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  1. I have decided similarly, except I wish there were some path towards self-sufficiency. There's the notion of "discouraged worker" that I never really understood. I may be discouraged, but still need to make ends meet somehow without being independently wealthy or relying on family money...
  2. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back. But this apparently applies only to them, not me, and they're satisfied with my money.
  3. If a truck carrying lights weighs over 35,000 pounds, is it still a light truck?
  4. Sunny, blue and comfortable temperatures. Couldn't ask for much more inspiration, if I were able to enjoy it...
  5. The news on the radio started with "A man walked into a bar." I thought I was listening to a comedy show.
  6. IT. Helping people with computer problems. Defusing situations where they want to throw the computer out the window.
  7. Yes, except for the ultra-wealthy planning their space joyrides and the like. Often they also intend to live forever, first by slowing and stopping aging, then by uploading themselves into some permanent medium. (And if they should die early, they have a plan to freeze (or vitrify) their corpses for future resurrection when technology advances sufficiently.)
  8. Inspiring blue skies and balmy temperatures outside. If I could enjoy anything, I'd have gone somewhere remote, as in the past... got many favorite places around here. Maybe one day it'll be possible again. Best 4th of July wishes to all! Or just general best wishes if that's not a relevant holiday for one reason or another...
  9. Well, this was indeed a heat wave for the ages. 3 straight days of 100+. All-time records broken, and not by just a couple of degrees. Approached 120 in some hotspots. Global warming supposedly contributed only 1-2 extra degrees to this. Naturally, this makes people think it's not a problem. But it's a bit like saying that everything's OK because just a little bit of the house has burned thus far.
  10. 114 degrees in the least air conditioned city in America? Maybe I'll take a walk on the streets and collect all the "Hot enough for ya?" comments.
  11. Yes, it's just that there's a psychological effect, or maybe psychosomatic. That is, my brain tells me they're stale and foul, even when they're perfectly fine. Wish I knew a way to overcome this.
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