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  1. That's true and thank you. In fact i am going to go lay down for a bit and see if i feel like getting stuff done around my house
  2. I feel lifeless. I wake every morning feeling ok for about 4 hours then crash so i go to bed feeling guilty for feeling and doing the same thing over n over again. Day after day. ---- mid-point then down.
  3. A large cup of black tea sweeten with honey
  4. moodyjuniper l feel the same way - I'm tired of being this woman as well. This is not life....
  5. Oh Mark hang in there. Anxiety attacks suck more so as you wake up. I wish i had the ability to take away everyone's anxiety so that it is one less emotion to go through. Keep moving forward Mark we are here for you!
  6. Great news!!!! My fur babies received a thumbs up from their vet. And the best part was hearing her say that my 4 dogs are well behaved πŸ•πŸΆπŸ©πŸΆ
  7. Hi Summer 896 Oh how people are so cruel. It's not right that you and your son had faced atrocities from society. From what i've read you are an incredibly strong woman to walk away from rude people. And crying only adds to your strength of understanding the rude human psyche. And what is most important is you love your son - Bravo!
  8. Today is a big day. It's time to take my fur family /4 dogs for their annual check up and vaccinations. So I'm feeling even keel.
  9. Exactly part of the reason why I adopt rescued dogs and for their wonderful companionship. I have 4 ranging from large, 2 medium and x-small yorkie
  10. I'm feeling tired so laying down at the moment. Looking for to group therapy later this afternoon
  11. I know for me crying alleviates the feeling that life is a burden. I hope you'll feel better soon
  12. I'm with ya. In my younger days I didn't take shyt from my employers and would speak my mind. Label - doesn't play well with others 🀣
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