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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. Hi leonarda! ((((B))))

  4. Hi leonarda! ((((L))))

  5. I turned 28 in September. I still like things I did 2 years ago. I now have a nice job as art therapist and that house with a pond is waiting to happen. Depression and anxiety come and go and I guess I've always been a touch of OCD. Still on paxil, planning to go off. :wave:
  6. 've been taking it for 4 years, gained app. 10+ pounds.
  7. Errmm...it was almost 4 years ago for me and I went on paxil after no effect from one other drug and ''fine colapse'' due to second. Could not sleep, eat, concentrate, had OCD thoughts about death/ doing something bad and oh, my favourite- fear of going crazy. Paxil did (after months of struggling with side effects such as panic-attacks) work out for me.
  8. Well I got her a cool red jackie being Christmas and all .... Hey mpeh ! I'm in love with sharpei but since my new appartment is pretty small (kitchen, very small hall, bathroom and 1 room) I was thinking of getting a yorkie or chihuahua. I hear yorkies are better with other dogs (which is a must 'cus of our family pooch)...'ll see.
  9. Lol at kitty in Santa outfit. I haven't purchased a jacked for our dog yet as she doesn't seem to be too cold running out in the snow as opposite to me-> maybe I should just buy ME something to keep me warm during our strolls. Anyway....I'm moving these days. Getting my own flat (well together with my bf of course) and as sad as it is...I've decided to leave our family pooch at home- where she belongs. We're moving very close- same block- so we're keeping in daily touch...I just don't think it would be fair to take the dog out of family environment she's spent her whole long life in... After checking out the neighbours, settling in, paying off the furniture loans... ...I'll probably adopt a doggie of smaller breed 'cus I just don't think I can fall asleep without a barker snorting in the basket near, not anymore. Much love to you and your fur(feather-etc.) friends.
  10. I'm getting my pooch her firts ever winter coat for Christmas. I use the excuse that her hair gets knotted when she goes out in snow (well that's true) but the real truth is I got caught in the pet-store-consumer craze and want to see her in one of the red pooch parkas .
  11. leonarda

    Snow age 2005...memoairs

    Thanks (((((Jilly))))) Still.... Like that could've lasted long... A woman yelled at me yesterday for some reason (I wish I knew) and that sent all the self-esteem boost down the drain. Just like that. Making me think I'm a horrible person... We (I) never win, do we (I)?
  12. leonarda


  13. Thanks ((((guys)))). Elf nose, Dan ? *faints and stands right back up* Lol.
  14. Worried! Yes, pets can mean world to certain people (I proudly consider myself to be one of them ). My little dog was the only one who suceeded in draging me out of the house when I was severly depressed. I knew she depended on me and she gave back much more-> I was never left alone and her devotion is beyond compare. Would you care to tell us more about your dog ? PS.: Thanks again to all of you who gave your support during ''dog attack'' crisis. Dina is O.K. now, her swelling is almost gone and she doesn't seem frightened when meeting other dogs.
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