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  1. Have you tried the moodscope website? it allows you to measure your mood every day and then see how you're going up or down over time. Sometimes just realizing you're a bit under par helps, I find, so if I know I'm not feeling great, make doubly sure I make myself do some of the nurturing things and see if I can offload any of the draining chores and often that gives me a little boost and then I feel good about having helped myself too so double boost. It's not easy though.
  2. Insomnia or wanting to sleep a lot sometimes for me.What are you going to do now you've noticed some warning signs in yourself? (well done by the way, I'm sure it is good to know these things!)
  3. That's such a good idea, I should do this more. When I go to buy a newspaper I only take the money I need to resist the crisps and chocolates, could try same strategy a bit wider.
  4. Get a wriggle on with the Christmas shopping.
  5. I have had a busy day so far and now it is my intention to relax and enjoy my evening.
  6. Cooked all three meals today when I didn't feel like it. Went to Pilates & definitely getting better at it. Quite enjoyed mindfulness course.
  7. I didn't feel like I'd do anything today, but I actually did loads. It was a much better day by the end of it.
  8. I do pilates which is different but you might like it too, I started last January when I was very depressed and off work, and it is good for just getting you moving gently, no matter how bad I felt going in I always felt a bit better coming out and bonus of not being sweaty! I still do pilates now, I absolutely love it. Its definitely a good thing to do a taster session of something before you sign up and also maybe you could find something that is as easy as possible to get to so the journey itself doesn't feel overwhelming.
  9. I try to build in chores that require me to walk somewhere, like something to put in the post or even just to go get a diet coke!
  10. Going to Belgium to see some friends (and maybe eat some chocolate!)
  11. That's confusing, there was a story on the news here a while ago about it being bad to dry clothes indoors because it makes your house more damp and that's supposed to be bad for your health...!
  12. I went for a walk in the sunshine, bought a present for a friend at a local shop, borrowed a book from the library and booked a dentist appointment. And I've eaten healthily.
  13. I don't know but maybe because it feels nice, looks nice and feels good to treat your body and appearance like it matters? Not that anyone needs to wear nail varnish to look nice! But if it makes you feel good, it's all good
  14. I don't like to think of recurrence of symptoms as a step backwards, it is just something that can happen with any health condition. The positive thing is you are taking the steps to look after yourself & its ok to need help when you're ill! Plus you have been here before and got through it, you will get through this again and be back home soon I am sure *solidarity hugs*
  15. Totally relate to this, although it is more like a fear/anxiety response because of the impact those things had on someone (say parent). I get a fear from feeling ill I guess because this was seen as a catastrophe when i was a kid because someone had to stay home with me and this was a terrible thing, and I had to deal with an angry adult. So I still get fear even though the normal response from people to someone being ill is much more caring. Tend to fight it like it is a new thing each time, because the fear is so ingrained and almost physical so it takes a while to actually realise that is what I'm feeling and why.
  16. I had cheese and ham on rice crackers. It was supposed to be a snack but I haven't got hungry since so i guess that was lunch.
  17. I am cooking bolognese. At the minute it is just frying beef mince and onions!
  18. form a union which would campaign for...
  19. Pear and blue cheese. Sounds mad but it works.
  20. I have cleaned the bathroom and now am going to have a bath in the clean bathroom...
  21. Clean the bathroom and vacuum. And get ready for tomorrow.
  22. Woo, it stopped raining so I got some gardening done after all! Hurray!
  23. Sydney to Perth is about 4,000 km's. Australia is so vast it is mind-boggling. Especially as all the world maps around when I was a kid squished it so it looked about the size of France!
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