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  1. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you are doing well :)

  3. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  4. Just dropping by! Hope you have a good day =)

  5. I'm 23 years old and having this problem already. I been on fluoxetine for 2 months, first month was 20mg and I wasnt sexually active with others but never had a problem for myself. I been on 40mg for a few weeks and became sexually active the first week or so. Didn't have a problem till recently. I have no problems getting it half way up and its almost stiff enough to get in but it stops right there. This is starting to agrivate me alot. My libido has not dropped and has only gone up cause my mood is so much better now. I know Viagra is safe to take but its expensive and I have now lost my health insurance. I will continue to take my Fluoxetine though but I can no longer stand this problem. What should I do or what are my options? I feel so much better now and I dont know if its cause the 40mg or cause I got fired (yes better). I fear if I try to back down to 20mg that I'll go down hill again and will just have to boost it back to 40 and then here I am again. Than there is switching drugs, Prozac seems to work for me so I fear if I switch I wont take to the other and than again here I am starting over. I also feel I have lost feeling down there, is this unheard of? Please help haha Dan
  6. Hey there! Big Hugs to you today. :)

  7. I had friend that went suicidal and they linked it to her taking that. She stopped taking it and improved drastically. She also suffers from depression. Now I have another friend who also suffers from depression and he took it for the first week and thats all he needed. Been clean for a couple months now. Oh and it didnt do anything to his train of thought.
  8. I am sure its all a state of mind. When we get scared, happy, nervous, any change in emotion what do we all do....LIGHT UP. I dont care if its a bandaid right now...Thats what I need. all the more bandaids I can get help at the moment. The doctor yesterday gave me the 3rd degree for smoking. He was drawing graphs and pictures of the lung cavities, going over how much it multiplies your risk of health issues and cancers. It was all amazing but really ineffective at this time. I wasn't in there for any thing even remotely close to something that has to do with my smoking. Just getting my surgery looked at from Friday haha.
  9. Well I'm Still taking them even though I am late in taking it today as I was way to rushed to get to work. So I have not taken it yet. I am still feeling exhaustion but I also been in major pain the last week. But now I can't sleep long. I keep waking up every couple hours and its hard to fall back asleep. I dont know if this is a side effect or if its the pain but it was going on before the pain hit a little and i dont wake up in pain. I also wake up with just extreme anxiety. Yesterday I had another bad day but I think these bad days are coming from my thoughts. I have been thinking about my issues like crazy trying to resolve them since I kind of realized that this depression is really real so that kind of explains that. My appetite is gone, My stomach feels hungry but I dont feel hungry if that makes any sense. So I havent really ate a whole lot but drink water like crazy. And my Libido is definitely not affected at this time... I will continue to keep on taking the meds and talk to my doctor next week as scheduled and see what she thinks I should do. It has only been a few weeks yet and in no way am I looking for this to be resolved already I guess I just want to make sure this is normal or if Im just stressing myself out and the pills are taking its toll on my body.
  10. I dont think this is a sore subject but if so delete.. Simple... I believe my smoking really helps with anxiety mainly. I want to quit when I start to overcome my Depression and such but for now I think it really helps. Im at over a pack a day. Somedays almost 2. Alot of money as here in MN its $4.25 + per pack.
  11. I drink pretty much strictly water. I dont think it helps my depression if I dont drink caffeine but drinking only water makes you feel alot better. Less full so there isnt that weight in your stomach. Cleans out your system and just beneficial all around. I know this kind of goes off subject but I wanted to share. I strongly advise anyone whom drinks coffee and pop to switch to only water for 1 month. If you dont feel so much better in that month then you cheated. You dont even need to do it that long. 2 weeks you will feel a dramatic difference. I drink mostly aquafina. I am not a water is water person, Water does have taste and its all different. Try it if you want...Maybe since it makes you feel healthier it will make you happier. I suppose since eating healthy makes you happier this shouldnt be different. Oh side note, I have lost over 40 lbs in like 4 months and the only thing I changed was drinking only water.
  12. So I went to church today. Out of all the other attempts that have failed to go I made it today. The thing that was so amazing about it was this, The struggle with depression is all new to me. With that said todays serman was all about the choices and habits we have formed. He talked about anxiety and negative thinking. This is crazy to me as it felt directed at me. I have tried to start reading the bible, I agree I need to find one I can understand. Anyway time to put this day to rest but today was a good day!!
  13. I dont know exactly where to start. I lost faith long ago. Mainly cause my mother. I never understood if god created us then why is it my mom has so many flaws. Like how one could make someone such as my mom suffer so. Then there is just the questions I asked day in and day out that were never answered. I was never a strong believer but it was there. I feel this has became a void. Well I am trying to work out all my problems. This is just one more to the list. I guess this thread is a confession of mine and since its all new to me it probably dont make much sense. I am going to start reading the bible, going to church and talking with friends and people wo have alot of insight in the matter. I really hope I can find something to help me through as it seems alot of you reach for god when things start going down hill. I have nothing as it feels this way. I have found myself praying or yelling at god once in a while. So I guess I still have some in the back of my mind. Anyway thanks for letting me vent And any pointers you would like to give me would be greatly appreciated. Dan
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