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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Welcome to the Forum

  3. Hi, My first post after lots of lurking.. Ok here's my story, the very short version! Taking Cymbalta 30mg for 5 weeks. Decided today I NEED to come off this asap - I had been having suicidal thoughts before going on it but it has almost become and obsession the last few weeks and I am worried. I couldnt care less about my life but the only thing stopping me is my family and what it would do to t hem.. Today I counted out half of those little balls inside the capsule and threw them out and took a 15mg dose.... Is this too little? I cannot speak to my doctor about this as he is pushing to get me on 60mg at least...
  4. Thanks Burgy. Ill start posting soon am still doing a lot of reading...!

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