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  1. Indeed, maybe one day we'll learn something to help us get out of this fix... at least that's part of hope. There must be some sort of a solution, if only we knew enough...
  2. Yep, I tend to be instantly suspicious if things seem to be going well... better to expect that kick in the teeth than to get blindsided (but then I guess it doesn't make too much of a difference...)
  3. Stargate SG1... it's back again on Amazon Prime. I've no idea why it continues to disappear and reappear on there, but I'll take it when it's there.
  4. Summer's not quite done with us here yet, even though it's fall. I'll take dark and rain over the never-ending series of heat waves, though. The longer the nights, the more time to sleep...
  5. That's a goal to strive towards -- it's unfortunate that money is really the only thing needed, at least if one is able to be a hermit. It also explains why being excluded from cliques or ostracized in general is so painful for kids. They may not realize it consciously, but dependence on others is their vulnerability. They know they're not really equipped, whether mentally or financially, to go it alone in life.
  6. Shiver me timbers... better hoist the Jolly Roger and get an extra dose of maraudin' and plunderin'!
  7. There's just something wrong with this world... On the one hand, you have billionaires to whom what you say is as alien as life in other galaxies. There are even YouTube, TikTok and whatnot stars who "earn" millions for videos of themselves opening boxes and playing video games. On the other extreme, there are people who actually do useful and necessary work, yet are treated like crap and forced to suffer the types of ordeals you describe. I can't wait to be out of this.
  8. At least sleep brings some relief, no? If you're able to sleep, that is; otherwise, I can certainly understand. Especially as it gets light outside and you realize another day is coming without much of a break.
  9. Good to hear. Visual migraines are still a bit frightening to me, even if I know what I'm experiencing. The pulsating zig-zag patterns and temporary partial blindness just seem like something from a stroke or worse. Thankfully, it seems these migraines are completely harmless and you recover without any ill effects.
  10. I've heard many and seen a few, probably because they thought I was a small rodent. After buzzing me, they seemed to realize I was not small or a rodent and retreated into the trees. I could see them perching there and looking down, as though I would turn into a small rodent.
  11. Yes, seems like the only semblance of relief from the day... at least until waking up! But I'll take what I can get for the time being. I trust there are solutions down the line...
  12. There have always been divisions, but least we were able to agree to disagree and live harmoniously despite our differences. Nowadays, it seems each side considers the other to be evil somehow, or not worthy of existing and needing to be destroyed. That's the crucial difference in my mind. On the other hand, everyone just wants to live peaceably and enjoyably, FWIW. Or so I would hope. These divisions shouldn't be such fundamental stumbling blocks.
  13. I think we'd be fighting anyway... it's hard to imagine any sort of real increase in the divisions already present. Whatever one side does, it will be criticized by the other. As with gas prices up and down recently, either side can always find reasons why anything is good or bad.
  14. Yeah, I wish they told us before we resolved to clear our debts and made all those sacrifices to repay our loans so we could move on with our lives I also feel for those still saddled with the debt, but making $120,000.01 a year (or whatever the lowest disqualifying figure is). Then again, I guess if you earn that much, you can afford to repay Not to get all political, just reflecting some criticism I've heard within the workplace...
  15. That's how it feels to me as well. They say no one does, but I don't really know who "they" are or how they manage. On top of that, it feels as though a sword of Damocles can fall on me any day...
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