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  1. First of all do not talk on a forums especially one with people with depression. By starting out a statement with all do respect then bring them down people may take it the wrong way. This was the shorthand version of the economy but i have a ton of other reasons why I have not been able to get a job . You do not know my situation so do not judge me. I have had a lot of bad luck through out my life i have many other issues beyond economic issues.
  2. Its been a while since I worked not at all my fault due to the economy. 5 years now. I am 35 now. Out of desperation I applied at a retail store the other day and have a phone interview tomorrow. Which was weird because most places wont give me the time of day. I know I am way overqualified for this job. It's not what I want to do at all and which was the cause of my depression. My goal is at this point to get hired maybe part time. I don't think I will be able to mentally handle a full time retail job at this point. I just need to slowly get back slowly into things to be out with people a few times a week. Hopefully something good will happen.
  3. I have tried to get all simple jobs for years ever since I left my last job 5 years ago which was retail to finish my degree. Haven't had any luck since. Right now i have come to the conclusion is that I just need some part time job a few times a week to get me going again. A couple weeks ago I had a brief placement job that fell apart in two days. Unfortunately the economy in where I live is pretty awful. I just want to be part of society again. As far as confidence goes last fall I joined a gym and work with a personal trainer. I have lost about 50lbs with about 10-15 more to go. I love it and puts me in a good mood. I am there all the time. It seems lately though when I'm not exercising I feel depressed. I work really hard at it.
  4. I have been ok for a while. But I am starting to lose it. I'm 35 and cant get a job which means I still live it at home. I cant stand being here anymore. I need a therapist again. I need to be on some kind of medication. I have been so irritable lately. One little thing and I get really angry or sad really quickly. When I try to talk to my parents they don't get it. They will say something like there a tons of people who are worse off then you. Or a person needs to do this or that if i dont do something right. That really drives me. That can be one of the worse things to say to a struggling depressed person who does not have a lot going for them.
  5. No that would be a good scenario no here you just call your health insurance and they give you a few names and make an appointment pretty much hit and miss.
  6. I started going to a therapist for the first time in quite a while. I decided this one is not good for me. This person seemed obsessed with me getting a government job. I wanted to talk about things that has gotten me to this point. I wanted to see a therapist not a job counselor. I don't think this person got me at all. I actually had to go out of my way to try to clue this person in on what I wanted to wanted to try to sort out. This person was really frekaing me out would just stare at me and was starting to scare me. So i need to find someone else.
  7. I dont have a job. I haven't in quite some time 5 years now. I have become quite comfortable alone. It would be nice if i had others to do things with. At 35 i am still with my parents. I wish it were not the case. I do try to get out and do things. I go to a gym makes me feel better but really met other people that go there to be friends with. I do go to movies and concerts alone. I have gotten use to it. I wish i had people to do things with but i don't.
  8. Thanks all, I know this situation isn't my fault. I was placed there and I think they were desperate to find someone. This company has mislead me in other situations and are very vague when I try to talk to them. I am done trusting them. I did contact them and explained to them why I wasn't going to return and what I thought the job was and what I am looking for that would be a good fit. They honesty to me did not seem to care too much.
  9. This past week has been sort of an extremely high but now I'm suddenly low again. I had a job for the first time in almost 5 years. It was in a field that I am interested in. It was going to be an 8 week contract job. I thought it could maybe lead to something. Someone I knew placed me there form a computer company Except that the job wasn't what I thought it was i honestly think they mislead me and it was way beyond what I knew how to do. I need an entry level job and work my way up from there but apparenlty this was more advanced. I was in over my head in a big corporate environment I have been in tears of frustration the last two days. The management never had time to meet me or even talk to me. The guy attempting to train me is horrible who i was supposed to replae in a few days. I am not going back i feel uncomfortable. I cant do anything. This is miserable. This placement company has screwed me before. I think they were desperate in finding someone and didn't have a clue what they were placing. I really wish things would work out.
  10. A while back I would of said something different but more recently. I don't have much else but exercise seems to put me in a better mood.
  11. I'm 35 and in same situation. I live at home. I cant get hired anywhere. I did got to school and know a lot of different things. I cant even get a dead end retail job I know it wont help me out my situation but will at least have some income for the first time in years. I get turned down no matter what i do.
  12. I dont really have anyone to talks things about. People i used to know i don't trust anymore and were very critical and negative to me and have no need for me. Some people i see very rarely i always feel kind of an outsider. I do things alone most the time. When i was in school i took some psychology classes towards the end and one thing i remember is when someone leaves a job it is different between guys and girls as far as friends at work. When a woman quits a job she tends to stay connected with those she worked with. When a guy quits he generally will not.
  13. Mine is pretty related to both of yours. For the music one I have been playing guitar or music since i was in high school i have never been in a band or anything. I am 35 now I was a music major in college i can play pretty well just have not met the right people to get in a band or anything. I am anti social as well. I want to join or be in band as well just don't know the right people. I I also had the dream of getting into the music production side of things. I wanted to learn about the live concert industry i wanted to learn to run sound boards at concerts or in recording situations. When i was younger I worked at a concert venue for years. I wanted to do the production part of it then when i was ready to do that the company was bought out and they fired everyone in charge and i was left out in the cold as they say. My goal now is to somehow get back into the industry or somehow meet people don't know how but i will keep trying. I As for the economic one I struggled through most of college being learning disabled and frankl,y i wasnt treated to well by the education types. I was finally graduated college with a bachelor degree just in general studies based on my situation. I havent been able to get a job. No matter what i try i cant get anything. 35 and living with your parents still is very disheartening. I get angry as people my age or 10 years younger than me seem to move on with life and I cant . It seems I cant grow up and feel responsilbe no mattter what i try to establish myself. It seems the world does not want me to have a life or find happiness. I dont why it happens i did not do anything to deserve this. I feel so guilty all the time for not being able to do things. I'm getting really tired of this. I get really annoyed when i cant even get a dead end retail which quite honestly i should stay away from due to my depression but I'm willing to make sacrifices just to earn some income.
  14. I am extremely frusturated as much as I have tried I cant seem to catch a break in this thing called life. I have never been able to get things going. 35 still havent been able to get a job or support myself. I know the economy is bad thats what people tell me its not my fault. But I struggled through school for oever a decade and treated badly throughout my college and adult life. I want to move on and feel responsible but something holds me back and I am beginning to wander do I really have a purpose in this world. A couple months ago I started exercising and joined a gym got a trainer. It has been my proudest moment I have lost 40lbs and in the best physical shape in my adult life. I am there many times during the week. I decided if I cant get a job i will at least get in good shape rather than going back to my old habits. I will admit I am in better spirits than I had been in years. Something is still not right I feel a void in my life that I am not part of society. I get sad when others move on with lives. I apply for jobs even dead end retail jobs but get turned down right away mostly due to being over qualified. The things i would be good at and be able to make a living at nobody is hiring for. I havent any form of income in 5 years and back then it wasnt anything to be able to surive on.I was diagonosed with depression over 10 years ago. I am preparing to call a therapist in the next day or so. I haven't been to one in a while over 5 years or so. I feel i need to talk out my issues with someone instead of keeping it inside all the time. I am convinced that this is the only way for me to ever get better. I've never really had a lot of friends I usually do things alone. I go to movies by myself or concerts i figured years back its not worth missing out on things because people would just stand me up anyway. I have never really dated in my life. Have never expereinced any thing. the only thing that really mattered to me was taken from me about 2 months ago when the my little dog suddenly passed away and it literally destroyed me. All of a sudden many years before it was his time. Too young to leave and i think of him all the time. He was healthy one day and then gone the next. I cared for him more than anything . I just hope at some point I can be a peace my school life was miserable and still have thoughts and nightmares of the pain i went through. I just get tired of rejection from jobs or whatever and just wish things would go right. Does anyone else get frusturated when it seems that everyone else seems to have some happiness. I am hoping maybe talking to a therapist can point me in the right direction.
  15. Hello there your situation is similar to mine. I have not had a job in almost 5 years now ever since i went back and finished my bachelor degree in school i have not been able to get a job. I quit my dead end retail job because they would not let me go to school and work with my school schedule. Then the economy got went to pan literally the exact day i finished school. By the way i am 35 and live with my parents This past October i joined a gym and and also have a trainer I think its one of the best decisions i have ever made. I have a lost a lost a lot of weight and building muscle at the same time. What they tell me at the gym for people with depression is if you go to the gym for a month lets say you will feel really good about your self. Then lets say you stop going for a bit the depression will hit real hard back.
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