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  1. Yes, but while the 80s gave us Menudo, the 90s gave us New Kids on the Block, which sort of throws a wrench into things. To be fair, though, I didn't have the same low opinion of those as everyone I knew did (and I mean everyone!)
  2. In my mind, at least, everyone has a fraction of time when they'd go through it. For most, it's 0%, or so I would hope. 100% means you have no wish to live at all. If it's 20%, this means you'd go actually go through with it about 1/5 of the time. However, I suspect many or most switch back to their "want to stay alive" phase when about to "succeed" in their attempt. That's where intervention comes in: If someone is there for the person, it will save their life.
  3. Even as a child? I remember thinking that I had some purpose and the future was wide open, with not knowing what's coming a part of the fun. Sadly, reality has dealt a harsh blow to this naive notion.
  4. Sometimes you find torn-off fingernails in nooses used for suicides, apparently indicating a futile final attempt by the victim to save their own life. Does it really all become clear with one second left to live?
  5. Yep, that's pretty harsh. Some people play 12 hours a day or more. That's China's 996 system -- i.e., 9am to 9pm 6 days a week, except it would be more like 997 for games. I prefer the banker's version: 363. That is, accept deposits at 3%, lend out at 6%, and be on the golf course by 3pm.
  6. Yes, it's disturbing that no one even knows exactly who's susceptible. It's not always those with weak immune systems or pre-existing conditions. There seem to be no straight answers. Sadly, no one seems safe. Even those who beat it can suffer diminished lung function and the like, thanks to the scarring due to the virus ripping up cells. Or so I've read. Best wishes to all. Stay safe...
  7. Fond memories of the Stargate series... If only we could ascend and dispense with this world, though I never got a real sense of what sorts of issues might arise on that higher plane of existence (or even what it was, exactly). Would those glasses cost the same in Canada? Sounds like a case of profiteering in the US healthcare system (what else is new?), unless it's a rare case of the cost being justified.
  8. I dare you to walk into a Lamps Plus outlet store and ask the first clerk you see, "Excuse me... do you guys have any lights?"
  9. The bad news is that the chances of that asteroid hitting the Earth have just been upgraded to 1 in 1750. The good news is that this won't happen for another 100 years.
  10. Good to hear that everyone made it, since I was imagining the land of Oz and all. I lived on the east coast long enough to "appreciate" the brutal summers, but now it's getting to be the same or worse more out west as well. Also heard about haze and smoke from wildfires in Siberia, which would seem a bit like tropical air in the Arctic.
  11. Hopefully not with them in it? But yes, it seems the weather has been getting crazier over the last few years. Right around August nowadays, the sky in my area starts to look literally like those pictures from Mars with the haze and orange sun. Most scientists say it's climate change and its indirect effects, while a cadre of nonbelievers continues to dispute them. Who knows everything that's behind this.
  12. For this, rich people invented glamping. Their SUVs are usually big enough to fit a special sleeping setup with a board and soft mat, quite comparable in comfort to a regular bed. The less well off among us have to make do with keeping the hatch open during sleep and dangling our legs outside.
  13. I didn't grow up on a farm, but spent a number of childhood summers at my grandparents'. They raised chickens, rabbits and bees (or kept bees, rather, though it's awkward to switch verbs). I guess that's sort of a unique combination, so perhaps I've given away my identity. On the other hand, all that's gone now, including them and the farm, which I believe has been torn down and used for redevelopment. I don't think there are really any records of this. Even a top-notch detective is unlikely to track this down. It's strange how these memories are lost in time, like tears in rain. (Hey, who said that?)
  14. Yes, summer is the pits without AC. Ratty is better than nothing. Another heat wave is forecast here to ramp up by mid-week and deliver near 100 degrees through the weekend. Wonderful. I'll have to go with global warming as my guess on that issue. Then again, I guess just about everything has two sides nowadays, even if there's really only one side.
  15. True, though there must be a compromise. Self-sufficiency is hard, as with that example of making a pencil (you have to grow and harvest the rubber trees, distill and prep the caoutchouc, mold the rubber using the right apparatus and chemicals, smelt and refine the aluminum using the proper process in the kiln, cut down and shape the wood (meaning you might need to construct a saw), refine the graphite, etc.) That's just if you want a pencil -- imagine how complex it gets for other things.
  16. Yes, just taxes plus insurance amount to rent or more, depending on how crazy the local house pricing has become. This doesn't even include the upkeep and all the other expenses, even electricity, water, garbage, sewer, Internet, general upkeep, expensive occasional things (like roof replacement), etc. Is it even possible to live minimally in a shack with at least plumbing, electricity and Internet? Just get rid of everything else and have a place to bathe and sleep. That's pretty much all that's needed.
  17. Indeed. In my area, owning even an average house "free and clear" means that you're "free and clear" to pay the government as much as renting an apartment. It's gotten insane. My only hope is that one day, Social Security will at least cover these costs, even if whatever money the government gives us goes straight back to the government.
  18. Same here. The main problem is all the dependencies on society, whether it be food, medical care, or all the government red tape to be able to do things like drive and have a place to live. We're slaves to the entire system, not just the banks.
  19. I have decided similarly, except I wish there were some path towards self-sufficiency. There's the notion of "discouraged worker" that I never really understood. I may be discouraged, but still need to make ends meet somehow without being independently wealthy or relying on family money...
  20. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back. But this apparently applies only to them, not me, and they're satisfied with my money.
  21. If a truck carrying lights weighs over 35,000 pounds, is it still a light truck?
  22. Sunny, blue and comfortable temperatures. Couldn't ask for much more inspiration, if I were able to enjoy it...
  23. The news on the radio started with "A man walked into a bar." I thought I was listening to a comedy show.
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