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  1. You hired Jackson Galaxy? Cats fear his beard and sideburns, so they obey.
  2. Maybe Jackson Galaxy can help? I used to have a stray mother cat with a daughter cat. The mother was the most loving cat I've come across, while the daughter snapped at me and threw up all over the floor. I don't know how to modify cat behavior, unfortunately.
  3. Yes, there are good people on here. Nonetheless, I'd agree about this being true IRL. I would also add that most people are willing to help out, provided it's a one-time or short-lasting thing. The long haul is a different story. For example, anyone would probably help someone hurt in an accident or let someone homeless stay over for a day or two. Providing daily care to someone hurt or letting someone homeless stay for weeks or even indefinitely... not so much.
  4. Yep, you know it's bad when the snow truck is stuck in the snow. What's with the crazy weather all across the country? They say it's climate change, but it seems a bit sudden. Along these lines, we've had massive rain and people's houses have slid down the hillside. These seem to be multi-million dollar homes, too, stable since they were built who knows how long ago. They say the people lost everything, but they've got to have money (and insurance) to be able to afford living here... they'll do fine, no doubt.
  5. Similar in my case. Gone are the days when any problem fixed itself automagically. The doctor recommends PT for anything and everything. In the past, I was sort of told to tough it out. That's just the magic of aging
  6. I wish there were a limit to the badness. Sadly, it seems things always can get worse. I recall a Mad Mag piece about someone walking into a cathedral seeking inspiration and instead finding a severed finger. At times like those, I usually think to myself, "See, that's what was missing!"
  7. That's sort of what I write in my journal almost every day, FWIW. I think I'll recycle or burn it, since every day is described pretty much along those lines, often with "need a solution." It would be less than exciting to read for anyone stumbling upon it.
  8. +1. Maybe something you or I ate or drank? That often tends to do it in my case. You never know what's in food and drink nowadays (xantham gum doesn't sound appetizing).
  9. The body can fix itself, or so we're told... I don't understand how some people get stronger the harder they push, while others wear out. It's not even clear they do anything differently, as with long-distance runners (some of whom have the knee cartilage of teenagers and others that of 100-year olds). There are probably ways to push your hardest in a "good" way to undo damage. Maybe this differs from person to person. I've no idea whether anyone really knows, though a physical therapist might be someone good to ask.
  10. Happy New Year to all! Why does it always seem like the holidays had already taken place an eternity ago? Must be the drudgery and heavy burden that hits as soon as January begins.
  11. Happy winter solstice and New Year! This reminds me of the some of the local slogans to warn drunk drivers: Drive hammered, get nailed Over the limit, under arrest Drunk, drugs or high, it's a DUI
  12. You've got to admire his honesty, though!
  13. Happy holidays to all... whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or even winter solstice celebration! May 2022 and after be happier (or at least less painful) than 2021 and before.
  14. Slept (or passed out) in a wrong position and still have ribcage pain... bruised or broken ribs, perhaps, or who knows what. The doctor is out, like all doctors during this time, and urgent care is too expensive... so I guess it'll be interesting over Christmas. Happy holidays to all (even though it's a day or so early)!
  15. It's also become truly disturbing how each side refers to the other as depraved, disgusting, even evil. Could it be that both sides are right? It's increasingly looking this way, at least for some of the particularly egregious examples that tend to make the news.
  16. How do you know whether a new pain will go away by itself or require treatment? And whether or not you should stop exercising as a result? During my days of youth, everything seemed to fix itself magically... but now I hear a lot about rotator cuff tears, bone-on-bone arthritis, etc. Some things will still fix themselves, others may not, so old age brings with a form of gambling, it seems. Got a new shoulder pain along these lines, so just wondering.
  17. I think I knew his type as a kid, when he pulled a couple of my teeth. That was an experience dreaded by everyone. I remember not looking forward to the day of the procedure. The instrument was basically metal pliers. It was everything I expected -- it felt like he was trying to rip my head off along with the tooth.
  18. Sounds like it's time to change dentists... I can't imagine any medical professional behaving this way! Last time I was told I was a root canal candidate if a tooth got worse. Naturally, it did, so I see root canal in my future. ☹
  19. Well, that's awesome! You get one reasonable offer and you're free. This housing market has been all over the place. Sadly, I'd be on the buying end!
  20. Fortunately (?), there are plenty of those around, since no one wants to work. The local gas station is advertising $20/hour. Probably a few bucks more once you move up from assistant gas pumper to associate gas pumper. Aren't we lucky?
  21. Wish I could do the same! But the lack of income would be a problem. I wish I were one of those "discouraged workers" who don't figure into the official gov't unemployment stats, yet can somehow live. How do they do it?
  22. The post-Thanksgiving letdown is here, starting with Black Friday and continuing with the newly usual sequence of whatever days. If I were free, however, Jan. 2 might seem like a holiday of sorts, when you're able to do whatever you want while others are facing the renewed drudgery of the year just starting.
  23. Happy Thanksgiving (FWIW)! Sadly, it's just this and a few weeks till Christmas, then New Year's drunken fest, and suddenly the drudgery rematerializes into a brand new year. Don't you hate Jan. 2 (or wherever the first workday of the new year happens to fall)?
  24. That's for the best if you want to attend the GOP convention, since Big Bird is persona non grata (bird non grata?) because of his tweet about getting vaccinated. Speaking of big birds, happy Thanksgiving to all, even though it's a bit early.
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