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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Thanks. It's nice that you can sympathize with my feelings. I mean people around me don't understand how I feel :(
  3. Thanks it's nice to know that some men actually thinks that way. After all the stories, I hear about men cheating on their wives and boyfriends cheating on their girlfriends, you really help cheer me up. (A relative of mine is actually having trouble with her husband)
  4. Thanks everyone for your advice and support :) I'm really glad that I posted my problem in this forum. I feel so much happier and relieved now. I guess I'll just be myself and also exert a bit of effort in losing weight and stuff. I mean it's not really bad to lose a few pounds what just troubled me was the manner of how they told it to me. I have no intentions of starving myself or anything to achieve my goal (need to lose 15 pounds). I think exercising a bit and cutting down would suffice. Once again thank you for telling me that what's important is what's in the inside and not what's on the outside. Although I'm still extremely conscious about what other people say about me (actually i always worry about what other people think of me), I'm trying to disregard what they say. It's kinda hard to do it though but I'm trying my best .
  5. Well I'm 18 years old and I've been very depressed for a while because of my looks. I always cry at night while thinking how bad looking I am. To start off I'm fat. I weigh 143 pounds and I'm only like 5'4 in height. i feel sooo ugly because i have small uneven down-turned eyes and I'm also tan colored. I also feel like my nose is so fat that's why I would always pinch it. i also don't have flawless white skin. People around me always criticize me. My classmates would always tell me that I look older than my age (this was actually before when I still had horrible looking glasses. now, I wear contacts but I think I still look older ). According to them, I look like I'm freakin' 21 years old. One time, someone thought I was the mother of my sister (when I still had round glasses). Ieven heard one of my classmates say that the role of the grandmother (in a play) suits me behind my back. Onetime, a friend of mine told me taht some of my high school guy classmates were laughing at me when I wore a miniskirt to school because I was soo fat and my fats were coming out. It really hurt so much because I wasn't doing anything bad to them. My friend told me I looked okay in the skirt but I think she's only saying it to comfort me. :( The bad thing is those classmates who were criticizing me we're quite chubby. Even my parents would criticize me. They always tell me to diet and stuff because I'm sooooo fat. They would tell me how fat and flabby my arm is. My mom even tease me because I have uneven eyes (one has a crease while the other has only a little crease). It's not really super prominent but you'll notice it when taking pictures. Even my relatives tell me to diet. Just imagine like about 10 people telling you to lose weight cause your so fat the whole day at a party. It's like "OMG, you're so fat. You have to lose some D*** weight". My parents would also compare me to my cousins who look beautiful and are thin. They'll always say "Oh look at ******, she's so pretty and thin ... There's a lot of guys courting her..." then they'll tell me to become more like her. My mom would even tell me that I should look pretty so that may guys would court me and I could have a good future. That's why she's insistently asking me to lose weight. She'd say "If you don't look too good and you're fat then nobody would like you". She didn't really say it was me but you get the point. She asks me if someone has a crush on me and when I say no she'll tell me I'm abnormal. Then she'll tell stories about how many people had a crush on her when she was still young (she's quite pretty). I don't even want to get married ever in the future because i feel so ugly. i feel like no one would really like me and if ever someone does, they'll just use me and throw me away. The idea of marriage and stuff in the future creeps me out because I have been hearing lots of stories about failed marriages. Like husbands who cheat on their wives and etc. I was just thinking that if men could do taht to their beautiful wives how about me who isn't that beautiful. It just hurts me that even my own family tells me that I'm ugly. Now-a-days my relatives have been complimenting me on how better looking I am but I don't believe them. The shift from glasses to contacts, new hairdo and they tell me I lost a tiny bit of weight. I fell like they're just pitying me because of how ugly I look. My parents are still constantly criticizing me though. Now, I just feel so depressed because I can't look like my pretty cousin or become sexy and thin. I feel so worthless like I'm trash. I can't trust people because I feel like they hate me because I'm ugly. I feel so down all the time with no one to talk to. please help me . i'm tired of the tears and the pain.
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