort. I start by divinding things into smaller peices. Take cleaning the kitchen...big job right. But if you divide it into washing the dishes, drying the dishes, putting the dishes away, wiping down the counter and table and sweeping the floor, then pick just one of these things to do. When it is done then congratulate your self and if you can't do anymore that is fine. This is the only way I can get things done. Yesterday I did washed the dishes, but never did the other things, so today I will put them away and see what else I can do.
  4. I find my sinuses get more plugged up when I am on AD's and my allergies seem worse all year round. My doc put me on Flonaze and it works wonders for me. This time of year my allergies are much worse due to hayfever and such so I weeze a bit as well. I believe I have read that certain AD's can also cause problems with allergies (at least the sinuses)
  5. Effxor has been my miracle drug. It has helped me for years and I never had/have any start up side effects. If I could change one thing though it would be the weight gain.
  6. Darcness, lucky you are with your wife, some of us may tell you to learn to duck fast. lmao Sleep with one eye open as well,
  7. I am on effexor and seriqoul, I never seemed to feel very good till the seriqoul was added.
  8. I am always worse before it as well and am peri-menapuasal. It really is hard. Thats when I am mostly down for a few days then restless for a few days. I hate it. OI can't wait till I level out and it is done and over with.
  9. Clonazapam is a benzo also called klopin (sp) if I remember right. I used to take it for about 10 years. It can be highly additive as I found out the hard way. It is good to use as needed and really has a calming effect that last about 4 hours (at least for me) It would get rid of the worst panic attacks within 30 minutes.
  10. the tabs on take out coffee lids, I call them nose pickers because they never stay open and they seem to hit your nose while trying to drink
  11. I am still trying to get things done from a week ago, my poor plants are going to die soon. How hard is it to pour some water on them. Extremely hard I guess for me...lol
  12. Ciprolex is just an anti-depressant, not a mood stablizer, seriqoul and lithuim and others that you can find list under mood stablizers/antiphycotics on the first page of the site are. It seems to me she may need something like this. I would go to the doctors with her and suggest something like that be prescribed. It was a godsend to me once they figured out that I was BPII to have one of these added. It calmed me down alot and helped me think more rationally.
  13. Maybe you could set her up with a therapist, talking to some-one else sometimes makes them listen better then talking to us. We are parents therefore we don't know anything. lol I am so glad my kids are almost past that stage. I have had to take my daughter to the crisis team in the hospital before and had her put on meds for a while. It was the only thing that worked. She was a mess.
  14. I get you, my second husband used to bring up my ex all the time. He seemed to start the fights between my ex and I. All I wanted to do is have him pull in the drive load the kids in and leave. But the second husband always had to go out and start something. Drove me nuts and now I have 2 ex's. He still doesn't get it. I didn't want to be reminded about the first mistake I made all the time. I really don't know what to tell you. I would tell him to stop, that I was with him and happy, stop reminding me about the past as I am trying to move on, I don't want to discuss it, ect... I think it is them being insecure. Somebody must have some idea short of leaving them. I left for other things as well but that was one of the things.
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