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  1. Inspiring blue skies and balmy temperatures outside. If I could enjoy anything, I'd have gone somewhere remote, as in the past... got many favorite places around here. Maybe one day it'll be possible again. Best 4th of July wishes to all! Or just general best wishes if that's not a relevant holiday for one reason or another...
  2. Well, this was indeed a heat wave for the ages. 3 straight days of 100+. All-time records broken, and not by just a couple of degrees. Approached 120 in some hotspots. Global warming supposedly contributed only 1-2 extra degrees to this. Naturally, this makes people think it's not a problem. But it's a bit like saying that everything's OK because just a little bit of the house has burned thus far.
  3. 114 degrees in the least air conditioned city in America? Maybe I'll take a walk on the streets and collect all the "Hot enough for ya?" comments.
  4. Yes, it's just that there's a psychological effect, or maybe psychosomatic. That is, my brain tells me they're stale and foul, even when they're perfectly fine. Wish I knew a way to overcome this.
  5. Once again, the "best by" date on the Hostess package was a couple days ago. Why do stores keep selling expired products? And why does the one package I neglect to check happen to be expired?
  6. That's an unusual situation. I'm not aware of anything like that. With weight training, you can't really help getting "big" uniformly. You can target specific muscle groups, but then your physique will likely wind up looking strange. The only thing I'd suggest is rowing on an ergometer. I think this should keep your muscles leaner overall, especially if you do it anaerobically (i.e., close to maximum exertion for as long as possible). Bigger muscles require more oxygen and thus aren't optimal for rowing. An ergometer is one way to keep them "in check" from becoming Schwarzenegger-like.
  7. Thanks... yes, the places around here are advertising walk-ins, which would be nice... except they don't have any walk-in slots available when you walk in. Nonetheless, I finally managed to snag one of the few available slots online at one place for tomorrow. Let's just hope this one works out.
  8. Trying to get my COVID shots like everyone else, but running into red tape. Been signed up for weeks and no peep from them. They apparently started accepting walk-ins a week ago, so I guess random people on the street have priority over those who diligently followed the rules. Except those walk-ins don't really seem to work well when they don't actually have slots available.
  9. But was the pandemic the real cause, or did it uncover problems that were already there? Isolation due to the pandemic might just have accelerated and strengthened the underlying conditions. There have also been tragic stories of su****es committed by kids isolated from their friends and classmates. It seems to me that the underlying problems would be there with or without isolation. Instead of blaming the lockdowns, as some have, parents and teachers should really be aware of what's going on in their kids' and students' lives. They need to be vigilant and look for the signs constantly, whether or not there's any external crisis going on.
  10. Unfortunately, that's true about money. Well, at least if we forget impractical idealism and are brutally honest. There's not much of a support system anywhere in the world, particularly in the US. It's also particularly unfair. I guess someone like Joe can thrive. Others include those who inherit money and live off their portfolios without having to do a thing. It's pure dumb luck as to whether you're completely free from such worries or forced to stress out every day because of them.
  11. Agreed also. "We live as we dream -- alone. While the dream disappears, the life continues painfully.” [Joseph Conrad] But at least dreams seem to be a temporary respite from depression. It's as though depression doesn't exist in that state. I was wondering whether anyone else has experienced this.
  12. I would second this. If you can manage it, sleep is definitely a respite. I pretty much look forward to it nightly or when I'm able to take a nap. Even in dreams, the depression doesn't seem to follow. It might be an existence outside of our real-life selves.
  13. In some sense, it's easy to see if it's actually impostor syndrome. Depending on the context, just consider some "objective" metrics, like your school grades, test scores, athletic ability, any accolades you received for your writing or art, etc. Unless these tell you that you're uniformly and consistently awful in some area, it's got to be impostor syndrome. In real life, those who feel like impostors are usually the ones who aren't. In contrast, those who feel superior about their abilities tend to overestimate them and are often the actual impostors. Or at least that's what I'm reading... maybe I'm a counterexample in feeling like an impostor and actually being one.
  14. Depression often has the effect of making you think you're worthless. It tends to maximize all the feelings of inferiority and negative thoughts while minimizing all the talents and positives you have. But somehow even realizing and knowing this may not always help. That's the "magic" of depression. Impostor syndrome is along these lines as well. I guess I can't have it if I'm a real impostor, though. Again, that's depression talking. Agreed that hobbies are not for competition, but for fun. Also, I think people tend to enjoy the things they're good at.
  15. When I was young(er), I thought doctors could do no wrong. Later on I realized they're just like everyone else in making mistakes. Also, they might do a shoddy job, but you might not even know it, thinking that the pain and other aftereffects are to be expected. The human body tends to compensate and heal itself over time.
  16. No need to be rich per se, just self-sufficient (or financially independent). Still, the problem is that we always need something from someone, whether it be food, clothing, Internet, medical help, car repair, etc. It's pretty much impossible to be truly self-sufficient nowadays, and it doesn't sound like much fun to be so anyway...
  17. It's amazing that popular streamers and other media stars can make millions for playing video games or opening packages. Compare this to a guy who actually does something useful, like picking up garbage or doing brain surgery. They get paid far less. (Well, garbagemen do make nice change because no one wants to be picking up nasty garbage at 4am, and brain surgeons do make money as well, but not the millions or more made by playing Fortnite or unboxing dolls.) You can devote your life to studying, getting a degree and advancing in your career via hard work -- or you can play video games and get paid lots more while doing something fun. Your choice!
  18. Well, isn't his visor hooked into the cloud so he knows the answers before the questions are even asked? Or rather the questions before the answers are asked. Or answered. Ok, it doesn't make much sense, but then what in this world does?
  19. The vaccine is Bill Gates injecting nanobots into your bloodstream so that he can control your mind, enabling the deep state to put its agenda in play. I read it on the Internet.
  20. Apparently there were people who survived both atomic bombings in Japan. One guy was in Hiroshima when the first bomb dropped, then went on a business trip to Nagasaki just in time to take on the second bomb. If this were me, I'd probably think the world was ending, as opposed to merely attributing it to my bad luck.
  21. True story: I once ran out of tissue in the wilderness and used poison ivy leaves instead. (I didn't know that's what they were at the time.) Strangely enough, most of the subsequent blistering was on my hands, with almost none where you would most expect it. From some investigation, it appears this was because urushiol oil (the active ingredient in poison ivy) has to sit on the skin for a few minutes before it seeps in and starts to take effect. When you wipe, you're actually getting rid of most of it or spreading it around so thinly that it does little damage. It goes without saying that if you happen to touch poison ivy, you have a few minutes to wipe or wash it off and prevent most of the unfortunate consequences.
  22. Overpopulation is certainly happening, but I think the root cause is something else. All I can say is that many people out there driving are not qualified to operate a vehicle on the road. In the areas where I walk, there are a number of "hot spots" that really make this apparent. For example, one classic of a crosswalk reveals somewhat frighteningly how so many drivers will look one way while turning the other... straight into a pedestrian. Over the years, I nearly got run over too many times to count.
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