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  1. Got the very same problem... even becoming tough to sleep, depending on the position. Doctor had x-ray done and told me it's likely tendonitis, recommending PT. I don't know -- it feels too awful to be something simple, but it's been months with it constantly causing pain in different ways. I don't even know what I did to cause it. In any case, I hope you get past it...
  2. Took a couple years more than expected, but "churches packed full by Easter" finally materialized. I got KFC takeout to celebrate, but managed to overdo it with the champagne.
  3. That somehow sounds inspiring... All I need is peace and quiet (and no toxic waste dump or glue factory nearby, being downstream from an old rickety dam, threatened by a muddy sloping hillside, in the middle of a dry forest due for a massive conflagration, etc.)
  4. I may need to move in short order and I'm wondering what I'd be getting myself into... all the hassles, trials, tribulations, etc., from paperwork to payment to maintenance to that very first day sleeping there. Long story, but there might be very little notice and I might have to jump on the first place that seems reasonable (preferring rural or country with maybe a couple acres). Any advice much appreciated, especially the things they don't tell you...
  5. Trying to finish taxes. When I was poor and in school, I got refunds. When I'm poor and working, I owe. This must be taxation without representation or something. No matter what, the government will get its pound of flesh at your expense.
  6. There are some other peculiar changes as well. One is drivers at night with their headlights off. I'm seeing at least one or two every time nowadays. It didn't seem to be this way in the past. I've no idea if it's just me somehow or if it's a real trend. Regarding rudeness, at least we now have a good excuse for the "strategic street crossing" when someone is walking towards you (or trampling through the bushes on the side if it's not feasible to cross).
  7. Hopefully you can jump it, whether with someone else's car or one of those portable power units (also good for charging cell phones and even plugging in the TV during emergencies). They say this is as good as it gets, but they also say it could always be worse. I guess this reflects something about the world.
  8. Yes, it's unfortunate, but anything seeming to go my way is always highly suspect. It's more a source of anxiety than happiness. Many would say just go with the flow and take the good with the bad, except the good tends to be false hope and the bad tends to blindside.
  9. Yes, it's sort of like impostor syndrome in my case, except what if I'm a real impostor? One can only wish for better luck in terms of genetics and whatever else produced one's talents and abilities (or lack thereof). Nonetheless, there's always the hope you can find something where you're better than everyone else. I'm still searching! If it exists, let's hope it can be found before it no longer matters.
  10. White noise can work, though I'd recommend ear plugs. Perhaps not very glamorous, but they do the job for me, even against the leaf blowers under my windows. They reduce the noise sufficiently. Be sure to get the industrial-strength ones with 33db noise reduction. (The package even used to list "shooting" as a use, but this went away, perhaps because of the political climate. "Power tools" and "sleep" are still there.)
  11. How do you cure daily feelings of impending doom and a sense of dread every morning as to what the day will bring? The thing is, I usually get hit out of the blue, as opposed to something I predict. As such, Murphy's Law would stipulate that the bad things I predict are next in line.
  12. I think there's a high legal bar for false advertising. That's probably because almost all advertising is "false" in some sense, as in exaggerating the virtues of the product and making subjective claims like "We're #1!" One man's hovel is the advertiser's country club, just like one man's Fabulous Fred (anyone remember that one?) is another's video game arcade.
  13. I remember that being state of the art at one point, at least if it's in working condition. Nonetheless, at least it's better than those candy bars at 33 cents each or 2 for a dollar...
  14. Without doxxing myself, I'll just say that any place close to Big Tech is like this, especially CA and WA. If the likes of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. is in the area, housing prices go through the roof. And that's despite that only a select lucky few work for those companies, one would imagine -- maybe at most thousands out of the millions living in the area?
  15. Thanks, I certainly hope so. I just don't see how this is sustainable in any way. Even for highly paid tech workers, $2M for an average old suburban house seems like a stretch. A bare-bones hovel runs you $1M here. assuming you can find one and not be outbid by dozens of way-over-asking offers. It would be a lot cheaper just to join the ranks of the "unsheltered." The gap between the haves and have-nots has never been larger and mushrooms more every day.
  16. So much for buying a house. There are none left anywhere near me that are under 7 figures. More and more prices start with a 2 instead of a 1. Even though the area is tech-rich, hardly everyone works in tech. In fact, it should be a minority. How can anyone else afford anything here?
  17. Yes, if only one had the means to leave these dregs behind and have a bit of time in the end. At least some semblance of peace and freedom before you pass. Sadly, even this seems like too much to ask. Maybe it's somewhat morbid, but I find myself wondering more and more about how I'll pass. Will I know my last week? Day? Hour, or even minute? It's sort of a fascinating question to behold.
  18. Wishing I could be out of the rat race so that Monday would be just a day, as opposed to something to dread every week.
  19. Probably, but you're not paranoid if everyone is really out to get you. This also brings to mind the notion that you can't have impostor syndrome if you're a real impostor, as in my case...
  20. At least that's a COVID silver lining: You can cross the road or walk as far to the side as possible to avoid someone coming towards you. In the past, this was a sign of unfriendliness, hostility or even racism, depending on who's headed towards you. Not that it was much different in the past for me, but at least now there's plausible legitimacy to a strategic street crossing or trampling through bushes to get away from your fellow pedestrians.
  21. As I recall, the only good thing about spring forward was when we got to church and the mass was already finished. What a feeling of lightness that was...
  22. I think they still say that we're all in this together. What they don't say is that some of us are getting way more money out of this than others. Nothing like jacking up prices to match "the market" while capping salary increases to maintain "competitiveness."
  23. Yes, that should be good. Parallel realities offer hope that there's something better over there, if only we could figure out a way to get there.
  24. That's always brutal. Brings back my own memories from (very) long ago. I should have picked up all the little hints, like her clearly indicating that she wanted nothing to do with me! Years later, I saw her with someone who was pretty much the opposite of me in appearance. At least it finally became funny then!
  25. That would seem more like an indicator of "urban renewal" or other development in your area. I may be older, yet even my kindergarten still exists, along with every school after that. That's mainly because they've been around for a long time and will likely be around long after I'm not. Nonetheless, I'm a bit disturbed by the high-rise apartment blocks that replaced the sunny wheat fields and cool streams I remember from my youth. It's a jarring juxtaposition of memories and reality.
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