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  1. From Lexapro to Escitalopram. Side effects? How is that possible? I had to go to the generic brand because funding issues. I think I notice some side effects about two weeks after the switch. Sleeping issue, anxiety issue and some light headiness. And that was three months ago and it's still going on. I was on both Celexa(side effects was god awful stop after 3 days) and Lexapro(sightly better). I have took 4 SSRI's: Prozac,Paxil,Celexa and Lexapro and Celexa which the doctor told me that Celexa and Lexapro have the least side effects. HA! not for me, I must be the complete opposite. I mean Prozac was so easy to get on, it only had two small side effects(dry month and ??can't remember other) And it work great..until it poop out, after five years :(. Okay so, I'm getting ready to make the change from Generic Lexapro to the generic Zoloft. And I hope for the best. The only thing I worry about is the switch. Can't remember exactly How I did it last time(about five years ago) The doctor says it goes like this.. Going from 20mg to 10mg of lexapro for two weeks and stop.While at the same time start the zoloft at 50mg for two weeks and up it 100mg after that. Does that seem right. I'm just not a big fan of mixing drugs. I prefer to be completely off of a drug before I start another.. but if this makes it a smoother switch i'll do it.
  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you are doing well :)

  3. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  4. Happy Birthday :)

  5. Happy birthday from DF :)

  6. I started lexapro 5mg for 5weeks and then 7.5 for 4 weeks and I was about to go to 10mg. But I started to feel like i'm getting worse. I hate to say it but this drug does not seem to be working. I been taking this drug to long for it to be side effects. Has anyone else herd of people being though a similar problem?
  7. Three weeks ago I up from 5mg of lexapro to 10mg. he told me I could go 5mg one day then 10mg the next day back and forth for a week or so. Instead I just take 7.5mg. And yes there was some side effects. just increasing that much. not As bad as the when I first started lexapro. I going to wait a week before taking 10mg. This drug has been more of a pain then other ones of it's kind.
  8. Was taking paxil for six years. And that stop to work. Then tried celexa. Didn't care for the side effects. Now it's lexapro.
  9. Would that be citalopram, or escitalopram? Both were very effective for me. Good luck! Sorry. Lexapro.
  10. Went to the doctor today. And I be going to 10mg, and well see how that goes.
  11. Let's say you take your meds at 8pm, next night you will take it at 10pm then midnight and then if you get up early the next day say 3,4 or 5am and then 7 or 8am the next day. That my Only thought. Or ask your doctor.
  12. I hate to say this. Cause I don't want too jinks myself. But I'm starting to feel that medicine working. And to think I'm on 5mg. I probably won't get any better until I go to 10mg. So about 3 1/2 weeks I been on lexapro.
  13. I went back to work last week. My stomach is improving. Put I have notice a increase in my anxiety. And this would be 2 weeks plus.. Since I started 5mg of lexapro. The doctor never told me when to go to 10mg. I think he's waiting a for me to be on it for 4weeks. Then go up in dose.
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