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  1. I wouldn't be caught d**d at my HS reunion (a similar amount of time has passed). The human brain seems pretty good at recognizing unrecognizably aged people, as I've found out... but I think the shock would show on my face, just as I'd probably immediately perceive it coming from the people I face after not having seen them for three decades.
  2. Given the Ukraine situation, things seem to have turned upside down of late. I can't believe they're talking nukes and MAD again. I still recall the Soviet times (I'm old), so I'm wondering how close the hands are to midnight on the doomsday clock. (When do they update that thing, anyway?) Not to worsen anyone's anxiety, but I guess we've got to be pragmatic and realistic.
  3. Not just enough, but grossly overpaid... that's how it works in the corporate world, at least. Once you've been promoted enough (i.e., failed upwards), you get to collect vast sums of money while the little people do the actual work. Just in time for the back-to-office push after COVID. Sure, the great resignation is great if you can manage it, but I've never understood where these people get the funds to live on.
  4. +1. I have some family roots in the region, so it hits home. I still find it hard to believe that he chose war. My distant relatives fought in WW2, which comes to mind when I'm seeing what's happening right now.
  5. Cars going around in circles don't seem to be much fun either way, at least to me. Nonetheless, I've read that racecar drivers exert themselves physically just as much as football players, marathon runners, etc., and even lose pounds of weight during a single race. I guess I can see it, but it's somewhat strange. On the other hand, America has become a monobob powerhouse during the winter Olympics that just ended. That seems like something to be proud of. You may like your bibob, but monobob is where it's at.
  6. Yes, somehow all those investigations of "well-timed" trades by politicians have quietly gone away. The system provides well for its own, while everyone else gets whatever "trickles down" (which is often as nice and valuable as something else that trickles down). Maybe Bernie can fix it, but I'm not sure he feels the pain. I recall one time someone arranged a meeting with him, but forgot to write down which of Bernie's several houses would be the place...
  7. No idea, but they certainly seem to have a knack for well-timed trades, like buying just before some sort of good news and selling before bad news. I'm sure it's their shrewd understanding of stocks and not any particular information that might be a bit on the "inside" or something...
  8. Boss Hogg is well represented, but there's plenty of Roscoe P. Coltrane in the mix as well. Sometimes even both at the same time...
  9. I sort of know the feeling, but it's also bizarre nowadays: You can bag groceries or serve fast food for minimum wage, yet it's still actual honest work; or you can play video games on YouTube or trade bitcoins or NFTs or whatnot and make millions a year for doing nothing of real substance. The "good" news is that money has never been more worthless, though the bad news is that we still need it to survive.
  10. I think it's off and on for many people (including myself), life circumstances getting in the way. Maybe some got better and don't need the support anymore... at least that would be sort of a positive explanation. I wonder about the fraction of those who do get better, yet visit here regularly.
  11. That sucks, but seems to happen. I don't know why the banksters can't keep their books straight. Is their 3-6-3 life so stressful? (That is, deposit at 3%, lend out at 6%, and be on the golf course by 3pm.) The government will take its pound of flesh, but the banksters will keep pecking at the bloody shreds.
  12. Same here... wish I could be bored more. Maybe we'll get there one day. At least it's something to strive for! Aside from that, it seems we're here just to propagate our genes. If this doesn't happen, there's little to do. Well, unless you have exceptional talents or abilities to contribute to the world in other ways. Thankfully, I'm not in that category.
  13. Shopping cart rage or supermarket rage should be added to the growing list of other rages, like road rage, air rage, fast food rage, etc. Calling attention to the problem is the way to enable all sorts of humor.
  14. Sorry to hear that... I haven't watched him all that much, but he generally seems to get results. Of course, they probably cherry-picked the cases and didn't show any situations where things didn't work out.
  15. You hired Jackson Galaxy? Cats fear his beard and sideburns, so they obey.
  16. Maybe Jackson Galaxy can help? I used to have a stray mother cat with a daughter cat. The mother was the most loving cat I've come across, while the daughter snapped at me and threw up all over the floor. I don't know how to modify cat behavior, unfortunately.
  17. Yes, there are good people on here. Nonetheless, I'd agree about this being true IRL. I would also add that most people are willing to help out, provided it's a one-time or short-lasting thing. The long haul is a different story. For example, anyone would probably help someone hurt in an accident or let someone homeless stay over for a day or two. Providing daily care to someone hurt or letting someone homeless stay for weeks or even indefinitely... not so much.
  18. Yep, you know it's bad when the snow truck is stuck in the snow. What's with the crazy weather all across the country? They say it's climate change, but it seems a bit sudden. Along these lines, we've had massive rain and people's houses have slid down the hillside. These seem to be multi-million dollar homes, too, stable since they were built who knows how long ago. They say the people lost everything, but they've got to have money (and insurance) to be able to afford living here... they'll do fine, no doubt.
  19. Similar in my case. Gone are the days when any problem fixed itself automagically. The doctor recommends PT for anything and everything. In the past, I was sort of told to tough it out. That's just the magic of aging
  20. I wish there were a limit to the badness. Sadly, it seems things always can get worse. I recall a Mad Mag piece about someone walking into a cathedral seeking inspiration and instead finding a severed finger. At times like those, I usually think to myself, "See, that's what was missing!"
  21. That's sort of what I write in my journal almost every day, FWIW. I think I'll recycle or burn it, since every day is described pretty much along those lines, often with "need a solution." It would be less than exciting to read for anyone stumbling upon it.
  22. +1. Maybe something you or I ate or drank? That often tends to do it in my case. You never know what's in food and drink nowadays (xantham gum doesn't sound appetizing).
  23. The body can fix itself, or so we're told... I don't understand how some people get stronger the harder they push, while others wear out. It's not even clear they do anything differently, as with long-distance runners (some of whom have the knee cartilage of teenagers and others that of 100-year olds). There are probably ways to push your hardest in a "good" way to undo damage. Maybe this differs from person to person. I've no idea whether anyone really knows, though a physical therapist might be someone good to ask.
  24. Happy New Year to all! Why does it always seem like the holidays had already taken place an eternity ago? Must be the drudgery and heavy burden that hits as soon as January begins.
  25. Happy winter solstice and New Year! This reminds me of the some of the local slogans to warn drunk drivers: Drive hammered, get nailed Over the limit, under arrest Drunk, drugs or high, it's a DUI
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