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  1. anon22ae

    What do you miss from your childhood?

    Simply feeling normal, or what I think is normal, is what I miss the most. This might sound trite, but it's true, by far. There are all sorts of fond memories from those innocent times, but I'd take just the freedom from the chronic pain and daily struggle to try to live somehow.
  2. A take-off on "Create a bad product name". What name would you give a company to ensure that it attracts no business? I'll start with an architectural firm: Tilt & Sink Building Co.
  3. anon22ae

    Create a bad product name

    Weakies, the Breakfast of Chumps
  4. anon22ae

    Living without Sex

    Yes, though this seems to be something that emerged mainly within the last decade or so. Around 2009, the main (or only) "incel forum" was full of people who were seeking solutions and helping one another. This was before the mass shootings and other incidents attributed to incels within the last few years. From some brief looks, at least, incel forums today seem populated mainly by angry, dejected and cynical people who have largely lost hope. I've yet to come across some incel resource of the "old" kind, which would help people with addressing the problem.
  5. anon22ae

    Make a sentence game- by alphabet

    Peter Piper's pickled peppers positively pleased portly people's palates.
  6. anon22ae

    Living without Sex

    Speaking with clinical detachment, sex is just a natural biological function. Just as breathing and eating are necessary for survival, sex is needed for reproduction. (Well, not so much nowadays, I guess, given medical advances.) I think anything important for survival and reproduction will be powerful and controlling. I don't think we can remove that power and control completely, unless we can rewrite our genes or rewire our brains. Unfortunately, lack of sex might worsen depression. There's a community of "involuntary celibates," or incels, where depression seems common. It wasn't like this in the past, but incels nowadays are associated with violence and mental illness. I think many experience depression, but a few chose to act out their anger with violent acts, creating a stigma now popularly associated with the entire community.
  7. anon22ae

    Tell us about your avatar picture!

    Can you open it in some paint program (like Microsoft Paint in Windows), shrink it, save it as a new file (.PNG format works best), and upload this copy? Reducing the dimensions to something like 400x400 should cut down the file size enough. Let us know if it doesn't work.
  8. Many members here have interesting, curious or even inexplicable avatar pictures. I would love to know the story behind them, and I'm sure others would, too! Mine is the sky near sunset during a hiking trip to the desert, back when I was an avid outdoorsperson and could still enjoy (wish I could do that again). Somehow the sky had the right melancholy feel to it on that day so long ago.
  9. anon22ae

    Anhedonia discord

    PM the OP. For now, this looks like the only way to get access...
  10. anon22ae

    Anhedonia discord

    It's fitting to have an anhedonia discussion on Discord. Personally, I was a video gamer in the old days, but lost interest completely, as with other things I used to enjoy. I wonder how many other former gamers are here...
  11. anon22ae

    Website Words You Don't Want To Hear!

    "Make sure you have JavaScript enabled."
  12. anon22ae

    Create a bad product name

    A-Haul: Your moving and storage resource
  13. anon22ae

    50+ Years Old and Trapped

    I'll join the list as well. There's a sense of impending doom with the job I somehow still have. Given the culture of "ageism" in my field, I suspect it would be nearly impossible to find another. (Amazing how those around me have gotten so much younger over the years.) Being alone doesn't help, either.
  14. anon22ae

    What Really Bugs You #8