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  1. Thanks, at least it's good to hear that there's some real estate that may still be cheap. All I would really want is peace and quiet. I wonder whether it's similar more to the west, like Indiana or Illinois or S/N Dakota. I used to live on the east coast and learned that the farther away from there, the better.
  2. Yes, that's been sort of a dream of mine for years. Every day I imagine being free somewhere remote, away from the corporate swamp. I wish I had the means... maybe one day, if I live long enough.
  3. Yes, I wish I knew their secret. Maybe it's as simple as not having depression in the clinical sense. At least they prove to us that it is possible, which somehow helps sometimes.
  4. Maybe it would also help to know that intelligent people tend to be either bona fide loners or simply content with themselves, whether or not they're in the company of others. At least that's according to some recent studies. The proposed explanation is that the smart ones don't need others as much, since they have the intelligence to survive and prosper by themselves. The less intelligent might also ostracize others in an attempt to wield power (having no other good way to do it), but this doesn't work against the more intelligent. FWIW, but at least it's something else to consider.
  5. Maybe some of the smoke has been cleared, but the system passing through has hardly been a weathermaker. This smoke wants to stay. 😣
  6. Tired of smoke and unhealthy to hazardous air, not to mention the gloomy darkness. An additional "benefit" is that the red sun you see is just as hazardous to your retinas as during bright daylight, they say. Just a minor example of inequality that actually impacts your health quite seriously: The wealthy have AC and filtration in their lakeside villas and mansions, while the rest of us can't find a crappy air purifier at Walmart, because they've been sold out. (Sure, you can blame us for lack of preparation, but no one could quite have predicted this any more than a meteor hitting your head and you failing to wear a helmet.)
  7. Still smoky with a chance of ash. But rain and wind is forecast to move in here around Friday and start to clear things up. Sometimes it feels as though you're sleeping in the smoking section, and you can see ash particles in the air. They say it can be the equivalent of smoking 8 packs a day. This is where the rich people with central AC and air filtering in their mansions win out over the rest of us working slobs...
  8. Feeling like sleeping all day. Work from home feels like I'm doing nothing. Not that the job is at all secure; it can disappear at any moment. I think they used just to disable your key card without advance notice, but how do they do it virtually? You suddenly find that you can't log in anymore?
  9. Smoky with a chance of ash. For several days now, including all weekend long.
  10. If a fire station burns down, does this mean it wasn't a very good fire station? Or is it that no one expects a fire in a fire station?
  11. Dark, smoky skies all weekend here and still going strong. Feels like the depths of autumn, except this is smoke, not gray clouds and rain. Lots of fire damage across several nearby states. One town was nearly completely wiped out. Even the fire station burned down. (But I wonder whether there's a false sense of security that you can't have a fire in a fire station.)
  12. There is certainly some disagreement there. I recently learned of the existence of the "/r/antinalism" group, where people share that basic idea. It's not about removing oneself from the world, but instead not bringing any more into it. However, I guess we never had the choice as far as we're concerned as individuals (not that I would know what such a choice might look like...)
  13. Same here... case in point, given that I can't find much else to say at the moment.
  14. Anyone else sometimes feeling pain like you have no energy or will even to come to this forum and post? This post is for when this improves a little, but no real solutions seem at hand. The red Mars sky from wildfires and sudden high heat with humidity do not help.
  15. The advice I've gotten (frequently) is just to keep doing what I'm doing, and eventually it'll "just happen." This seems to have worked for everyone I know (except for me). Nonetheless, I wouldn't try to be someone else -- I haven't heard of any success stories along those lines, and it just doesn't sound like a recipe for success. I would say that dating sites are social media geared towards finding someone. Nothing new there, I suppose, but some good people I know have had successes after giving up in real life. At least it's a way to shortcut a lot of the annoyances, as well as create the sense that you have a way of getting to your goal... even if it feels awkward at times.
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