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  1. Dota 2 I just wish I could enjoy it. I go through the motions and see no point in it.
  2. If the eyes are a window into the soul, some might not want others to peer into theirs -- and vice versa, since it goes both ways. However, I believe the window reveals only the thoughts and emotions someone is having at the moment, so I think it's possible to hide others by focusing on what you want to convey. If I do need to make eye contact, I try to think something happy or positive, like beautiful landscapes or people, something enjoyable, some good memories, etc.
  3. Being ugly (or stupid, etc.) is bad enough, but what's worse is that society somehow makes it the person's fault (even if implicitly) -- despite that he or she had absolutely no say in it and can't do anything about it. It starts very early, when the "ugly" or "stupid" kids are picked out for bullying by their peers and even some adults. It just gets worse from there and into adulthood, when it affects relationships (and lack thereof), friendships, employment, career progress, etc. It keeps piling on when depression and other ills are also triggered by it.
  4. That passage is a pretty accurate assessment, and this sums it up nicely. Especially with the current government, there's a sense that America doesn't take care of its people anymore (and that's the classic measure of a nation). Sure, it's great for a lucky few, but the social support system seems designed to keep people alive mainly to torture, not to enable them to have good lives. Aside from this, I don't think we've ever had a country so divided, and it gets worse by the day.
  5. Arrogant ants are an annoyance and antagonize anyone around.
  6. Money From Manny Loan Services "No broken bones if you pay by 6pm"
  7. . That's an interesting topic, as I'm in sort of a similar boat (except for being an extrovert). I had a different "best friend" in each of early childhood, grammar school, high school, college and grad school. That would be 5 best friends, each very close for years, in times good and bad, with our many deep and emotional talks -- and all gone for many years or decades now. It's somewhat strange how that happened. I can't explain it, other than the "petering out" of contact and the vibes you mentioned. I suspect depression puts off such vibes without awareness on our part. Maybe the associated loss of interest in everything translates into subconscious signals of not needing others?
  8. When leaving your driveway, don't turn one way while looking the other to make sure it's safe. It's not safe unless both sides are safe.
  9. Feeling like I don't belong in this world (or this timeline). When young(er), did you ever envision anything like the present reality of yourself and everything else?
  10. Cat Cap (inspired by Davy Crockett's raccoon hat)
  11. Wow, I guess no one likes to talk about work! And I don't blame you. 🙂 My days are mostly the same -- that is, wondering if my key card will still work. People are usually let go with no notice, probably to reduce incidents of violence. As we hear sometimes in the news, some just tend to react badly. My field is computer engineering/R&D. I like it, but it's become a discipline for the young (meaning under 40 or even 30). There's a culture of "ageism" that's pretty apparent. There's nothing resembling job security, old-style pensions, etc. There's a recent lawsuit against IBM by workers who claim they were fired because of age discrimination. Apparently there's mention of culling the "gray hairs" and "old heads" in some "locker room" internal emails, so they just might have a good case. Still, even if they win, I'm not sure Mark Zuckerberg's comments that "young people are just smarter" will be rejected by the industry. A job at an animal shelter sounds great... I don't think cats or dogs care about things such as above.
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