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  1. Today is a big day. It's time to take my fur family /4 dogs for their annual check up and vaccinations. So I'm feeling even keel.
  2. Exactly part of the reason why I adopt rescued dogs and for their wonderful companionship. I have 4 ranging from large, 2 medium and x-small yorkie
  3. I'm feeling tired so laying down at the moment. Looking for to group therapy later this afternoon
  4. I know for me crying alleviates the feeling that life is a burden. I hope you'll feel better soon
  5. I'm with ya. In my younger days I didn't take shyt from my employers and would speak my mind. Label - doesn't play well with others 🤣
  6. Me too! I find my bpd makes me ruminate to the state of fatigued and reactive to the littlest of things
  7. Annoyed. I sent 2 emails to 2 different therapists and i have not hear a freakin thing from either. The first was my new therapist who said it was ok to send her emails of how i feel - that was 2 weeks ago and nada. So I reached out to my therapist from eons ago explaining my struggle with my bpd and that was a week ago😡
  8. Any excuse for a drink to get drunk....
  9. Hi otherkin you're welcome being observant is a plus as I read your reply - it shows here as well as i see you use it at work. Bravo! I've ruminated too much about occurrences, people or what negativity I encountered hence my perspective is dead on.... right. No it's my borderline personality disorder that has me thinking this way for eons. I've had this mental disease since I was 11yrs old. Childhood trauma along with a dysfunctional family. Wow I just realized 44 yrs of struggling, fighting, nearly losing the fight. Yep I've been to that hospital and recieved the support I needed. Anyway I like your positive perspective and you ability to come out of the rut, so to speak
  10. The truth is always the best answer but like you wrote people don't like to hear the truth. I was told by my father that i should be diplomatic..... r i g h t
  11. Same I've never had a long lasting relationship. So i live alone with my dogs. I stopped looking for someone to fill that loneliness but now as I'm turning 55 tomorrow i've decided living alone is better for my mental well being. At the moment my BPD is what I'm battling and trying to get help to deal with it
  12. Certainly was so now im looking for an older one to use as a work Jeep for my ranch
  13. Cinnamon buns or poppy seed rolls here
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