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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. I cannot imagine ANYONE gaining weight on Prozac. Its only been 2 days and I have hardly eaten ANYthing. I finally had to force myself to eat this morning at 1AM--I am too wired eat.....it reminds me of the 70's when I did speed(LOL) The truly awful thing is along with NO eating is the NO SLEEPING. I am already 118 lbs.....my main concern in taking a AD was weight gain..because of the horror stories, and frankly if I got fat again(I used to weigh 300 lbs, and have kept it off for 25 years) this would make me way more depressed then I already am. I guess everyones different, it seems to make quite a few people on this forum sleepy. I wish! I lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks and am down to 115. I just had no apetite. Sleeping was an absolute nightmare. I had to take ambien every night to sleep or else there was no chance. My doctor just took me off of it. I actually got a pretty bad rash from it.
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    I've been on prozac 10 mg for about 6 weeks. I first got some hives on my legs and didn't think much of it at first but it has gotten much worse in the past couple weeks. incredibly itchy and is now on my stomach and arms. they look like bug bites
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