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  1. I have anxiety and depression. My anxiety does not result in panic because whenever i would normal have a panic attack, my dissociation would blur and disintegrate that feeling. I also have depression so I feel brain fog, lack of energy, and no motivcation to do anything. I can not think properly, i slur a lot, and my mind just feels so lazy to do anything that used to be so natural to me. I feel like i just want to do nothing and dissociated while i feel energy in my body that wants to be let out.. I am emotionally numb too. I never feel happiness or sadness. So my psychiatrist recommended me in taking Prozac, Zoloft, or Wellbutrin. I hear that Prozac is better for anxiety but it makes some people feel emotionally numb and feel dead and sluggish. I also see that some people have weight gain too. Since i already feel dead, and emotionally numb, is it better than i take Wellbutrin instead? Wellbutrin, i hear, gives me more energy and motivation. But I hear people say it makes people even more anxious, but this drug helps alot with depression. sometimes people get too much energy and get jittery or tremble..I don't want to be more anxious, but i also really want to have more energy and motivation..since i feel dead and numb already from dissocating and from my depression... So which one should i take? I don't want to take both. If you recommend that i try out with both, then which should i try out first? Which do you think would help me more? Being more anxious, but without depression, or feeling less anxiety, but feeling more numb and dissociated?
  2. Was therapy able to get rid of your depression COMPLETELY?
  3. is it true that if you take SSRI's (like paxil, prozac etc etc), a side effect will be that you will feel more apathetic, and as if you just feel nothing...blank? like you can't think as clearly, and it's hard to concentrate and memorize things because your mind is like blank all th time. kinda like numbing your feelings so you don't feel sad or.. anthing.
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