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  1. Vertically Perforated Toilet Paper
  2. That's a familiar feeling to me as well. I'm afraid I'm short on solutions, though maybe it helps to know that others are in the same boat. Not that I'd want anyone to stay in that boat. One other thing that helps a bit is along the lines of @legacy6364's comment regarding meaning and purpose. Maybe there's something we could do to help this world and others living in it, as trite as that sounds. Many say that their children are their life in this context, though that's inapplicable to me (probably will never happen). In any case, I have hope that something will come along, even if this grows dimmer with each day.
  3. I'm sort of thinking along the same lines. Instead of a house, another possibility is to buy a good RV or camper and just hit the road. At least this could work if you have nothing keeping you in one place, such as family responsibilities or medical conditions. Still, it's nice to have a fixed residence as well. A cheap home or cabin somewhere in the wilderness (or close by) would be my suggestion (and possibly a plan for me, too). I'm afraid I can't help much with making friends, as I don't really have many at all. My experience is that "it just happens." It can't be forced; people just have to be on the same wavelength somehow.
  4. "Keyboard not detected. Press any key to continue." And I thought that was just an urban legend... 😂
  5. Coffee that tasted like burned plastic, courtesy of coffee machine at work.
  6. I think this forum should be safe on that front... or at least I would hope no one here would deliberately make you suffer more when it's already bad enough. Those kinds of episodes hit me hard as well. They do pass eventually, but it's tough to predict when. If it's been bad since Christmas, it would normally start to lighten up a little in my case. I hope the same happens for you... other than that, I'm afraid I'm short on any real solutions, which I could definitely use as well.
  7. Agreed -- I didn't know him well, but his posts helped me even while he was helping others. So sorry to hear about his passing... wish I could have given him some thanks for all he did.
  8. If going to the future doesn't work out, that would've been my choice as well, at least if I had been a single child. I'm not sure about robbing my siblings of their lives, but then I suppose no one would've been the wiser if none of us existed. I'm also wondering whether anyone here feels resentment towards their parents because they did get together. Of course, it's not their fault, but it's hard to be unselfish and reasonable about this.
  9. It's from Atlantis, but SG1 and SGU also have their own independent takes on the idea. (I replied with a video clip from Atlantis, but the post was marked as "Hidden" for some reason, so I've no idea if anyone but me is able to see it.)
  10. The Alternate Reality Drive itself is from Atlantis. Here's one clip: [video removed] Stargate Atlantis - Alternate Reality Drive & Alternate Daedalus (S5E4) [Admiral Titan Channel, YouTube] Independently, the same concept is used in some SG1 and SGU episodes as well. Strangely enough, most of the alternate realities tend to be worse, but I suppose it wouldn't be good for the plot if the characters wanted to stay instead of doing their best to get back to their own.
  11. Yes, and there's also the idea of alternative presents, as in parallel universes. These might actually be real, given current physics theory (there are experiments planned to test this out). Somehow that idea is helpful, mainly in the sense that maybe we're just living in the wrong timeline. There could well be alternate timelines where we're free of the problems plaguing us in this one. (If you've watched the Stargate series, you might have seen the episode(s) with the Alternate Reality Drive. We could definitely use it here, even if only to appreciate what's possible.)
  12. Does it have to be in the past? If I were to pick an era, I'd opt for the distant future, when depression and mental illness in general may be curable. Hopefully such a time will come, though humans might have migrated out of their biological bodies and into some sort of other substrate -- whether a virtual universe or some form of natural existence. (The sci-fi notion of ascension comes to mind.) Should humanity not survive (for whatever reason), that would also be a good era for me (that is, assuming I don't exist).
  13. Often it seems it's true what someone said in jest, namely that "Whatever does not **** you only makes you suffer and wish you were dead." Depression in particular causes pain that one can never get used to. If anything, it only gets worse, or at least the dread is greater when you know it's coming again.
  14. Good way to put it. Life is a life sentence, and death is freedom, ironically enough. Or so it can seem. This sentiment is on the mark for me as well. I wish there were some purpose to all this. There's a bit of hope in that maybe this will become clear at some point, but it grows fainter by the day.
  15. That's pretty much the only thing in my case -- the possibility that something can change, even though it's been so long with nothing on the horizon. Maybe it will even happen while we are still alive and have some time left. Unfortunately, those limits definitely exist and every day brings them closer.
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