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  1. Hi Karen, I haven't had any stomach issues from it, but I know it has Lactose in. Have you been tested for lactose intolerance?
  2. Hi, I'm not sure if anyone is still using this post but thought I'd write anyway... I'm on Effexor XR 75mg and have been for at least 3 weeks and before that a generic version of venlafaxine for a few weeks. (I'm also taking Buspirone for anxiety though don't feel it working yet and half a Lorazepam at night for sleep). I have very vivid dreams every morning and write them down. Not nightmares. They are always about people from my childhood and from the past. I'm wondering whether to stop Effexor. Firstly, I don't feel my depression has improved, however today I'm feeling fine for the first time in a while. But otherwise I've still been so depressed everyday and I've had no energy or motivation and struggle to get out the bed at all. It's also causing insomnia at night and last night I didn't sleep the whole night until 8am! My sleep patterns are all messed up and I've been taking the dose when I wake up which is normally 2pm (after getting to sleep at 3/4am). I'm going to try tonight taking it instead at night and see if it makes a difference. I have tried taking it at 9am once before and it didn't make any difference to my insomnia. Does anyone else take it at night succesfully? and what time? after dinner or before bed? I haven't taken any today yet and feel good and I'm nervous about taking it at night.
  3. Completely relate to everything you said. Just posted a similar post in relationships and depression forum.
  4. I'm really struggling... I can make friends easily and give a good first impression and can build close friendships and in general I"m very popular. But then my depression gets in the way of my close friendships and ruins everything. I understand now, there's only so many times friends hear you complain feeling depressed etc. and will get fed up with it. When I'm well I'm a very positive person. So this conflict is very hard for me to deal with. Part of me feels if they are true friends they will stick by me through my depression no matter how long and hard it is, not limit contact with me. I am so sensitive and other people's reactions (who I'm close to) really affect me. I was seeing a psychologist but it's not enough 1 hour a week, expensive and I need to talk about things daily. I believe true friends would help and be there for me no matter what, as I would and have with them. I don't believe in a friendship just based on fun and good times it's not realistic. And if I go out socially I'm fun and don't complain (even though I have bad social anxiety)...so when I speak to friends about how I'm feeling it's because I feel I have to and because I'm struggling that much! I seem to have lost so many best friends over the years. I work so hard to build these relationships and become so close to them, then it destroys me when they fall apart or just lose contact or not as frequent contact. Then I wonder how I will have a healthy relationship without driving the other person mad. I know I have lots to offer someone but the reality is my depression and anxiety are there so it needs to be a very patient, understanding, positive person. I've been single for 7 years, despite having a lot of attention from guys, going on good dates etc. When I date guys I won't open up to them about my mental health problems, not at the beginning, so they have no clue. Then they want a relationship with me, but I feel I'm deceiving them but not telling them my real emotions. But I never feel they are the right person for me so say no. I want someone to know me and accept me as I am and help me to be the best I can be.
  5. I can completely understand how her seeing this conversation would upset her. I think most people would be upset by it (if they're sensitive). 'The girl I live with' and the 'meh' implies she is not your girlfriend, casual and is disrespecting to her. And this conversation had been going on behind her back too, so she will justifiably be very hurt.
  6. I've been on Prozac for depression for a while now (on 80mg) and yes it definitely doesn't help my anxiety and has probably only made it worse.
  7. I have the same problem :( Also no motivation when I'm really depressed like now. I'm meant to be self-employed but this becomes a huge problem when I feel like this as I don't get anything done! I'm wondering if the medication has made my concentration worse or not. I have severe depression and generalised anxiety disorder (and OCD) and what helps one of the things makes the other worse it seems. It's good that you can be open with people about your depression. Hope things get better for you.
  8. I have restless legs everytime I'm on an SSRI and particularly bad now as I'm on 80mg. I don't think it could be from the Remeron as that relaxed my muscles.
  9. Hi, So after at least 15 years of battling depression and anxiety I feel like I'm on the verge of some kind of breakthrough with the depression. However, I'm still feeling half depressed. I'm very confused by this as it's like I can feel the medication working as half of my brain is saying positive things but the other half is still stuck in depressed mode. I think it's because subconsciously I feel guilty to feel happy. I don't know if this makes sense to anyone but it's something I'm really struggling with. All my life I've been critical of myself and I feel I have the circumstances to be happy and I feel it sometimes (my moods are extreme, from very happy one day/hour(s) to extremely depressed the next). I tell myself 'choose to be happy' but then something inside me is holding back and not letting myself be happy most the time and reverting back to feeling depressed. I've patched stuff up with my family and even my mum who I felt used to make me feel bad when I was happy tells me she wants me to be happy, but something inside me just doesn't believe it or allow myself to be. I'm still struggling a lot with my anxiety (all types- general, social,OCD) so maybe this is why I'm still feeling depressed as I don't feel I'm better yet and should be happy. I'm very confused by it all and wondering if anyone else feels the same or can relate at all??!
  10. I've been seeing a new psychologist and finding the way she works strange compared to previous ones and it doesn't seem very helpful for me. Wanted to know other people's experiences? My previous one was excellent and spoke a lot and did it in a CBT style, whereas this one is very passive and just keeps telling me she thinks I'll be completely better in a month (once the medication works properly) despite the fact I've suffered with all this for 16 years!
  11. Hi Amber, Sorry to hear what you're going through. I'm on Prozac, recently had my dose increased and think it's helping. It's good that you have decided to go back on the medication. I've seen it happen with other people and myself, when people go off medication they sometimes feel good initially as it takes a while to get out your system, but then the depression can come back and feels like it hit you harder than ever. At least you know the medicine did help you. Did you take it in the mornings? I also get tired a lot but it's not from the medication. I know my anxiety and depression (when I feel it) make me exhausted and there are many other reasons it could be, such as diet, iron levels etc. I'm sure you'll start feeling better once you're back on the medication for a while. Do you see a therapist as well? Hope things get better for you.
  12. Same. I'm taking 15mg Mirtazapine and 60mg of Fluoxetine a day. Relieved I can sleep now though as had insomnia on and off all my life, but now I keep sleeping in late on it!
  13. I've also tried loads of medications, psychiatrist and psychologists over the past 10 years and came close to giving up many times... but I finally have found an amazing psychologist so they do exist and there is hope. I can now see that half of getting better is the medication and half is learning to control your own thoughts. She makes me see clearly how negatively and harsh I talk to myself, even if I don't realise it at the time. It really hit me when she said that if she'd have spent a day being in my brain with all the negative thoughts I've been telling myself, she would also be extremely depressed, anyone would!
  14. I'm sorry to read everything you've been through in your post. You're a very strong person and I'm sure once you reach out like you have done, you will attract positive people into your life. You deserve it. I really relate to the feeling lonely part (although I do have people, they don't have time for my problems) and the title of your post...That's exactly how I feel!
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