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    I'm not sure now. Is there such a thing as interest when you're going through depression

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  1. Fruit smoothie with banana and blueberries 😋
  2. Yummy blue tortilla chips are my favorite.
  3. I was outside cleaning up my back yard. So now I just place a turkey in the oven and going back out to continue making my fence around my house.
  4. shio

    My Power

    Hello MrMisery, My disease often makes me believe I am ugly and not worthy of anything unfortunately it's a broken record ingrained in my thoughts since kid. Your words of encouragement is a kind way to remind oneself of learning how to feel. I'm glad you posted as it's something I can relate too.
  5. You had a wonderful day Evalynn. You just had the day I wish or dream of having. I live out in the country close to the rocky mountains and the closest city is a 25 minute drive. It's a large city which doesn't have that intimate quaint feeling. Plus I dont have any friends nor family close by. None the less you posted a wonderful day 😊
  6. Well I did the norm by letting my fur babies, 3 dogs (2 wee ones and a large one) out to do their stuff. Then their breakie of kibble. As for me I stood around like a zombie for a bit then made pork chops with rice and homemade cranberry sauce. I swear if it weren't for my dogs I'd be in bed still
  7. :hugs:

  8. Anxiously awaiting for a friend. So I'm freaking cleaning, doing laundry and trying to finish eating my lunch....
  9. That I could find a society/ place to volunteer at. I'm not looking forward to winter so it would be nice to get out of the house once or twice a week.
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