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  1. I've had a few myself, but COVID got me anyway in the end (just a couple weeks ago). In terms of the shots, the government doesn't seem to offer clear guidance as to what to do if you caught COVID. I have absolutely no idea whether or not to get whichever booster happens to be recommended at this juncture
  2. That's actually not a bad idea, though I tend to have a "freezing" problem at the beginning if I don't practice at least the opening. If I can get that on autopilot, the rest follows naturally. I'm apparently not alone with the freezing... there are videos of presenters going up on stage, getting ready to speak, but then simply walking off. The same goes for piano players and other performers. Better just to walk off than to try winging it in such cases...
  3. I'm sure there are more than a few such people here... I've had to do presentations for work, not to mention the ones in school, which were similar in terms of the anxiety. I've never really been able to prevent anxiety before the talk, but this applies only during the beginning. Once I'm "warmed up," it's mostly gone -- you just focus on the presentation. Thus, I've usually practiced mainly the start of talks, just to get off to a good start before the anxiety departs. The other helpful aspect is to treat the presentation as though you're conveying something worthwhile and valuable to the audience. That is, be "proud" of what you're presenting. Hopefully, that'd usually be the case, unless you're trying to fool people or talk about something you don't really believe in...
  4. Not to encourage anything harmful, but my philosophy on this is starting to change as I'm getting older. I'm reminded of the Vikings about to die who reminisced fondly over their days of feasting and drinking. Their only regret was that they hadn't drunk even more and more often. I wonder who on their deathbed wishes they had drunk less... at least assuming they accepted their fate. If I'm aware of my final hours or minutes, I'll probably be like those Vikings.
  5. The "cool" video games will run you $59.95 or so. I know people who do nothing but play video games all day. I can only wish for this type of freedom (even if I'd be choosing to do other things). Aside from the gap between the billionaires and those with nothing, that's also a sort of unfairness, particularly in a country like the US. Some people work three jobs and still can't make ends meet, while others inherit their money and can do whatever they want. On the other hand, no one said the universe was fair (and most of us here can probably attest to that).
  6. I think the spammers will get tired and leave eventually, especially if they get no return from their spamming campaigns. Nonetheless, it takes a real piece of work of a spammer to abuse a site like this, where many go to find some support and relief from the daily pain.
  7. Indeed, back when I (or rather my family) had cats, it seemed the cats somehow were a better class of friend even while totally ignoring me (which is a cat prerogative). On occasion, it hit home just how much the cats were NOT ignoring me but rather completely trusting in me... one example is when my cat dropped down the tree and immediately sprinted towards me while being chased by a rival enemy cat. The rival was feral and immediately reversed course when s/he noticed me. It was sort of an amusing experience
  8. Yes, I would also care only about stopping the threat. I don't have emotions at that point. What's annoying is that a place seems perfectly safe and hasn't been hit in recorded memory, if ever, only to be targeted out of randomness. I'm wondering when the day will come when the randomness is not in my favor.
  9. Yes, though burglars have been known to sue their victims for things like tripping hazards and broken stairs. The "progressive" government in my area tends to look askance at any violence resulting from home invasions and the like... I'm not sure we have anything like a Castle Doctrine or whatever the term is. One can only hope I never get to find out.
  10. Thanks, makes sense... now that I think of it, even Amazon sometimes sends purchases via USPS. Every day I wonder whether this is the day I'll be coming home to the door slightly ajar and everything trashed inside... or maybe something more subtle, like all my stuff gone.
  11. The nextdoor.com neighbors site has people posting pictures of the mail thief currently making the rounds in a stolen car... and it's a bit too close for comfort, especially since my locked mailbox was open somehow when I checked it today. There was one other box I saw rigged open in the shed. I don't get it... what do people receive in the mail that could possibly be all that valuable? The only thing I can think of is credit cards, but these require activation nowadays and are useless otherwise. Is it my Mad Magazine (but I let that subscription run out a while back)? Or are they casing places to see what people might have (e.g., if you receive a magazine about valuable coins, guns, or whatever, they might assume you have those things on the premises... which I don't!)
  12. I used to spend the day around the coastal logging lands or sagebrush steppes when I lived around those regions. Still isolating, since almost no one goes there in winter (or most other times). Nonetheless, at least it's therapeutic to be around nature. Depending on where you live, maybe there are some good places along those lines?
  13. I hope you get that resolved. It's great to have a job lined up, particularly given the recent layoff madness. At least there seem to be some jobs out there, but the high-paying lucrative positions are the ones getting cut. My old apartment got flooded several times, once when I was away for a couple days... came back to the pleasant smell of waterlogged carpet rot. (Leaky water heaters in the apartments next door -- lucky it didn't happen in the apartment above me.)
  14. More massive layoffs in the news... seems every company wants in on the action. But one day we'll be leaving the rat race, one way or another.
  15. Thanks, yes, it'd certainly be a downer. However, they say that what we worry about tends never to happen. Nonetheless, I'm sure the universe can make an exception to this rule based on its own whims...
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