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    If there was no music in this world, I would have already killed myself. Music is my life...life is music. Without music, there would be no life. There would be no me. I am a music geek, but I also do other things, too. I like to hang out with friends (well, kinda-long story), meet new people and make new friends, travel, and I love all kinds of art.

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  1. Happy Birthday :)

  2. Hi Cat:) Welcome to DF! I'm sorry to hear that you and your boyfriend separated. Long distance relationships can really be hard:( If you ever need to talk, send me a message OK :) Hope you are well, have a great weekend!

  3. My boyfriend was just like yours...but he broke up with me because of how far away we lived. Your guy sounds wonderful...mine certainly was =/

  4. I didn't need to take my meds when I was with my ex. Only thing was is that he lived 2 hours away. And now he's my ex... I'm not joking. I wasn't depressed when I was around him. For two weeks, I was around him 24/7 because of a sport and we went on a tour (two weeks cramped on a bus next to each other, sounds good, lol). But anyway, i wasn't depressed. I stopped taking the meds, and I had no, nada, none, affects. I wasn't depressed. Then the tour ended. And he got busy. And we broke up. So yes. A good partner DOES help. *sigh*
  5. My guy was understanding. I told him I was on crazy pills on he said it doesn't matter, and they're not crazy pills. They just make you feel better. He broke up with me because I was being hurt by him not having time for me. He has school every day, work on the weekends, lives 2 hours away, and barely has time to eat, shower, and do his homework. I took him for granted, and...NO. I am not doing this. I am over him. I am over him. I am over him. *sigh* I'm not over him.
  6. I need to think on that. I really do. My guy did nothing except he lived 2 hours away for me and was busy all the time. He was a great guy...and I thought he was THE ONE, you know? It's really hard. I loved him so much. Lol...I don't think I could see him again without crying at this point. I need hep =)
  7. I have a love-hate relationship with food. It's just so good, and when I am having a good day, or a good week, or even a good month, I can deal with willpower, but when I'm having a bad day/week/month etc. I have absolutely no willpower at all and I just eat and eat and eat. I love food, but I also hate it because it's putting me in an unhealthy situation. I'm only 18, and 240 lbs. Can you believe that? I count myself lucky. I only have a little bit of high blood pressure to show from all the weight-none of the high risk stuff like heart disease or whatever. But I need to stop. I need to get my life back in order. This month the eating has been for my ex-boyfriend, so I might head over to those forums next. I'm kinda scared, though. I want to move on, but... I like food...haha. I'll miss it =)
  8. Hi everyone. My name is Cat ^_^ I found this forum because I need help getting my life back in motion. I'm 18 years old, and should be in College, studying Music. But I am sitting at home sleeping or surfing the internet all day instead. Now, that's not my only problem. I also have a million health problems- a lot of them which will bother me for the rest of my life. Then there's the whole ex-boyfriend thing. I'm getting better at letting him go, but I need a little help, I think. I hope you all can help. Thank you in advance =)
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