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  1. It's amazing that popular streamers and other media stars can make millions for playing video games or opening packages. Compare this to a guy who actually does something useful, like picking up garbage or doing brain surgery. They get paid far less. (Well, garbagemen do make nice change because no one wants to be picking up nasty garbage at 4am, and brain surgeons do make money as well, but not the millions or more made by playing Fortnite or unboxing dolls.) You can devote your life to studying, getting a degree and advancing in your career via hard work -- or you can play video games and get paid lots more while doing something fun. Your choice!
  2. Well, isn't his visor hooked into the cloud so he knows the answers before the questions are even asked? Or rather the questions before the answers are asked. Or answered. Ok, it doesn't make much sense, but then what in this world does?
  3. The vaccine is Bill Gates injecting nanobots into your bloodstream so that he can control your mind, enabling the deep state to put its agenda in play. I read it on the Internet.
  4. Apparently there were people who survived both atomic bombings in Japan. One guy was in Hiroshima when the first bomb dropped, then went on a business trip to Nagasaki just in time to take on the second bomb. If this were me, I'd probably think the world was ending, as opposed to merely attributing it to my bad luck.
  5. True story: I once ran out of tissue in the wilderness and used poison ivy leaves instead. (I didn't know that's what they were at the time.) Strangely enough, most of the subsequent blistering was on my hands, with almost none where you would most expect it. From some investigation, it appears this was because urushiol oil (the active ingredient in poison ivy) has to sit on the skin for a few minutes before it seeps in and starts to take effect. When you wipe, you're actually getting rid of most of it or spreading it around so thinly that it does little damage. It goes without saying that if you happen to touch poison ivy, you have a few minutes to wipe or wash it off and prevent most of the unfortunate consequences.
  6. Overpopulation is certainly happening, but I think the root cause is something else. All I can say is that many people out there driving are not qualified to operate a vehicle on the road. In the areas where I walk, there are a number of "hot spots" that really make this apparent. For example, one classic of a crosswalk reveals somewhat frighteningly how so many drivers will look one way while turning the other... straight into a pedestrian. Over the years, I nearly got run over too many times to count.
  7. Depression tends to eliminate anger (along with other emotions), so it would seem that it should resolve any unresolved anger and thus go away by itself. But it doesn't, which seems to throw a wrench into that hypothesis...
  8. So do I. But for some reason, people park right next to me anyway, despite that there are plenty of open spaces nearby. Almost as annoying as the guy who sits right next to you in the movie theater, even though there are plenty of open seats everywhere. At least that's how it was pre-COVID.
  9. If you mean dealing with being stuck in the rat race, you just need to be a zombie and go about everything like an automaton. Actually, this comes naturally after a while. If you mean leaving the rat race, I guess you could just save up enough or find a career where there are no rats or races. I'd love to hear viewpoints and suggestions on this as well...
  10. Definitely freedom, assuming you can really do anything you want. This would seem to imply all your needs are covered, you have shelter, food, etc. If you want to seek out someone, you have the freedom to do so as well. If you're stuck in the rat race and trying to save up for retirement, etc., that's not it.
  11. I need a bubble like that. In fact, I'm in the market for one, but there's a bubble bubble right now, it seems. Everyone is buying up all available bubbles and jacking up the prices.
  12. Indeed. I wonder how much of that money is wasted by going to those who don't need it, while at the same time undercutting those who do. It's a lose-lose situation that makes no sense.
  13. I hear the vaccine is a means by which Bill Gates wants to inject nanobots into your bloodstream in order to control your mind and orchestrate the new world order. But I thought with Hillary at the helm, Soros providing the funds, and Obama as the main wirepuller, the deep state was already doing this via the annual "flu" vaccinations?
  14. Strangely enough, the handwipes I've used are 124 proof (62% ethyl alcohol), exactly the same as the absinthe I've drunk. (And it's not isopropyl alcohol, either. Ethyl alcohol is drinking alcohol.)
  15. I remember the first time I got a chocolate bunny. I was a naive kid, so I thought the whole thing was solid chocolate. My reality changed when I discovered that it's just a chocolate shell filled with air. I think this was the first time I started seeing the world as not all good and perhaps even hopelessly evil for pulling something as viciously nasty as this.
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