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  1. I dreamt that I was back with someone I dated when she was 12 years older than I, except she stayed the same age and now I'm 12 years older than she. As such, it was her turn to drop me to make up for breaking it off with her all those years ago.
  2. A lot of common ground here... I hope we all can find some sort of answers. I'm at a loss myself, but won't give that up just yet.
  3. If you never drank before the age of 40 or so, do you have some leeway if you happen to "discover" it and hit the bottle hard? That is, how much time before the liver goes, or other crucial parts? 5 years? 10 years? And what if there are mitigating factors, like drinking lots of coffee and green tea every day (which are supposed to protect the liver), as well as walking at least an hour daily and doing tough workouts 3-4 times a week? I'm just asking...
  4. Good advice, though easier said than done... Maybe that's where a good therapist would be helpful. On the other hand, it seems to me that if a therapist can do this verbally, so can we by convincing ourselves as you suggest. I'm just short on ideas as to exactly how. 🙂
  5. Yes, from all the details you gave, I think she wanted you to stick around and got upset when you turned to leave. Maybe not quite the same, but along similar lines as in the last minute or so in this video:
  6. Brain (not human -- I believe it was calf). I don't know if it's even sold anymore in the US, but I remember this "delicacy" from childhood. Simply couldn't stomach it and vomited if I tried.
  7. "Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go." - Oscar Wilde ...and so on that note, bye for now!
  8. Trying to terminate troublesome thoughts tends to tantalize.
  9. My parents spent some harrowing hours trying to catch a young female stray cat that someone apparently dumped in the wilderness. I think the cat eventually let itself be taken, or they wouldn't have managed it. Turned out to be the most affectionate and empathetic cat, even during those times she brought me half a dead mouse or a bird, insisting with loud meows that I take and eat it...
  10. I don't think it has anything to do with any choice I'm making, consciously or not. I wish it did...
  11. I joined 10 years ago in the middle of a crisis. Seems they come every 10 years for no clear reason (other than being alone with no future prospects). I didn't even know such forums existed, but this one came up among the first in web search results. After the worst passed, I visited only occasionally for a few years. This time I may stay, even if the crisis passes, just in case I can help someone (for whatever my help may be worth).
  12. Yes, that seems to be the case in so many areas -- relationships, academics, career, etc. The complaint that "life is not fair" is met with the response that "the universe is not fair," which doesn't really help all that much. This is why I avoid comparing myself with others. Unfortunately, in some cases it's unavoidable, such as when interviewing for jobs and even keeping a job in the face of competition (or something worse like backstabbing coworkers).
  13. I think both of you are correct. The apparent disagreement can be explained by genetics as well. Some traits are universal, as when someone is "everyone's type," but it's also a question of a genetic match. Seemingly unattractive people may complement each other genetically to produce superior offspring, making them both feel a deep, special attraction and love when the biology translates to human terms. Unfortunately, this has a flip side as well, as when apparently good-looking people can't find anyone. Potential partners may be subconsciously turned off by perceived genetic defects, limitations, or simply the lack of a match. I believe this goes a long way towards explaining the experiences of at least some "incel" people, many of whom are considered just fine in terms of looks, but who seem utterly unable to find anyone.
  14. Does this include YouTube? Almost anything with more than a million subscribers or 10 million views. I'm not trying to be a snob or anything, but why do the quality and appeal tend to go down as the subscribers and views go up?
  15. Best birthday wishes, @June322! I hope something good comes of this day. As a kid, I used to add years to my age on my birthday. These days I would rather subtract.
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