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  1. I've been on Sertraline now for a month and I have to say I'm a nervous wreck on it. I was calm for the first week, now it's got to the stage where I'm having severe anxiety attacks every time I leave the house. I'm on 150mg of it.
  2. Hello, I have just recently started taking Sertraline (just under a week now) after almost 15 years of Seroxat. One side effect that I've noticed is that my hormones are racing. Without getting crude, I have the urge to ********* nearly all day every day, where as before I was feeling like that once every week or so. Could this be a side effect?
  3. I just want to isolate myself from the outside world and everyone else. I hate being alive and being hasslled by others.
  4. I get this alot. It tends to be sad songs that I get stuck in my head. It's horrible :(
  5. Really just want a nice amount of cash so i don't have to work or depend on benefits,purchase all the old action figures i had as a kid, close my door and not go back outside again. Sad existance i know but it would be more pleasent than being social in the world of today. No interest in a romantic relationship as it makes me sick. I just want to be left alone.
  6. I feel low and fed up with things. I turn 30 tomorrow and feel like 30 years on earth is too much.
  7. Over here in the UK, we not only have alcohol ads but ads for betting are far more frequent. Even ads advertising apps for betting on your phone. Although companies are within their rights to advertise, i find it quite alarming at the amount of ads for betting and drinking that are being shown. It's like the amount of TV shows that glorify sex and being "easy" if you're a female or a "player" if you're male. It's the culture and society, for the most part it's become degenerate and vulgar.
  8. You can thank the entertainment industry for the sexual attitudes of both male and females. I know women who are just as bad as men at drooling or or trying to insinuate that every man with tattoos or a good physique thinks he's God's gift and that he thinks he can have any woman. On the other hand you have celebrities dressing very scantily and young girls copy it innocently but to guys it sends off a message that the girl is "easy" or "looking for it" I tend to stay away from the opposite sexand not bother with relationships or a sex life, it's become a dangerous game with guys/girls cheating on their partners and i know girls can cry assault when they get drunk and make a mistake, which leaves an innocent man in a horrible position.
  9. Back in the summer of 2002 I started having severe panic attacks when outside, by October I was completely housebound and was diagnosed in January 2003 with Agoraphobia. It took 13 months for me to leave my house again, and then for years I'd go out once a week. Now I'm able to go out, have friends and got my first part time job at the age of 29 (30 in a couple of weeks) Over the past couple of years I've come to the realisation that getting help for Agoraphobia was the one thing i regret. Now all i want to do is stay housebound and away from the outside world. I recently got dragged through a 13 month court case for giving a girl a compliment, she went to the police and i was charged with breach of the peace and very close to being placed on the sex offenders register. I was found guilty of aggressive behaviour and put on supervision for a year for a simple polite comment. The world has gone completely mad and I now no longer speak to or look at women at all (unless their in my group of friends) I will never have a sexual relationship because i simply don't trust women, too many have cried assault on innocent men, and i'm not putting myself in that position. With this ordeal i no longer know what is a crime and what isn't. The best life is indoors away from the psycho's on the streets and the rats in the police force.
  10. Thanks Flash. When you mention that I have plenty of life left to lie, that saddens me, i really don't like life
  11. For 12 years I've had a severe anxiety disorder to the point where I was agrophobic for 14 months. Since then I've never been the same when I'm out, constant worrying and feeling anxious. However now I'm just just and anxious all the time. I've been on so many meds,Including being given 2mg of diazepam to take when I feel bad, but I refuse to take it because I feel worse the next day and at this rate of anxiety I'd be taking it everyday. I'm 28 years old and still living with my parents, no job and I missed the cut off date for college. I have nothing to live for and just feel miserable every day. I don't think I'll ever be able to hold down a job, especially with this social phobia and anxiety
  12. I'm 28 in January, got no job, had no girlfriend and still at home with my parents. I've only just started college 2 months ago. I'm trying to get work experience or part time work but because of my lack of work in the past due to social anxiety,agoraphobia,panic disorder no one is giving me a chance. I honestly wish I could get a gun and just blow myself right out of this s***ty world. I hate living and each day that passes I get more and more irritated and fed up.
  13. How much pain and desperation must one be in, do you think, for suicide to be a viable option? Where does it cross the line from being a selfish act to an acceptable one, or would you say it's completely subjective? EDIT: Are you saying that suicide can never be done for selfish reasons? I only ask this because it seems that many are of the opinion that suicide is always selfish, because they believe that the meaning of life is to live for others. Stuarachel Since you are living for your parents, am I safe to assume you believe suicide is selfish in the case that your family is alive? I wouldn't say I think it's selfish at all, I just don't want my parents to find me dead. Their really is no easy way to answer whether it's selfish or not
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