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  1. Seroquel works very well for me for PTSD and sleep. It tones down my emotional responses to triggers, so I imagine it would work well for anxiety. However, I've also been going through prolonged exposure therapy to treat the underlying problem so I can function without meds. Has your doctor mentioned if he or she wants you to take extended or immediate release? I recently stopped extended release and only take immediate now. No more morning fog brain/hangover, which is an amazing feeling. I wake up before the alarm now, and I feel like I've had a more natural sleep.
  2. I've been taking both extended and immediate release Seroquel for PTSD and to help with sleep. My doctor took me off the extended release (50mg) and increased my immediate release from 50mg to 75mg. Does anyone have experience weening off Seroquel? Any notable symptoms or concerns?
  3. Late response, but yes. Any questions? Are you still on it?
  4. I take Seroquel for PTSD and to help with sleep. I've been on both extended and immediate release and am coming off the extended release now. Any questions?
  5. Welcome to the group, JohnDoe85. Sex addiction is an illness like any other, and while you may feel awkward around people who know, you're entitled to boundaries like anyone else. If anyone says anything derogatory, my suggestion, coming from experience, is to use the moment to educate them about it. Maybe plan in advance what you'd say. If you treat yourself with respect by calmly and reasonably setting boundaries and educating, you're teaching them to respect you, too. You'll likely diffuse the conflict and prevent any future harassment. Harassing someone who's learning and growing is vulgar- not sex addiction. I will respectfully disagree about the public apology suggested above. Apologize to your girlfriend, sure, but it's not anyone else's concern. You don't owe them an explanation or an apology. You don't live in the world of the The Scarlett Letter.
  6. It's worth getting to the end. :-)
  7. Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl is heavy, but it helped me put my problems in perspective. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. I could go on all day. I used to have a fortress of self-help books around my desk.
  8. Lauryn, I'm sorry you had a rough time with your writer's group. I know it's hard to put your art in front of people, something that, while there are guiding principles, is ultimately subjective. I've had both positive and negative experiences getting feedback. I'm going to follow your lead and go see a movie myself. :-)
  9. Happy. (looks to the sky for the other shoe)
  10. Hello Emm888, Welcome to the forum! We aren't qualified to diagnosis you here, but I can tell you that I've had almost all the symptoms and behaviours you've mentioned, and I have BPD. You really should seek professional help, the sooner the better, coming from experience. Are you in North America? Try the Mental Health Association (there's a US and Canadian version.) They will be able to share resources that are available to you, including any free or low cost options. You should share what you've written here with a professional. Perhaps your parents can go with you as well for a family visit at some point, so they can learn how best to help you. Good for you for opening up. I know it's hard. The sooner you seek help for your symptoms, the safer you'll be in the long run. There are tons of resources online, too, and books available. Are you working now?
  11. Hi Corbin, I can relate to much of what you've written here, and from the outside, it's clear that you've gotten lost under your family's neuroses. Your mother and sister may have borderline personalities, and the feelings you describe (sensitivity to criticism, difficult relationships, etc) very much sound like borderline traits, also. (I am in recovery for BPD myself.) Then again, you could be reacting to your environment. As much as personal responsibility is stressed these days, our environment and the people in it have a huge impact on us. You've asked for comments. Get out from underneath your family's control. I'm not sure how old you are (you come across as mature, but you could just be precocious and battle-weary,) but the sooner you climb to higher ground, the sooner you can address your own issues. Get away to safety. Let the dust settle and see where your feelings are then. Therapy? Support groups? Ever considered these? Regardless of what your own issues are, I recommend The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook: Practical DBT Exercises for Learning Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance by: Matthew McKay PhD, Jeffrey Wood PsyD, and Jeffrey Brantley MD. It will give you tools to help you cope with your surroundings, very much like being the parent to yourself that you really need. Most of all, don't believe the lies that your surroundings are telling you about yourself. When your father makes fun of you, be the father you really need by telling yourself the opposite for the rest of the day or however long you need to feel better. It may seem silly, but it's better than internalizing abusive comments. It may take time to get away, but, coming from experience, bringing yourself to safety from abuse should be your priority.
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