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  1. Same with me... I hope your kids give you motivation to break out of this eventually. That's something I've always thought could make all the difference, even if I'm not quite along that path at this point.
  2. Aside from real life, I feel as though I don't fit in on some Web forums as well. One particular support forum seems to have a clique of often-posting members who all help one another, but somehow my posts go unanswered. I'm not on the same wavelength somehow, despite sharing the affliction for which the forum provides support. That can be painful when I go there hoping for some help. I try to help others on there as well, at least as far as I'm able, but I get the feeling I'm seen as an outsider or perhaps even a troll. That's far from my intent, and I'm not sure how to fix it.
  3. They often mean well, but those who've never suffered depression tend to downplay it, telling me to "man up," go out with friends, etc., and solve my own problems. They may listen but not really hear... it may take some experience with depression to appreciate how debilitating it is.
  4. I'm sorry about your cat... mine also ran away years ago from a new house he didn't like. I hope you can find a new one. My parents recently picked up a stray that's also full of loving, at least when not marking his territory in my room. There are lots in need of adoption, and one may just capture your heart again.
  5. "Do not eat the yellow snow." "Woman who put man in doghouse find him in cathouse."
  6. Q: Who is Maria Skłodowska-Curie? A: This Pacific nation consists mainly of four islands, the largest of which is Honshu.
  7. There are ups and downs -- more ups over the last few weeks, at least in the markets. Signs of progress are showing up, but it could be just a bear-market rally. I try to face the music and read all the news I can, mainly to stay up to date. My depression doesn't seem to be affected much by current events, but comes and goes randomly. I can feel OK despite bad events, as well as lousy during happier periods.
  8. Yes, dreams are a source of relief for me, as well as a form of escape, especially when I realize I'm dreaming. Sleep is an antidepressant.
  9. I may be a bit past the highschool/college stage, but have felt similar pressures. I told myself I didn't care what parents or society thought, yet there's little choice but to take part in the charade. In Japan the pressure is so strong that this created a class of hikikomori, or young people who withdraw from society and stay in their homes while rejecting the outside world. Somehow you've got to find your own way and keep going...
  10. It's especially good if you're in a nightmare and realize it's a dream, which becomes a time to have some fun instead. The idea of lucid dreaming is so simple, yet it seems like a universal cure for tough problems with nightmares.
  11. I have one for now, after evading the latest round of layoffs... Unfortunately, the economy is a downer and we're not lifelong salarymen like in Japan, so I feel I can be kicked out onto the street at any time.
  12. I used to, until learning about lucid dreaming (i.e., being able to do anything if you realize you're in a dream). You can fly, transform things, stop bullets, etc., and you can't die, sort of like in a cartoon. This makes sense, because you own your brain and you're master there. I didn't know that there's an entire community of lucid dreamers who look at this as a hobby. The only hitch is realizing you're dreaming, but you can just periodically ask yourself, especially if it seems like you're in a nightmare. (There are also special eye devices that detect REM sleep and flash lights to make a sleeper aware that a dream is taking place; I've never tried these.)
  13. I'm a remission of sorts after stopping Zoloft/Prozac, which unfortunately seemed to worsen the depression. It's now a low-grade but bearable condition, with occasional attacks of the earlier lows. I know it's better than before because I'm able to forget about the depression while working, exercising, reading, etc. Not perfect, but manageable for now.... we'll see how it unfolds.
  14. I like this analogy as well. Some doctors tell cancer patients to imagine their disease as an intruder that gets ripped apart by dogs, or to come up with their own favorite visualization. Supposedly this helps the body fight any disease, and really works. We could do the same to the depression demons.
  15. I've gotten "ho hum" reactions and advice to think positive, look at the bright side, etc. Some people may need to experience real depression to appreciate how debilitating it is. I've tried to draw parallels between depression attacks and bad life events, like death of a spouse or child, cancer diagnosis, etc. -- at least in terms of the mental effects.
  16. Question: Who is Charles Lindbergh? Category: US History Answer: This President suffered from depression, but is renowned as the author of the Gettysburg Address and the Emancipation Proclamation.
  17. This, too, shall pass. It doesn't matter where you are physically as long as your head's in the right place.
  18. I learned about the Cuban cow killed in 1960 by a stray US rocket from Cape Canaveral, and Cuba's official burial of the cow as a victim of "imperialist aggression."
  19. I'm in the very same boat, right down to the age (well, a year or two older). The feelings of emptiness and becoming "old and alone" can be unbearable, especially during attacks of depression. The thought of not being the only one helps somewhat, but even on this forum, there are so many who are married or in relationships. I've always thought having someone would be a basis for eventually defeating depression. Unfortunately, depression prevents this, so it's a vicious cycle.
  20. It's good to hear you're getting some help for free. I'm not even sure what's available or what you need to do without medical insurance. We have enough problems without trying to negotiate the US health-care labyrinth, so I'm hoping Obama delivers on his specific promises to fix things.
  21. Excellent advice that I wish I had heeded. ADs brought me down almost as low as I think I can go, adding anxiety and panic attacks along most of the major side effects (insomnia, loss of appetite, etc.) My doctor was probably a bit too quick in prescribing meds, and I've read too many accounts about how helpful they are. They are a solution for many, but I wouldn't roll the dice again for myself.
  22. Going on day (or night) trips into the wilderness, where depression is often (but not always) kept at bay by concerns like the strenuous terrain, exhaustion, getting lost, heat, cold, rain, fog, etc.
  23. I'd agree with the "life's too short" sentiment. I've had a similar situation, and while it wasn't meant to be, at least the question was settled and I could move on. If it's meant to be, it ought to be happening...
  24. I just read an article about a hedge-fund CEO who was forced to get a pizza-delivery job. Your IT and computer background gives you an edge, though. Here on the WA employment-dept. site, these types of positions are in-demand. Depending on where you are, the local govt. job sites or the big national ones like Monster might give some leads. Another potential source is any local job fairs. It could take a while before the economy improves, but don't give up...
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