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  1. I freaked this morning when i couldn't get online. I couldn't even access my phone as there was no mobile access. Service was restored soon there after. Sad.... my only source of connecting with people is via the internet even more so to this day...
  2. From mild snow melting to cold with snow flurries and the ground is frozen
  3. I can't believe he's literally committing genocide to the people of the US by forcing people to go back to work at Easter. And he's telling people to cram themselves into church?! That everyone will be okay?! WTF
  4. The other day it snowed. Now the wind is really strong blowing the snow like sand.
  5. Yes indeed animals are a must to keep.
  6. @In2deep4me lucky!!! Nothing beats homemade strawberry rhubarb pie Mine was store bought and to be truthful i ate the filling with the top crust only. The rest of the pie was too crusty, if that makes sense. Has your gal tried frozen rhubarb? It's not the same as fresh but gets you by in a pinch
  7. Good gosh! One moment it's sunny and mild. The next it's cold windy with snow on the way
  8. The town mayor has publicly asked people to stay home as their town has not been infected by the virus. I'm glad he did. Though I don't live close to the town I couldn't help but think, 'Geeze stay home people. We are not invincible to the virus'
  9. Despite being told to stay home and if we go outside to stay 2meters away from one another. The road ways are starting to get busy and people are having large public gatherings
  10. Sweet n Tart - roasted almonds, raisins, pistachio, dried cranberries and dried sour cherries I love this mix very yummy
  11. What's on my mind... it's incredible how horses can dig through the snow with their hooves to get to the grass to eat. I love how my two wee dogs lay beside me and my big dog lays at my feet when I'm sitting on the sofa. Pack mentality filled with love. I wonder how long my food storage will last me... I certainly bought enough meat to feed an army. Is it possible for one virus to possibly wipe out half of the world population in the year 2020 or 2021 before a cure is found..... It's a beautiful sunny day. Mountains are snowcapped with snow on the ground. Oh how I long to hear the sweet songs of spring birds that come to bring life to my empty garden.
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