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    I'm not sure now. Is there such a thing as interest when you're going through depression

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  1. I freaked this morning when i couldn't get online. I couldn't even access my phone as there was no mobile access. Service was restored soon there after. Sad.... my only source of connecting with people is via the internet even more so to this day...
  2. From mild snow melting to cold with snow flurries and the ground is frozen
  3. I can't believe he's literally committing genocide to the people of the US by forcing people to go back to work at Easter. And he's telling people to cram themselves into church?! That everyone will be okay?! WTF
  4. The other day it snowed. Now the wind is really strong blowing the snow like sand.
  5. Yes indeed animals are a must to keep.
  6. @In2deep4me lucky!!! Nothing beats homemade strawberry rhubarb pie Mine was store bought and to be truthful i ate the filling with the top crust only. The rest of the pie was too crusty, if that makes sense. Has your gal tried frozen rhubarb? It's not the same as fresh but gets you by in a pinch
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