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  1. Slept (or passed out) in a wrong position and still have ribcage pain... bruised or broken ribs, perhaps, or who knows what. The doctor is out, like all doctors during this time, and urgent care is too expensive... so I guess it'll be interesting over Christmas. Happy holidays to all (even though it's a day or so early)!
  2. It's also become truly disturbing how each side refers to the other as depraved, disgusting, even evil. Could it be that both sides are right? It's increasingly looking this way, at least for some of the particularly egregious examples that tend to make the news.
  3. How do you know whether a new pain will go away by itself or require treatment? And whether or not you should stop exercising as a result? During my days of youth, everything seemed to fix itself magically... but now I hear a lot about rotator cuff tears, bone-on-bone arthritis, etc. Some things will still fix themselves, others may not, so old age brings with a form of gambling, it seems. Got a new shoulder pain along these lines, so just wondering.
  4. I think I knew his type as a kid, when he pulled a couple of my teeth. That was an experience dreaded by everyone. I remember not looking forward to the day of the procedure. The instrument was basically metal pliers. It was everything I expected -- it felt like he was trying to rip my head off along with the tooth.
  5. Sounds like it's time to change dentists... I can't imagine any medical professional behaving this way! Last time I was told I was a root canal candidate if a tooth got worse. Naturally, it did, so I see root canal in my future. ☹
  6. Well, that's awesome! You get one reasonable offer and you're free. This housing market has been all over the place. Sadly, I'd be on the buying end!
  7. Fortunately (?), there are plenty of those around, since no one wants to work. The local gas station is advertising $20/hour. Probably a few bucks more once you move up from assistant gas pumper to associate gas pumper. Aren't we lucky?
  8. Wish I could do the same! But the lack of income would be a problem. I wish I were one of those "discouraged workers" who don't figure into the official gov't unemployment stats, yet can somehow live. How do they do it?
  9. The post-Thanksgiving letdown is here, starting with Black Friday and continuing with the newly usual sequence of whatever days. If I were free, however, Jan. 2 might seem like a holiday of sorts, when you're able to do whatever you want while others are facing the renewed drudgery of the year just starting.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving (FWIW)! Sadly, it's just this and a few weeks till Christmas, then New Year's drunken fest, and suddenly the drudgery rematerializes into a brand new year. Don't you hate Jan. 2 (or wherever the first workday of the new year happens to fall)?
  11. That's for the best if you want to attend the GOP convention, since Big Bird is persona non grata (bird non grata?) because of his tweet about getting vaccinated. Speaking of big birds, happy Thanksgiving to all, even though it's a bit early.
  12. Ironically enough, I was voted "Most likely to succeed" in junior high all those years ago. Boy, did they get that one wrong! At least it's a source of comic relief nowadays. Humor can be a potent defense, even when the time comes to face the reaper.
  13. Yes, so how can one come to terms with that? It seems easier if you feel you fulfilled your purpose, whatever this might be. Typically, it's just passing on the genes to your kids, it seems. It could also be some contribution to humanity, like science, art, etc. But about those who've accomplished nothing? Seems tough to leave like this...
  14. Strange how the rain, wind and warmish temperatures suddenly turned into crisp sun and clouds heading towards near-freezing.
  15. Rain continues to fall. Too easy to get splashed by passing cars (not sure if they're oblivious to the accumulated puddles or doing it on purpose).
  16. Another atmospheric river incoming. Put up the sandbags.
  17. Feeling somewhat off. After 13 years, the Survivors of Sui***e sim in Second Life ceased to be. Seemed like they were doing well and helping many, but suddenly it's all gone. The organizer wanted to move on and couldn't find anyone to take the reins. I hope this forum stays up. As elsewhere, unpaid volunteers devote their time and money. It can go away at any time. Even after years (and when many might depend on it).
  18. 19 yards of chitlins with onions and sardines on the side
  19. Hot almonds and shelled pistachios.
  20. Wondering if anyone else here had their problems "solved" in a dream, only to wake up and face ugly reality... it's got to be one of the worst letdowns. I dreamed that I got out of the rat race and found a ranch in the country to move to and escape this existence. It all seemed so realistic, too, including putting in an offer and dealing with the real estate company. Just another reminder to ask myself if I'm dreaming if something seems too good to be true.
  21. I'll third this. That's a silver lining of COVID: You can deliberately avoid people on the street and not look like some kind of antisocial weirdo anymore. When I cross the street as soon as I see someone coming towards me, that's now a prudent health and safety measure.
  22. Yep, the best rap was done in the 80's: Fat Boys, Run-DMC, Ice-T, etc. Except for LL Cool J. LL Cool J is the only one that wasn't cool After all these decades, somehow I still remember a bunch of lyrics from passive memorization, thanks to everyone playing it all the time in school: E.g.: ... Dust is burnin', the steerin' wheel's turnin' I'm out a week, I'm already earnin' Suckers crossed, tonight's their loss Payback time, boy, life's the cost Gauges out the window, one lay 'cross the roof They all die if them suckers ain't bulletproof I'm rollin', death tollin', of course the car's stolen But I'm blind to what's wrong, all I want is what's golden A fool in a fight, too damn dumb to know right F****n' blue lights, read 'em their rights Drama I copped an alias, got out in an hour or less I keep a bank for that, don't know about the rest Copped another piece, hit the dark streets Rollin' once again, f**k the damn police! ... That's just a small fragment of one song.
  23. Yes, but while the 80s gave us Menudo, the 90s gave us New Kids on the Block, which sort of throws a wrench into things. To be fair, though, I didn't have the same low opinion of those as everyone I knew did (and I mean everyone!)
  24. In my mind, at least, everyone has a fraction of time when they'd go through it. For most, it's 0%, or so I would hope. 100% means you have no wish to live at all. If it's 20%, this means you'd go actually go through with it about 1/5 of the time. However, I suspect many or most switch back to their "want to stay alive" phase when about to "succeed" in their attempt. That's where intervention comes in: If someone is there for the person, it will save their life.
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