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  1. Thank you all for your wonderful replies and comments!
  2. Anyone else out there using ambien?
  3. Thank you. I'm going to ask my dr. about it. I have just never heard it mentioned on the forums before.
  4. So many of us on this forum have trouble sleeping. Is ambien not a good option? I haven't seen anyone mention it. I even searched the forum for it, but found no threads on it. Just wondering what you all think about it, and whether it's a good option or not? Thank you for reading!
  5. Sometimes when I am depressed, I just can't beat to listen to music. I can go for months. Anybody else like that?
  6. Thank you for your kind replies. They give me hope! Quentin 360, thank you for the encouragement. I'm sorry about your situation. Living alone is hard. That's good that you have some friends you can get out and be with. AdamRParr, sounds like your family was ripped away from you in the divorce. I know it must be hard to be without your kids. I also have trouble enjoying things at times because the depression puts a cloud on everything. I am glad you are able to get back on your meds, and pray that helps you. Maverick7777, yes, I am experiencing a loss, grieving, and I know some of the depression comes from this. Thanks for the reply. Cookiemonsterpunk (lol), I have 2 dogs, and they are so precious to me! They definitely help my situation.
  7. How many of you live alone, and how does that affect your depression? Since my divorce, and my kids leaving the nest, my depression has gotten so much worse. My son came to live with me for a year, and that seemed to ease the anxiety and depression some. He moved out in November, and since then I feel I'm have to re-adjust to living alone again. I teach school, and love my job, but when I get home, that's when my depression and anxiety is the worse. I try to stay busy with church and friends, but still have the depression. Am starting on low dose of lamictal (building up to a higher dose) with Zoloft and ambien at night. Waiting for things to get better. Sigh....
  8. Thanks so much! Will look into that book!
  9. Hi, just wondering if anyone can recommend a good book/books about depression, and treatments. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for your reply, gentle sun. When I re-read my post, I realized I may have been trying to over-simplify things. I know depression can involve a lot of other things besides anger. I do hope I can work through things and get a little better, at least.
  11. anger turned inward? My therapist believes strongly that depression is anger turned inward. So maybe I haven't gotten over the bitterness and anger from the divorce I had 10 years ago? We are working on a plan for me to get past this, and learn to forgive. She feels I may be able to get off my meds one day. What do you all think about this? There is hope!
  12. LOL Fides! Has yoga helped anyone else? I would seriously try it if I knew that it had really helped some of you!!!!
  13. Thank you for your reply, Trapped.I will have to look into these supplements. I wonder why weight training helped so much, and I wonder if it is equal to, or better than cardio?
  14. I hope it passes. Funny, I can see the different stages I've been though over the past 10 years of depression where I could consume books or tv series, then times where (like now) I couldn't stand to do either. I guess I will never understand it.
  15. I used to really enjoy tv, and flipping though channels and would usually find something I wanted to watch. Either that, or I would have a good book going. Now, I just don't feel like doing either. Anybody else out there feeling this? What in the world am I supposed to do with my time?????
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