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  1. On the other hand, I'm afraid that roaches are always killed on sight. I wish this weren't necessary, but there's just nothing good about roaches. It's somewhat sad that roaches are killed simply because they're roaches, but then one might say that it's what they do, not what they are.
  2. I have read good things about spiders in the home. Thus, I no longer evict them. I don't **** unless absolutely necessary, so I used just to capture them and put them outside, but now I just leave them alone.
  3. Silver lining of the corona crisis: Less money spent on clothes, since I can easily wear socks with holes in them, torn underwear, and t-shirts that are ripped because of old age, not some sort of fashion statement. But I need to replace my shoes, because water has started to seep in through the bottom sole, despite that they are waterproof.
  4. Similar in my case. Do successes help? For me, sometimes even small positive things cause a fleeting moment of "happiness" of sorts. I'm not sure whether it's happiness or just what others perceive as "normal," but I'd do anything for more of that.
  5. Unknown Skype calls are usually going to be scammers or hackers, most often trying to steal from you or take over your system. There are all sorts of those, often claiming to be the IRS, Apple Support, Microsoft, etc. They might tell you that you owe the government $3000 and to go to Walmart right now to buy iTunes cards and send them the serial codes before the police knock on your door. Or it might be a Micro-Soft (sic) representative warning you that a hacker took over your system and that you need to install the repair tool using the link they give you. What you'll actually be installing is often a Trojan backdoor that gives them full control of your system. I'm not too familiar with legitimate Skype support groups, but I'm sure they're out there. There's also chat, even in this forum (though I'm not sure anyone is organizing sessions). I can also mention the SOS (Survivors of Suicide) group in Second Life (virtual world). They have weekly support groups and are quite active nowadays. I used to attend these and should really make the effort to go again, since there are some good people there who help a great deal. I have tried to help others there as well, but I seem not to be very good at it.
  6. By what brand of logic are masks mandated now, when the virus is supposed to be fading and everything reopening, when they weren't required at any point when the virus was really taking off?
  7. It's now CHOP (Capital Hill Occupied Protest), but many like CHAZ more and still use that. I just might try to visit it before it goes out of style.
  8. I wonder if I should stop by the CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone), since it's not far.
  9. I was similarly wondering what it's like, so I know what to expect, just in case. Somehow I've never heard anything good about it. I suppose there are lots of reasons to check in (or be forced to check in). With extreme depression, at least, one can't even lift the phone or ask for help... but I guess one can still get checked in if found dazed on the street, dying of hunger, or suffering some other consequence...
  10. I'll take the old normal, too. Seemed as though there was hope back then. Both the outside situation and personal conditions conspire to make things look hopelessly bleak, it seems.
  11. True, though depression colors everything black. Instead of thinking about higher-paying jobs, for example, one might dwell on the "unemployed and over 50" angle (i.e., ageism, especially in the tech industry). We are instructed to realize this and change our ways of thinking, yet it seems awfully difficult to make much headway. But we can't give up...
  12. I also admire those who can fall asleep during a battle, as some Viking warriors did under the horse wagons on the battlefield.
  13. Good way to put it. I'm in the same boat. I guess it would be easier if I had some purpose and were accomplishing some milestones as time passes, but there's little of that. Seems as though every one of my peers is just living a "typical" life, their kids graduating from high school right about now. (I remember when they were just being born, which seems like yesterday.) Not that I've longed for such a path, but at least it makes various milestones clear.
  14. In bed all day, then can't sleep at night. Feeling like crap the next day, but thinking I'll stay up so I can go to sleep... and repeat. Tough to break this pattern. 😟
  15. Day and night seem to have blurred for me... sleeping occurs whenever. Seems like another consequence of being stuck at home.
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